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"Who's Rod?" Dean questioned.

"One of my best friends. Krueger hung him and made it look like a suicide," Nancy bitterly replied.

"He mentioned his knives. What was he talking about?" Dean wondered.

"I---I don't---" Nancy trailed off as she suddenly remembered an event from so long ago.

"He can't get you honey, 'cuz Mommy killed him. I even took his knives," Marge Thompson said, taking a cloth out of the furnace. Nancy recoiled as her mother unveiled the four rusty knives.

"Nancy?" Sam prodded.

"The cellar. The cellar in my old house. Mom had his original knives. She showed them to me," Nancy responded.

"Are they still there?" Dean questioned.

"I---I don't know. It's possible," Nancy said. She fumbled around her purse. Then, she pulled out her cell phone and began dialing.

"Who are you callin'?" Dean questioned.

"I've kept tabs on people who moved into my old house---ever since Kirsten and Alice Johnston," Nancy told them.

"Who?" Dean queried.

"I think they were patients," Sam answered.

"Oh," Dean said. Then, Nancy got through. "Yes, hello? Hi. My name is Nancy Thompson. You live at 1428 Elm Street, right?" she queried. "Yes, Nancy Thomspon," she confirmed. "Yes, the dream researcher at Elm Street Psychiatric." She listened for a few minutes. "Oh, really? How long has this been going on for?" she queried.

"There's another victim?" Sam asked. Nancy held out a finger in the classic "just a minute" gesture as she talked. Then, "Listen, would it be all right if my two assistants and I come talk to your son?"

"Dude, assistants? Is she serious?" Dean demanded. Sam elbowed him. Nancy hung up.

"Okay, we're goin' back to Virginia," she announced.

"Well, gotta say, workin' with you's never boring," Sam chuckled, clapping a hand on her shoulder. Nancy laughed.

"Okay. Let's go," she said.

"Wait. Someone should stay here. Just in case Krueger tries something," Dean realized.

"I'll stay," Sam volunteered.

"What? No. Too risky," Dean disagreed with a shake of his head.

"I know Krueger and you don't. I'll be able to protect the kids better," Sam pointed out.

"Yeah, I guess that's true," Dean agreed.

"Come on," Nancy said to Dean. The two headed out.

"For the record, I totally don't like this," Dean declared as they got into her car.

"Hey, leaving one of my best friends at the mercy of that psycho isn't exactly my idea of a picnic," Nancy told him. She put the car in gear and took off. Meanwhile, Sam was talking to the patients that had been signed out.

"Man, I love this hypnocil stuff. I can sleep---I don't dream. It's great," a boy raved.

"Yeah, it's pretty awesome, huh?" the hunter grinned. Then, he blew out a breath. "Actually, that's kind of what I wanted to talk to you guys about," he told them.

"What do you mean?" Brian asked.

"Well, my brother and Nancy went to Virginia to check something out and I was thinking I should probably do something to buy them some time," Sam replied.

"How?" a girl wondered, not understanding. However, Brian and Andrea understood instantly.

"You're gonna go in---face Krueger," Andrea said.

"No! He'll kill you!" another girl objected.

"I just---I gotta buy them some time, that's all," Sam said. "But I want you guys to do something for me. If it looks like I'm not gonna make it, you run and get out. Don't try to take him on," he cautioned.

"You're not goin' in alone," Andrea told him.

"Yeah, I am. And you can't stop me," Sam told her. He passed the teens, but suddenly found himself flying back. What the heck? he wondered as he landed a few feet from the wall.

"I said, 'You're not goin' in alone'," Andrea repeated. Sam quickly checked her eyes, but they weren't yellow or black. Okay, not possessed. That's good, he thought to himself.

"What the heck did you just do to me?" Sam asked.

"I'm telekinetic," Andrea replied. "Look, you're going to need some back in there. Let me come with," she said.

"No. It's too dangerous," the hunter objected.

"You can't go in alone, are you crazy?" she asked him.

"Look, the last time I was in there, I was able to sense Krueger. It's just easier if I go alone," he told her.

"No. You're taking a big chance for all of us. Let me help...please?" Andrea asked. Sam blew out a breath.

"Are you sure?" he asked. "I'm not expecting to come out of this alive. I have no delusions about who Freddy Krueger is or what he can do," he continued.

"I'm sure," Andrea stated.

"I'll come too," Brian stated.

"You guys sure? 'Cuz once we enter his realm...there's no going back," Sam told them. Brian and Andrea nodded.

"All right. Let's do this," Sam stated. Then, "Stay close to me."

"Hey. Be careful in there," one of the boys said. Sam, Andrea, and Brian sat on the floor and closed their eyes. Instantly, the three found themselves on a street corner.

