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"Quick, we can't waste time! Your friends are waiting for you."

Sakura followed him a hood over her head and carrying a bundle that slept peacefully in her arms. The two had been on the run for three days with Zaku leading her back to her friends. She didn't believe that she'd be reunited with the others after two years and was happy, yet sad at the same time.

Six days ago, Zaku had overheard Orochimaru telling Kabuto that he was allowed to test his new experiment on Sakura saying that she had no purpose to the Land of Sound and was useless. He had begged and pleaded with Orochimaru not to harm her but the snake Sannin refused to listen and after he had Dosu who did it with a great amount of regret punish Zaku he ordered him to bring her and their son to Kabuto's lab which was more like a torture chamber in less than a week.


"Lord Orochimaru please reconsider don't do this to her!" Zaku was in his chamber kneeling in front of him. "Why should I not Zaku? She has no purpose to the Land of Sound. What has she done besides giving you some entertainment? Oh, yes how silly of me I forgot she gave you a child, a baby boy perfect to use as a test on Kabuto's latest plan." Said Orochimaru annoyed at the sound nins pleading.

"Orochimaru, it appears that Zaku has fallen in love with that pink haired fool," Said Sasuke with a laugh. Zaku glared at him. "Shut up! At least I didn't try to rape her like you did, you fuckin' traitor!" Sasuke's eyes narrowed in hatred. There was no love lost between those two and Zaku loved nothing more than to kill him one of these days and the same could be said for Sasuke.

Orochimaru placed a hand on the sound nin's face. He then in anger struck him across the face. "Don't ever tell me or my subordinates what they can or cannot do!" He hit him again knocking him to the floor. "Dosu!" The leader of the Sound Trio stepped forward and kneeled before him. "Take this fool to be punished and do it yourself, Zaku in one week you will bring her and the boy to Kabuto's lab or you will wish that I hadn't brought you back to life!"

Dosu took him to the torture chamber and apologizing before hand punished him by different means of torture. After he had done it he untied him and prepared to leave.

"Orochimaru," Dosu turned around and saw Zaku standing up blood trailing down his body and having a look that reminded him of the old Zaku almost seven years ago.

"I have sweat…I have cried I have fought…I have killed…I have bleed…I have fuckin' died for you! And this is how you repay me? After I have finally find happiness with the girl of my dreams and a son to love as my own, THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME?!"

In an outrage he reached up and ripped off his headband tossing it to the floor. Dosu looked at him a bit surprised at his actions. "Dosu, how can I get hold of an ANBU member?" He said in a serious tone he eyes full of hatred.

Knowing full well what Kabuto was capable of, Zaku shocking even himself had managed to get a hold of an ANBU member. Although he was reluctant to trust him, he then agreed to do it when Zaku mentioned Sakura. The two talked for over three hours, Zaku telling him what had happened to her, that she was still alive, and that she had a child. The ANBU gave him a map telling where to meet him at and to bring her with him.

Zaku wasted little time whatsoever in getting her to come with him. He had managed to get some disguises for them and using only a secret exit that only the elite Sound nin's knew about had managed to get her out of the Land of Sound. He then did the one thing he never thought he would do, he removed his head band which he had worn proudly ever since he was a child and discarded it forsaking Orochimaru and the hidden village of sound as he was now a missing nin and was going to take his wife and son back to where they belonged.

The going was not easy, for they had to stay on guard at all time. Knowing full well that the sound of a leaf breaking could very well be an assassin the two were on full alert all the time. The way was tough for Sakura, she had given birth less than six months ago and she still hadn't fully recovered from it which nearly cost her and their son's life.

Zaku then stopped and pointed at a location in the distance. It was an abandoned old house which was about to crumple.

"So this is it I guess," Said Sakura looking at him with sadness.

"I guess so, come on." He said wrapping her in a hug before they walked towards it.

The two walked down the hill slowly neither really wanting this to end. Sakura looked at their son which had a small patch of dark hair and was sleeping in her arms. She didn't believe it herself when she got pregnant and neither did he. She first thought he would reject the child but to her surprise he told her they would do this together and he wouldn't abandon her like his parents did to him when he was a child.

The pregnancy was tough, more than once Zaku thought he lost her and him as the baby was facing the wrong direction during the process and he had begged Kabuto to do whatever it takes to keep them alive. The medic nin managed to get the baby out and managed to stitch Sakura back up and unknown to either of them had taken a blood sample and in disbelief had reported to Orochimaru about the child and that it would make a perfect specimen for his latest experiment.

For the two of them the two years was confusing, after they had been mated they each learned a bit about one another. Sakura found out about his miserable childhood and how he wished to not be looked down upon and why he served Orochimaru, and Zaku learned that she was just a girl trying to prove her worth and that she only had Ino growing up. In a way they were almost alike.

Although he had to keep a eye on Sasuke to make sure he didn't try anything against her, He did have to kill Tsurugu Misumi who had tried to rape her as a part of revenge against him. Kin had chastised him at times for his behavior saying that he had let her gain control over him and that he was being foolish for refusing to just get rid of her. Dosu, he didn't really care about Zaku's love life as he was too busy on missions to care.

The two were about to reach the house when suddenly a figure appeared in front of them.

