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Ages: Zaku 18, Sakura 17,

"The girl is yours Zaku,"

Zaku Abumi kneeled before Orochimaru who had Uchicha Sasuke and Kabuto at his side. Five years had passed since Sasuke had joined the land of Sound leaving Konoha and his friends one year after he joined Orochimaru had resurrected Zaku and the others. Zaku had proven himself over the years and had become one of Orochimaru's favorite ninjas though he still had a way to go before he reached Kabuto's position.

Zaku looked at Sasuke studying him carefully wondering if he still felt anything towards the girl that was now his given to him as a reward for capturing her and retrieving an ancient artifact Sasuke saw him studying him and responded with a sneer.

"You can have her and do what you want with her, she means nothing to me now."

That was music to the sound Nin's ears the answer was. "If you can Zaku, try and get her to produce children I could use another strong warrior like you." Said Orochimaru to him. Zaku bowed to him and left the three.

"So you feel nothing towards her now?" Asked Kabuto adjusting his glasses with a grin. Sasuke if looks could kill would have turned him into ashes by now. "No, I no longer have any feelings for her she was nothing but a pawn for me." "And yet it's always those who wind up doing the most take Zaku for example although he's a powerful piece he is still a pawn and is expendable should he disappoint me though I am impressed that he is a Jounin along with Dosu Kinuta." Grinned the Snake sannin as he began playing a game of chess in his mind wondering how Zaku's interlude with Sakura Haruno who was now his would work out.

A pink haired girl around seventeen was being shoved through the area. "Come on, I don't have all day." Grumbled her accomplice a cloth faced man with heavy facial features as he shoved her through to a building. She recognized him as Akado Yoroi a spy who once posed as a leaf Genin in the Chunnin exam those years ago. He was the one who was defeated by Sasuke. "Sasuke…" She remembered how he betrayed them all everyone his friends Naruto and her by joining the land of sound. She never thought that this would happen captured by the enemy and made prisoner. Yoroi rudely shoved her through a door. "This is your master's chambers he will come for you soon." He said coldly as he shot the door and locked it. "What does he mean master? Who could it be?" She remembered Zaku Abumi the sound nin who was suppose to be dead attacking her and almost killed her best friend Ino while they were training. Rock Lee tried to stop him but Zaku had used her as a shield knowing full well that Lee wouldn't attack him at the risk of harming her, Zaku had then knocked her out and the next thing she knew she was here. Tears started to form as she sobbed wondering what was gonna happen to her now.

"I heard that he gave you a toy," Zaku turned around and saw a man who dressed in the same manner as Yoroi but he had glasses and his face was one of pure arrogance. Tsurugu Misumi a spy who could sneak into any place due to his unique ability. "It's amazing that he gave her to someone as worthless as you," Sneered Misumi who hated him like he hated all others who were ranked higher than him, him being only a Genin. "Heh, maybe you could teach me your legendary technique what was it called? Oh, yeah it's the only way I can fuck somebody jutsu!" Scowled Zaku at him not liking Misumi's attitude maybe he needed to be taught a lesson for not showing respect to his superiors! "Why you arrogant little! Watch you're back someday kid, because I'll be the one fucking you when you least count on it!" The sound spy left in a bitter mood probably planning on finding some unwitting girl and using his technique on her. "Stupid freak, I think I'll get something to eat then go meet my reward."

Zaku sat at the table with his comrades and friends Dosu Kinuta and Kin Tsuschi eating. Zaku eat his food not talking much as he listened with half an ear to the others. "I hear that we'll be sent on a big mission soon." Said Kin who had improved to a chunnin told her companions. Dosu nodded, he no longer wore his bandages revealing his scarred face and blind eye he was still the leader of the three and Zaku's superior. "Zaku," Zaku didn't pay attention apparently his mind was on something else. "Zaku!" He turned and saw Dosu glaring at him with his one eye.

