"Do you know what you are asking, Jethro?" said the Director levelly.


"You expect me to stop a 40000 ton fully laden aircraft carrier with over 1000 officers and enlisted and arrest its captain while on duty and out to sea?"

"Oh, sorry Jen", he smiled un-humorously; "Perhaps we should just let the inconvenient murderers get away."

She stared at him for a moment and then sighed heavily. "I'll make some calls".

"That's why they pay you the big bucks, director," Gibbs smiled wryly as he left the office.

"Talk to me", said Gibbs as he entered the bullpen.

"Guess what the Captain did his degree in, boss?" Tony started.


"Chemistry, Boss".

"And", McGee piped up, "his latest mobile phone calls before he set sail were to CNTD, a major pharmaceutical company."

"Someone's planning his retirement", Gibbs mumbled to himself.

"Really planning", Ziva agreed, "he's due to retire when he gets back. Have you seen these retirement benefits? Do you guys get these?"

Gibbs shot her a silencing look.

"What about the nurse?"

"From what I saw of her, about mid-twenties, blonde, C-cup…"

Tony stopped abruptly as the daggers from Gibbs' eyes pierced his own.

"She was dismissed from a nursing home after claims she was interfering with her patient's medication", McGee cut in to save Tony, "apparently her nickname was 'the angle of death'"

"Catchy", remarked Tony.

Ducky pounded in, "We found it, Jethro."

"What was it?" asked Gibbs.

"And knowing its name would help you how, Jethro?" Ducky dismissed him, "needless to say, it's been banned in clinical trials. There was only one company really pushing it."

"Let me guess", said Gibbs, "CNTD"

"Yes", said Ducky ominously, "I thought you might have heard of them by now"

"Boss", asked McGee, "how are we going to get them off the boat, ah ship". He wasn't ever going to make that mistake again.

"It's an aircraft carried, McGee", Gibbs explained paternally, "we'll use an aircraft".

He stopped as the phone on his desk rang shrilly. As he spoke, the elevator opened and Abby bounced out. She handed Tony a small white device. There was a whispered conversation between them before Tony laughed, took the device and inserted the earpieces. Gibbs hung up the phone.

"That was the director", he said, "They're on their way to…what the hell are you doing DiNozzo?"

McGee and Ziva looked around to see Tony jiving around the office.

"Hey, that's my ipod", said McGee indignantly, striding over and ripping it out of Tony's hand.

A strange noise could be heard coming from the earpieces as they swung loosely. McGee frowned and lifted one to his ear to listen without actually inserting it. He shot Abby a dirty look and checked the name of the track on the screen.

"Very funny", he said.

"What is it?" asked Ziva trying to get close enough to read the track or hear the music.

"It's 'in the mood'", laughed Tony, "Composed of McGee snoring".

"That'll teach you to leave you ipod in my lab for a week, McGee", said Abby accusingly.

"I took it off because my ear kept hurting. It turned out I had an ear infection. Doctor said it wasn't infectious unless I did something stupid, like share an earpiece." He gave Tony a smug smile.

Tony's face fell and they all watched as he ran for the bathroom trying desperately to dig whatever nasties he could from his ears.

"Really", Ziva quizzed McGee.

"Nope", McGee smiled.