Me: Hey Everybody this is my first Max Ride fic so no flames. Second it is told in first person from Max's point of view (POV)

Max and Fang: ON WITH IT!


Halloween Night

Fang, Iggy, Gazzy, Nudge, Angel, and I rented a hotel a hotel room. You may wonder why a bunch of mutants on the run from other mutants would do that. Because Angel told us to. That's why.

It was the day before Halloween and she wanted to have a Halloween party. No one says no to Angel. So, we stopped, then Nudge designed the party. First we would play truth or dare, then pizza, then horror movie then bed.

Truth or dare worked the way it is supposed to. That is to say that it embarrassed everyone present. But Fang and Iggy they were evil geniuses at the game. Here's how it went:

I was wearing a devil costume. Fang was wearing a neo costume; nudge a dress, angel an angel costume (how original.) Iggy a green Afro was all and Gazzy was wearing an old piece of pie taped to a hat.

" Max truth or dare?" asked the Gasman

"Dare." I said

" Um I dare u to. Lick your foot!"

I licked my foot.

"Ok Nudge truth or dare?" I asked, bored.


"Is it true that you like Gazzy?"


"Shut up." I said laughing.

"Fine. Iggy truth or dare?"

" Dare"

" I dare you to sing the song ' I feel like a woman' "

"I FEEL LIKE WOMAN!" sang Iggy loudly.

"Fang truth or dare"

"Dare" said Fang; stupidly he had no idea what he was getting into.

"I dare you to pretend you are a cat and then" Iggy whispered in Fang's ear.

"Say what!"

"You want to…"

" But –" Fang was cut off.

"Just do it."

"Fine" Fang said.

He acted like a cat and then he walked by me and grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me. His tongue licked mine to asked for entrance. Which I gave to him his tongue and mine were playfully playing.

'gawd' I thought 'Fang is a good kisser.'

Then he stopped. And resumed the game.

"Angel truth or dare?"

"Dare Fang," she said

"I dare you to…" he whispered in her ear.

" Ok Nudge truth or dare?"

"Dare" Nudge said exiled.

" I dare you to sit in Iggy's lap until he says you can get up."


'She wants to sit in his lap.' I thought. The voice in my head sniggered.

We watched as Iggy turned bright red. But he wasn't complaining.

Then the pizza arrived. We paid for it and ate.

Then we had a costume awards.

Every one put the name of who they were on the ribbons.

I got the sexiest costume award. Nudge got the coolest costume award

Gazzy wont he funniest costume award and Fang got the best costume award, Iggy got the most colorful costume award and Angel got the 'I'm cute award.'

Then we watched the movie. I was so scared. The special effects scared me more than Erasers. Then we saw a commercial for a movie called 'Maximum Ride the Angel experiment staring Angelina Jolie as Max Tom Cruise as Fang and Stevie Wonder as Iggy'

We were weirded out my book had become a movie! Nudge and Angel held hands and jumped up and down.

Then I sent everyone but Fang to bed.

"Look about what I did." Fang began

"It's ok I know you didn't want to Iggy made you."

"Well actually I did want to" Fang murmured softly looking embarised.

"Do have any idea how long I've wanted you to say that?" I asked him

"What?" he said looking surprised

"Yeah I like you."

"I thought you liked that guy, Sam, from Anne's!"

"No I just used him to make you jealous."

"Oh ok" he said

"Well good nigh-" I almost said the "t" but I stopped as Fangs lips were pressed against mine.

"Good night Max sweet dreams"

"You too and Fang?" I said as he went to the couch were he was sleeping.


"I love you"

I closed my door.

That's how Fang and me ended up together. Angel had a Halloween party. I think she and Nudge planned it.

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