"Dosu!" Shouted Zaku as he was in front of them. Dosu smirked underneath his bandages as he had his old getup on again.

"So you've arrived follow me," The two followed him inside the house and Zaku felt a kunai pressed against his throat.

"Neji! Put that down this instant!" Shouted Sakura almost transforming into Inner Sakura.

Neji glared at Zaku for a moment and lowered the kunai. Along with him was TenTen who looked over at Sakura and saw the child in her arms and Shino Aburame who Zaku gave a brief glare of hatred.

"So, Zaku you kept your word, I didn't think you'd show up." Said Neji as the two glared at one another.

"Sakura, is that your son?" Asked TenTen looking over the child with amazement. Sakura nodded and let her hold him. Dosu and Neji unexpectedly shook hands and Dosu gave a brief bow to the ANBU captain showing respect that he didn't usually show.

"Dosu what's going on? Why are you here?"

"You wish to save your son do you not?" He said to him. "Neji and TenTen are your escorts out of here, I've been meeting with the leaders of Konoha for the past year giving them info about Orochimaru's plans and as a favor for my help these two shall lead you to Konoha, in short Sakura, your going home."

Sakura's eyes widened in joy in disbelief that she would finally see all her friends again. She could barely contain herself when she then noticed Zaku who although was happy for her was sad as well.

"What about Zaku? Is he coming as well?" She asked them who shook their heads.

"No, it's too much of a risk, the Sound nin will have to go back to his land, how do we know he won't betray us?" Confirmed Neji who turned his head away from Zaku and Sakura.

"But, he's a missing nin now! He'll be killed if he goes back, you can't be serious!" Shouted Sakura in disbelief.

"Why do you care about him Sakura? If I remember he beat you up at the forest of death, and he got what he deserved when Sasuke broke his arms and when Shino crippled him! How do we know that he hasn't raped you or tortured you or did anything to harm you!" Asked TenTen the chunin in disbelief looking down at the child in her arms.

"Stop it! I love him!' Sakura's outburst startled the five inside as the baby woke up and started crying. Sakura took her son from TenTen and along with Zaku whispered it back to sleep. "I love him, I know you find this hard to believe but I do, Zaku helped me when I was a captive and he made me able to not be afraid of Sasuke anymore after what happened why else do you think this is on our necks?" Sakura pulled back her hood revealing the mark on her neck. "And if Zaku can't come with me and our son then I won't come either!"

Neji and TenTen noticed the mark on her neck as the symbol of Bondage Mate No Jutsu and realized that the two were mates and they both loved each other. Neji sighed in frustration he did not plan on this happening as he wanted to get this over and done with but how could they trust the Sound nin? Orochimaru or Sasuke had to know about this.

Zaku grasped her in his arms hugging her. "No, Sakura I don't want you to be endangered because of my actions, I made this choice so that you and our son will be happy not to be living in fear afraid you'll be tossed aside like a pawn by Orochimaru or used as Kabuto's experiments." Zaku argued with her refusing to let her share the same fate that he'll have as he held her in his arms.

Suddenly they heard a small chuckle turning they looked over and saw Shino amused and with a rare smirk on his face.

"Congratulations' you've passed the test, you can come with us." He said to Zaku who looked confused. The others looked confused as well.

"What's the big deal Shino what do you mean." Asked TenTen confused.

"Naruto gave me an extra assignment as the reason why I came along on this, to make sure if the Sound nin really did care for her, if he does take him with us as an ally against Orochimaru and Sasuke and apparently he does, I sent a couple of my friends to listen in quietly and they told me that he does care about her and he wasn't lying." A couple of bugs appeared and that freaked out most of them.

"Oh, alright, maybe this is an act of fate but since you two do seem to love each other you can come with us Zaku Abumi just don't try anything funny." Said Neji who was now bored with this and wanted to get back home to his family and Hinata who was doing who knows what with Naruto as he walked out of the room.

TenTen smiled a bit unsure about all this.

"What's his name?" She asked them referring to the child.

"His name is Shoham Abumi and he's six months old." Sakura answered mentioning the sleeping baby.

TenTen left outside and Dosu walked up to them.

"Zaku, I'm only doing this since you're the only person who looked past my bandages and called me friend, I wish you the best of luck, I'll try to get more information from Orochimaru."

"But what about you? Doesn't he know that your helping us?" Asked Sakura.

Dosu smirked again. "Orochimaru currently thinks I'm out hunting for the rare albino snake in the Hidden Village of Snow to add to his collection of reptiles so I'm safe for now."

He left outside and then Shino walked up. "Just to let you know, I wasn't faking it when I said about Naruto giving me that assignment, just make sure you treat her well or you'll be in more pain than when I crippled you and it won't be me who does it this time."

He walked out as well and that left them inside.

"I don't believe it why would they accept me? I'm just a sound nin, and the only reason they would accept me is for information about the Land of Sound." Zaku said in disbelief. Sakura wrapped an arm around her husband hugging him.

"It doesn't matter what they have you join for, I love you Zaku and I'll never leave you and our son will have both his parents."

The two kissed and they heard the soft cries of Shoham waking up which they could only laugh as they started a new beginning together.

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