"Go to her, I know that you want to, and you won't be much use thinking up plans for our mission if your thinking about your friends that live in your pants," Zaku looked at him confused not understanding. "The bimbo that you got as a reward you idiot! Go do whatever you want to her, she's your property." Kin explained to him. Zaku grinned and left the table preparing to go to his room.

Sakura sat on the bed the room wasn't much but it was rather large and was designed for someone of high rank. She thought for a moment and hoped that it would be Sasuke but doubted it. She then heard the door being open and she turned around prepared to meet her master.

Zaku Abumi slowly and calmly opened the door. He looked at her with his onyx eyes taking her in. He calmly closed the door and walked slowly towards her, she crawled back away from him fear in her eyes. He reached out and grabbed her and pulled her off the bed and to her feet. "Look me in the eyes," He reached out and tilted her head so she was facing him and stared at her viridian orbs. She was a virgin he could tell apparently she wasn't the skank that he thought she was. Well, she wouldn't be innocent for long.

"You hate me don't you?" He asked her with a smirk. "You hate me because I beat you up at the Chunnin exam years ago, you hate me because I almost killed that blond pig, and you hate me because I took you from your friends and you'll never see them again is that right?"

Sakura glared at him defiantly refusing to show weakness to this bastard. She was not going to be intimidated by him not after what happened to her and Sasuke.

"If I was that bastard of a ninja, your precious Sasuke," He spat out that name with venom the memory of having his arms broken still in him. "I bet you would be all over me right now since he was your boy toy." He chuckled a bit and could see her defenses weakening.

"Stop it! You don't know me! I'm not some whore and I'm sure as hell not gonna be your slave to-"

She was cut off as he much to her surprise gently caressed her cheek with his hand. She winced as she felt the cold metal part of his hand where his air cutters where stored touch her skin. He looked at her with a sadden expression on his face.

"You may think I don't know you Haruno, but trust me I understand you, you've had your heart broken by someone you loved and you can't stand the fact that he would do that to you can you?"

Sakura tried to keep her tough façade on but found it more difficult to do as he was speaking the truth. She turned her head not wanting him to see tears that were about to pour down her face. He then did something that she did not expect him to do.

He roughly leaned forward and kissed her on the lips surprising her. She tried to push him back but he grabbed her arms and stopped her. Zaku moved from her lips down to her neck, feeling her shiver he smiled devilishly and kissed her neck. Sakura unable to control herself wrapped her arms around him and moaned in pleasure.

"So you liked it? Well then I guess I'll have to do it again," With that he kissed her again but this time she responded and began kissing him back as his tongue entered her mouth and the two thrashed about each wanting dominance over the other. Sakura even though she knew this was wrong couldn't stop herself as her hands ran through his spiked black hair and he ran his through her pink silken locks. He grasped her by the hips and picked her up. Sakura if she was in her right mind would have never done this, but since she wasn't wrapped her legs around him and grabbed him tightly.

Zaku could taste her innocence, her purity; he never felt a sensation quite like this as he devoured her taste. Walking over to the bed he gently dropped her on the bed. She deserved better than to be taken on the floor much better. She had blossomed apparently this five years, she was once a cute girl who he gave little thought; now she had become a beautiful young lady. He ran his fingers through her silken locks that were softer than anything he had ever felt, even softer than Kin's. He smiled and got on top of her the two staring at each other face to face each filled with lust.

Sakura leaned upward and moved to kiss him. Zaku pushed her back down and slyly smirked. "Patience little one, patience before pleasure." He whispered seductively into her ear before he licked it. Grabbing her arms he then placed them above her head using one hand and with a devious grin used his other hand to unzip her outfit and he began to take off her underclothes. Sakura blushed heavily as he looked over her bare body with a hungry look in his eyes.

Leaning down to her breasts he cupped them in his hands and kissed them. Sakura cried out in pleasure as he sucked on her breast while at the same time running his hand up and down her belly. He planted dark and passionate kisses along her entire body making sure to leave his mark on her. He was enjoying himself and could tell that she was enjoying herself as well from her moans and her occasionally whispering his name. Zaku grinned ear to ear and began to tease her again. He had become an expert at this as he and Kin had made out a couple of times and he was used as Tayuya's toy before so he knew were exactly the places girls liked to be pleasured at.

