The Ninjas of Mobius

The Ninjas of Mobius

                               By Firehedgehog



                               "Honoured master of all Ninjas we have located Sapphire, for many years we have

                               searched and now he is found," a red robed Ninja said and bowed, the only thing you

                               could tell about this ninja was that it had dark red eyes. The ninjas voice was

                               emotionless and you couldn'd tell what gender it was, to the Ninjas when you put on your

                               robe and cowl you became genderless.

                               "Will you retrieve Sapphire soon Ruby, Sapphire is after all the next master of all ninjas

                               and we must continue to teach him a few last lessons," the master of all ninjas asked,

                               the master Ruby couldn't see unless the master let a person.

                               "Yes master, Sapphire as of now is waiting for Jade so he can escape from the soft

                               ones," Ruby said and bowed again, the master laughed silently at the thought at finally

                               getting back Sapphire the best Ninja alive back.

                               "Good, when Sapphire returns give him his robe back, tell him we have all missed him,"

                               the master said, the master would refer to Sapphire as a he till Sapphire returned to

                               them and donned his Ninja robes again.

                               "As you wish master," Ruby said and then the red coloured Ninja vanished from sight,

                               the art of walking through shadows were there was no shadows was a mystery to those

                               who were not ninjas.

                               "Galena," the ninja master said and a second smaller ninja appeared, its robes were a

                               shiny silvery blue.

                               "Yes master," the new Ninja said.

                               "You are the one who located Sapphier, did you at any point observe him using any of

                               his Ninja skills in front of the soft ones?" the master asked.

                               "No master he used none in front of them, he only used his skill of great speed he was

                               born with," Galena said, to any observers it would look like Galena was a child because

                               of Galenas size but Galena wasn't.

                               "Good, continue what you were doing Galena," the master said and Galena bowed,

                               seconds later Galena seemed to fade out of sight.

                               soft ones= mobians who were not ninjas


                               Chapter One

                               "Hello Sapphier, I see that you are ready to go," Jade said appearing beside Sapphier,

                               Sapphier smiled relieved that he could finally return to his home.

                               "Have you left behind all possesions that you have gained while living among the soft

                               ones?" Jade asked, Jades green robes hid his its face so no expression was seen on


                               "Yes I went through the trees so that I would not leave any footprints," Sapphire said,

                               Jade nodded and passed him a pair of Sapphier coloured booys.

                               "What name did you use among the softones?" Jade asked him, the green coloured

                               ninja had asked him with emotionless. Sapphire let his go emotionless, no longer could

                               he act like the soft ones he had lived with.

                               "I was called Sonic," Sapphire said, his sapphire blue eyes became like stone as Jade


                               "Let us go then," Jade said, Sapphier nodded and then they vanished into the great


                               "Aunt Sally, have you seen Sonic anywhere?" Tails asked princess Sally the leader of

                               knothole village, Sally looked at the two tailed fox and frowned when she realized that

                               she didn't know where Sonic was.

                               "I don't know Tails honey, did you check his hut?" Sally answered, when he nodded yes

                               she frowned again for the last time she had seen or heard Sonic had been yesterday


                               "Aunt Sally I even went inside thinking he might be asleep but he wasn't there, but I saw

                               his gloves and shoes by his bed," Tails said in a scared voice, Sally bit her lip now

                               worried for she knew that Sonic loved his shoes and that he never took them off even

                               when he went to sleep.

                               "Tails I want you to get everyone you can find, I think that something has happened to

                               Sonic and we have to find him," Sally said and as she watched Tails now scared

                               whitened in fear, he nodded and then ran out of her hut.

                               "Sonic... whats happened to you and where are you, just please don't be dead because

                               I love you," Sally whisphered to herself, taking a deep breath she stepped out of her hut.

                               Amethyst watched the soft ones look for Sonic, even though the ninjas robe was purple

                               and was in direct sight Amethyst was using a ninja skill to keep anyone from seeing him.

                               *The master will be pleased* Amethyst thought to himself, he had been sent there to

                               make sure that any traces Sapphier might had left behind would not lead the soft ones

                               to them.

                               *I will stay a few more minutes and then leave* Amethyst thought, he smiled to himself.


                               Chapter Two

                               Sapphire bowed to his opponant, at the moment Sapphier was fighting a fellow Ninja

                               who was known as Galena. Galena was the same age as Sapphier except Galena was

                               blind, Galena had been blind for as long as Sapphier could remember and as children

                               they had grown up for awhile togeather.

                               He smiled as Galena pulled out a Bo its first choice of a weapon, nodding his head he

                               pulled out his sword a Katana. They then began to fight, he felt himself relax as they

                               fought each other, this brought back good memories.

