There are many things NCIS fans enjoy about their little show: the head slapping, Gibbs' coffee consumption, Abby's Caf-pow consumption, Gibbs' driving, Ziva's driving, Abby's outfits and, of course, vomit. From Tony's car sickness to bad guys and Probies heaving it up in autopsy, from suspects loosing it in questioning ('I managed to avoid most of it') to those immortal Gibbs words: 'get Michael Jackson out of here before he ralphs', vomit is a mainstay of NCIS. Then of course, there is McGee's seasickness, which is where our story begins.


Gibbs slammed his hand down forcefully on the desk.

"Dammit", he swore, "I know he's lying."

"He has an airtight alibi, boss", Tony pointed out.

Gibbs glared at him for a moment, "and you think I don't know that?"

"All I'm saying Boss is…"

"I know what you're saying, DiNozzo, and I'm saying I know that bastard is lying".

There were three bodies now, all with the same MO. Found dead in the sickbay first night out of port. No apparent reason: just dead. Heart failure was the best Ducky could come up with, which would have been fine if they had been in a nursing home, not an on aircraft carrier. But no, they were three young and otherwise healthy sailors who, apart from being found dead on the same ship, in the same sickbay after suffering from seasickness, seemed to have nothing in common.

All Abby could tell him was they all had some form of seasickness medication in their blood. She estimated that pretty much everyone on the ship would be taking some form of medication. The sickbay would have been filled with seasick cases. Every now and again, one of them would end up dead. Not on any other ship. Just on this one, just the one with this doctor. He did not believe in co-incidences.

Gibbs' gut was telling him he was being stonewalled. The ship's doctor, although concerned for his hit rate, didn't seem overly alarmed at the slowly accumulating death toll. He was definitely hiding something. The ship's Captain seemed to have his hands tied. He and DiNiozzo had gone over every inch of that blasted sickbay with the doctor hovering over their every move.

The only problem was they hadn't looked over sickbay when the ship was actually at sea, only when they got back. He needed a pre-emptive strike. He needed to be in sickbay on that first night. He and DiNozzo had organized to be onboard for two days from the time it left port to the time the LCAC took them back to land. They weren't allowed to interfere with sickbay: Captains orders.

"They ship out this afternoon, we've got two days and then that medico is gone for six months", Tony informed him from across the room.

"Are you trying to depress, me DiNozzo?" Gibbs growled.

"No Boss", Tony kept quite calm, "but I am saying, we might have enough cause to visit him in his place of work."

Gibbs paused and looked up at the younger agent, "I'm listening."

Tony swooped into Gibbs' desk talking fast and low, "We need to get into that sickbay while it's in action. We need a plant in sickbay, boss. Then we can nail that medico son-of-a-bitch."

"What illness are you planning on faking, DiNozzo?" there was a hint of a smile on Gibbs lips.

"None", there was a devious smile on his lips as he moved in closer to Gibbs' ear, "McGee gets really, really seasick".

Gibbs smiled and the two agents turned as one to stare at McGee who was tapping away conscientiously on his keyboard. He looked up at the movement and was un-nerved by the two steely pairs of eyes staring at him.