"O...kay. This is new," Andrea stated.

"Careful. He might try to separate us," Sam warned.

"Right," the teens agreed. They began to walk down the street. Meanwhile, Nancy had broken nearly every law to get to her old house.

"Just let me do the talking," she said as they parked in front of the residence. They got out of the car and walked up to the front porch. Nancy knocked on the door. They only had to wait a few seconds.

"I'm Vera Harnett. Are you Nancy Thompson?" the woman asked.

"Yes. This is my assistant, Dean Winchester. You said your son was having nightmares?" Nancy queried as they were led inside.

"Yes, normally I wouldn't pay any attention, but Greg's had the same type of dream two nights in a row," Mrs. Hartnett said.

"What does he dream about?" Dean wondered.

"He's described a burned man with a dirty brown hat---" Mrs. Harnett began. Krueger let his nails scrape across the top of a garbage can. Andrea whimpered.

"Keep calm," Sam whispered. Krueger laughed sinisterly as they hurried away.

"A dirty green and red sweater and on his right hand, he has knives for fingers," Nancy finished. Andrea screamed as Krueger appeared right in front of them!

"Yes! Uh, how did you---" Mrs. Harnett stammered.

"Could we talk to your son?" Nancy questioned.

"You can find him in the kitchen drinking coffee," Mrs. Harnett told them.

"Thank you," Nancy said. She walked past the woman with Dean at her heels. Sam stepped in front of the teens protectively. Krueger laughed.

"You really think you can stop me, Sammy?" Krueger sneered.

"Do you need help finding it?" the other woman offered.

"No, thanks. I used to live here," came the response. The two walked into the kitchen where they saw a sixteen-year old sitting at the table with a mug of hot coffee. He grimaced at the taste.

"Not much of a coffee drinker, huh?" The boy jumped at the sound of someone new in the house.

"Who---who are you guys?" Greg asked, standing up.

"I'm Nancy Thompson and Dean Winchester, an assistant of mine," Nancy told him.

"Nancy Thompson? From the psychiatric place? No! I'm not going!" Greg shouted, knocking his mug off the table.

"No, you misunderstand. We're here to help you," Nancy corrected.

"Help me!? How!? By making me go to sleep!?" Greg screamed.

"Absolutely not. We know that if you sleep, Krueger will kill you," Nancy stated.

"So then why are you here?" Greg questioned.

"Have you ever gone in the cellar?" Nancy asked him.

"No way. Not anymore," Greg declared.

"'Anymore'?" Dean echoed. "So you did used to go in the cellar?" he continued.

"Once. I went down there once and I heard a terrible screeing noise," Greg told them. Dean looked over to Nancy, who grew ashen.

"It's there. It's still there," she realized. Then, before anyone could stop her, she ran out of the room. Greg and Dean followed her. Sam pushed Brian and Andrea away. Then, he lunged at the man. Krueger roared as he went down. Andrea gasped as the two began fighting. Dean found Nancy in the cellar next to a furnance. He watched as she opened the small door.

"Here they are---his knives," she said. Krueger and Sam struggled. Sam found himself pinned. Brian and Andrea looked at each other. What should they do?

"So, how do you want to do this?" he asked.

"I---I don't know," she replied. "I've never really---" Nancy stammered.

"Salt and torch. But not here," Dean decided. With that, they walked back upstairs. Brian and Andrea rushed Krueger. The man chuckled.

"You're gonna take on me?" he asked. He started to strike but Andrea telekinetically threw him back.

"Ah. Another warrior," he smirked. He advanced on her and she gasped. He laughed.

"Andrea," he said. She began to run.

"NO!" Sam shouted. He and Brian ran after them.

"What's going on?" Greg wondered seeing them. Dean looked around until he found a bottle of alcohol and salt.

"Find some matches," he said.

"They're in the living room by the fireplace," the teen told them. Krueger chased after her. She panted. She turned around---and Freddy was right in front of her!

"Come to Freddy," he rasped with a chuckle. Andrea grunted as his knives sliced through her.

"Bye-bye. Bye-bye," he grinned.

"NO!" Brian cried. She fell to the ground, lifeless. With a shout of rage, Sam jumped the man again and Brian took off.

"I'll get them," Nancy said. Then, she went to do just that.

"What do you need those for?" Mrs. Hartnett asked.

"Little experiment," Dean said, taking the box from the boy.

"What?" Mrs. Hartnett queried.

"We're gonna end this. We're making sure that psychopath never comes back," Nancy replied.

"How?" Greg asked with some fear.

"Gonna destroy his knives," Dean responded . With that, the two walked out of the house. As they did, the hunter noticed the woman's haggard expression.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"I'm just really tired," she told him.