Sakura her hands resting on his head felt something stir up inside her making her wanting him this instant to feel their bodies together as one, to feel the heat generating off of each other. Frowning as she felt that this was becoming a bit one sided she pushed him up. He frowned at her a bit confused. "It's not fair if you get all the fun, I should be able to play as well," She purred seductively to him which surprised him as she wasn't known for being this type of character.

Faster than the speed of sound the next thing he knew he was on his back and Sakura was on top of him removing his clothes, she pretty much ripped them off in record time and removed his headband as they were both naked. Zaku sat up and grinned at her. He then performed a couple of hand Justus and then bit her on the neck. Right on the tip of her neck was a symbol of a sound note like his headband.

"That technique is called Bondage Mate No Jutsu it's a simple technique used by ninjas should they ever have a mate, by leaving a symbol on their partner that means that you belong to me and after you mark me I'll belong to you, it's a rather simple technique if people of villages should become mates as a mark of that they'll been taken." "So I'm just your property, your sex slave? That's all I am to you, isn't it? Some slave for you to toss aside after you're done with me." She said to him and lowered her head.

"Heh, for a girl who's suppose to be smart your sure are ditzy," He grinned at her and chuckled he tilted his neck and mentioned for her to bite him. Sakura mimicked his moves and performed the Jutsu she then hesitantly bit him on the neck. Now on his neck on was the symbol of the Leaf village. "I guess I should explain this to you since as of now we can never be with another person unless one of us dies or the counter is performed. You see, Bondage No Jutsu also has a side effect, should a person be unfaithful to their spouse they will be punished with great pain and the other will know about it even if it's something as simple as a kiss on a cheek. So basically I'm with you and you're with me until one of us dies it's as simple as that." Sakura remembered reading about that technique and was planning on using it on Sasuke one day before he betrayed them all, she knew he wasn't lying to her as he started to plant kisses on her skin. "Why did you use it on me? It's pretty much a curse as well since I'm sure that you'd love to get into your black haired friend's bed as well." Zaku looked at her a bit annoyed at her questions. "It's because Kin has nothing over me, I've had her before but I felt nothing towards her not even when I took her,"

"But you, you are a much greater prize than her, you're are diamond in the rough, a beautiful red rose in a plain of yellow tulips, and I've decided to make you mine as a great jewel like yourself would be desired by all who would see you." Sakura if she wasn't naked, captured, being bonded to an enemy, and about to lose her virginity would actually be flattered by that someone would think of her like that. Of course x-nay on the sex-say that they were doing really toned the meaning of his speech. The Sound Nin started to push her down to the bed; he heard her sigh and guessed she finally accepted that they were mates and she might as well get use to it.

"Now, where were we?" He asked her in a playful tone. "You were about to let me free." She answered him which he just smirked not falling for it. "Nice try, I think it was right here." He captured her lips on his again. Here we go again, Mused Sakura as she ran her fingers down his back as she responded to the kiss.

The two produced heat off of each other warming the other and at the same time sending chills of excitement down the others back. The curves and binds of their bodies matched together, fitting together as one puzzle piece connected perfectly, the moon light shown through the windows illuminating their bodies in the dark. The only sound they could hear was the pants and moans of desire that they both wanted, the only thing they could see was each other as their bodies entangled to be one, the only thing they felt was the softness of each other's skin, and the only thing they could think of was the feeling of the other underneath their skin.

Sakura sighed in pleasure as he nipped, licked, touched, and kissed her body she kinda half expected to have been raped by him but apparently he seemed to savor his moment that he had with her. I guess this is a consolation prize as to being his at least I know he won't try to kill me and he's giving me the time of my life. She thought as she kissed him on the lips and she felt his tongue slip inside her mouth.