"Okay, let's make this quick then," he determined. He doused the glove with liquor and salt. Krueger froze when he felt the dampness and stickiness on his glove.

"What the---" he rasped. Sam grinned. Dean and Nancy. It had to be.

"You're goin' down, Krueger," the hunter warned. Dean struck a match.

"Let me," Nancy requested. "I have a score to settle with Krueger," she continued, taking the match. She placed the fire on the glove. Two of the fingers caught fire. Krueger roared as his pinky and fourth finger burst into flames!

"See? What'd I tell you, Krueger?" Sam taunted.

"I'll kill you slow," Krueger rasped. Nancy placed the match on the third finger. Krueger screamed again. He used one of his knives to cut Sam's shoulder. He cried out. Dean looked at Nancy.

"You look beat. Why don't you get some sleep?" he suggested.

"No, I---" Nancy began to object.

"It's cool. I got the rest," Dean interrupted. Nancy moaned and closed her eyes. She looked around. Where was she? None of this looked familiar. Hearing running footsteps, Nancy turned around.

"Brian!" she gasped.

"He killed Andrea!" the boy exclaimed.

"And you left Sam alone?" Nancy demanded. She slapped him.

"Idiot. You've probably just killed him," she snapped. Then, she hurried towards the sounds of the scuffle, with the boy close behind her.

"Sam!" she cried. Krueger looked up.

"Nancy," he hissed.

"Come on, Krueger! Come and get me!" she dared. Krueger stabbed Sam in the shoulder again and then tossed him aside.

"That's it, Krueger. Come and get me," she dared. He ran after and tackled her.

"You're mine, now," he sneered. The girl's eyes widened. Dean struck a match and placed it on the glove. Nancy winced from the heat and Krueger pulled away. Instantly, Nancy felt herself being dragged away. She looked up and her throat caught.

"Rod," she said.

"I gotcha. You're okay," Rod Lane assured her. They turned and watched as the man who had terrorized every Elm Street ever for years burned to death. Afterwards, Brian and Sam walked up to them.

"That was great. Dean cut it kinda close though," Sam noted.

"Something tells me that's his m.o.," Nancy joked. They laughed. Rod turned to her.

"Hey, Nance," he said. "You all right?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm okay. Thanks," she assured him. Then, "It was you, wasn't it? You pulled Krueger away from me."

"I wasn't gonna let him get you too," her friend confirmed. "Thank you," she said. He stepped away.

"I gotta go. My work's done," he told her. He began to walk away.

"Rod, I---" The boy turned around.

"I know. We miss you too, Nance," he interrupted.

"Up yours---" Nancy began.

"With a twirling lawnmower," Rod finished. "We'll see you on the other side, Nance," he told her. "Now, all of you, wake up." Then, he disappeared. With a jolt, Nancy awoke.

"You all right?" Dean asked.

"We did it. We did it," Nancy said in relief. "But, uh---we better get back. Sam looked pretty beat up," she continued.

"Right," the hunter agreed. They said good-bye to the mother and son and then went back to New Jersey. Back in the hotel room, the kids gathered around their fallen friend.

"I can't believe she's gone," a girl said softly. There was a knock at the door.

"Code word," Sam called with a groan.

"Dream Fighters," Nancy responded. Sam nodded and one of the teens opened the door.

"Sammy!" Dean cried, rushing to his brother. He glanced at his brother's shoulder, which was already bandaged.

"Get one of the kids to help ya?" he surmised.

"Yeah," the younger brother nodded.

"Can---can we go home now? Are we safe?" Brian

"Yeah, it's over," Nancy assured. With that, they all packed their belongings. Sam picked up Andrea's lifeless body and carried her out. Sam and Dean waited until two days later, after Andrea's funeral, to leave.

"Thanks...for helping us out. You know, I---I never imagined it'd be all this drama," Sam said.

"Hey. It's what we had to do. Both of us," Nancy told him. "You just---you go on and keep on doing what you're doing---saving people," she continued.

"Will do," Sam agreed. The brothers walked to their car.

"She's a nice girl," Dean commented.

"But way too old for either of us," Sam reminded him as they got in. Dean just muttered something unintelligible and drove off. In her own car, Nancy got settled down in her her car seat. Something fluttered in her seat and the woman jumped. Then, she noticed that it was just a piece of paper. Her brows furrowed in confusion. Then, she unfolded the paper: up yours with a twirling lawnmower. Nancy chuckled.

"Oh, Rod. You say such the sweetest things," Nancy murmured with sarcastic fondness. Then, she started the car and drove off.



I know it would've made sense for Nancy to stay in Virginia, but I felt that her not going to Andrea's funeral would've gone against her character.