The two continued kissing and making love to each other, Zaku felt nothing but desire and wanting to please this jewel which was his and wanting to have her forever and never wanted to lose her. Sakura felt pleasure from him and had decided to go with the flow; she had closed out her mind ignoring it the part of her that still thought Sasuke loved her, she realized that Sasuke did not care for her that it was all a trick that he had played on her, her knight in shining armor was nothing just a fraud, he was just an mirage, a veil that had covered over her eyes.

And on the other side of her was a dark knight his onyx eyes filled with darkness, his black hair flapping in the wind. He stood for everything she thought she hated, what she thought was the opposite of love, but she realized that love was flawed and like her knight in shining armor was just an illusion.

She removed the veil covering her eyes showing the truth that was blind to her, Sasuke her knight in shining armor was no longer there leaving her with the dark knight, the dark knight extended his arm to her asking or more like commanding her to join him, and she accepted his gloved hand and he pulled her close to him looking at the girl with amusement, she whimpered a bit but stopped as Zaku her Dark Knight kissed her and the two disappeared

"No stop," She said suddenly struggling against him her eyes closed. Zaku looked at her confused and stopped. "Sasuke please don't leave me!"

That made his eyes widen with a bit of jealously. Was she thinking that he was that asshole who broke his arms? "Hey snap out of it, it's me Zaku."

She then started thrashing against him. "Sasuke no! This isn't what I wanted! Please don't do this to me, don't rape me please!" She shrieked at him apparently having a nightmare of sorts. Zaku planted his hand over her mouth trying to get her to calm down.

"Sakura, calm down! He's not here! It's me Zaku your mate! Sasuke isn't here and he never will be." She opened her eyes and stared into his and could see concern in his onyx eyes. "I'll never let him do that to you I promise and if he does I'll kill him even if he has a fucking curse seal on him I won't let that fake knight of yours harm you."

She suddenly wrapped her arms around him grasping him. "Do you promise to never leave me? To not pretend to care about me and then break my heart? I need to know Zaku that you won't do what HE did to me. He once tried to rape me three years ago," Zaku's eyes widened at that remark. He knew the Uchicha had gained a nasty temper after joining Orochimaru but he didn't think he would try that especially to someone like her "I thought he loved me but what he said to me shattered my heart if it weren't for Kakashi sensei I-"

Zaku covered her lips with his suddenly shutting her up. She squeaked in surprise and she felt his arms wrapped around her possessively not wanting to let her go. The two broke apart after a minute gasping for air.

"Sakura, I'm not like him, I'll never do that to you why else do you think we just used a jutsu that's only used for ninjas who make the ultimate commitment to one another? I'll never let someone hurt you not even Lord Orochimaru." He said cradling her in his arms. She nodded and kissed him on the cheek.

Zaku then smirked at her and pushed her down. "Besides, I think in a couple of minutes you'll have forgotten all about him," He smiled at her and she whimpered half in fear and half in excitement

Zaku got on top of her and spreaded her legs, their eyes met contact and both knew what was about to happen. "This is going to hurt for a while, but it'll be over soon," He promised her not wanting to scare her. Sakura braced herself and took a deep breath. With that he entered her, Sakura cried out in pain as it hurt more than she thought it would. Zaku wanted to stop this feeling regret for her. "Don't stop, keep on going," He heard her whisper to him which surprised him. He thrusted again this time gentler than before. Zaku leaned forward and kissed her tears away whispering to her that this would soon be over. He continued entering her and Sakura managed to find a rhythm and the two continued as the two reached their climax.

Later on the verge of exhaustion the two collapsed with her on top of him each breathing heavily both of them was sore and both knew that they wouldn't forget what just happened between them for a long time. She looked up at him with tired eyes and managed to crawl her way towards him. "Well, that was fun," She mused resting her head against his chest. "Guess so, get some sleep," He said in a gentle tone as he pushed some pink strands of hair out of her face and wrapped his arms around her. The two fell asleep instantly and only the dawn knew what would happen next.

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