                               Finally they moved onto there secondary weapons, he chose his Shurikens and Galena

                               chose the Shi. The battle was short and Sapphier was the victor, during the battle if

                               anyone was watching it would of looked like two different coloured blurs were moving

                               around the room almost to fast to watch.

                               "I win Galena," Sapphier said as they bowed to each other, Galena and himself were

                               almost as good as each other but Galena still had a few tricks to learn that he himself

                               already knew.

                               "Yes you have Sapphier, it is very hot today so do you want to go swimming?" Galena

                               asked and Sapphier said yes, the one bad part about swimming was that they had to

                               take off there robes and people could identify there faces.

                               Later in his room Sapphier took off his Ninja clothing, in the three months since he had

                               returned he had grown up to the height of five feet and he hardly even looked like Sonic


                               For one thing his cheek bones had become more pronounced and also he now brushed

                               his spines down, he tied them into a simple ponytail. Another thing was that when he

                               wasn't in his Ninja garb he wore a grey t- shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers.

                               Before he left his room he grabbed a towel, swimming trunks and then headed towards

                               Galena's room, he knocked on the door and a second later it opened. There stood a

                               female silvery blue Echidna around the age sixteen, she stood below average height

                               and if she hadn't looked mature for her age people would of thought her a child.

                               "Hi Gale, ready to go?" Sapphier asked, gale was his nickname for the blind Echidna

                               by using the first four letters in Galena's name.

                               "Ready to go Saph," she answered with a smile, Saph was his nickname she had made

                               up for him that was short for Sapphier. He noticed that she was wearing a sleaveless

                               white t-shirt, blue jeans, and toeless white sandles. In her arms was her towel and her

                               bathing suit, a bathing suit no child would of been able to wear without certain things

                               older people had.

                               He led the way to the small lake they were going to swim in, even though Gale had

                               developed a sixth and seventh sence over the years he still had to lead her to certain

                               areas only he knew of.

                               Soon both of them were splashing and diving under the lake water, early in her life Gale

                               had found out that while she was blind she was also an excellent swimmer.

                               Half an hour later they returned to the place of Ninjas and put on there Ninja garb once

                               again, all emotions left them for emotions could be the downfall of a Ninja in some


                               Sapphier walked silently through the place of Ninjas, the master had given him a task.

                               the task was to gather a very special herb in the mountains, the herb was very

                               poisoness to the touch and could be used in many things (not just a poison)


                               Chapter Three

                               Obsidian passed Sapphier supplies, Obsidian had known Sapphier since they were

                               very small children and thought Sapphier as a younger brother. Underneath his shin

                               black Ninja robes he was an eighteen year old black wolf who was actually quite tall, his

                               large golden eyes always showed all his emotions.

                               "When will you be returning Sapphier?" Obsidian asked his golden eyes bright with

                               questions, Sapphier finished putting his supplies away and answered.

                               "I will be returning in about two weeks or more Obsidian," Sapphier said, Obsidian

                               frowned not liking the idea of Sapphier going away. The last time Sapphier had left here

                               Sapphier had been five years old and he hadn't returned till he was sixteen, he

                               remembered the news when he was seven that Sapphier had lost his memory and that

                               the soft ones had him.

                               "Be careful Sapphier, I don't kow why but I have a feeling that something bad is going to

                               happen very soon," Obsidian said and sapphier nodded, he also had this feeling.

                               "Sharpen all your blades, there is a feeling of a battle soon," Sapphier said, he then

                               vanished on the way to do his task.

                               Obsidian went to his room and went to his chest and opened it, inside it was his many

                               weapons with types of blades. He started taking them out and he smiled, when

                               Sapphier told you to do something a person usually did it.

                               "Do you ever miss not being Kouvar anymore Obsidian, there wasn't much before the

                               Ninjas," Obsidian asked himself in a whisper, he sighed and put on his wrist claw


                               Galena frowned as she felt Sapphier leave the place of Ninjas, a strange feeling of

                               death hung in the air that few sensed. But she knew that it told her that something

                               terrible would happen soon, also that it would change her life in some way.

                               Her left hand touched her necklace around her neck, on it was a silver heart and she

                               knew that it was all that she had left of her life before she had become Galena. Who she

                               was once she didn't know, she actually didn't care.

                               "Sapphier my friend, walk carefully in the light and shadows," Galena whisphered, this

                               was a way a Ninja could wish a friend to go in safety.

                               It was getting dark out when Jade frowned, something was very wrong and she could

                               smell it. She slipped a tanto into her left hand and went to see if she could find out what

                               was wrong, Jade never had a chance to scream as she died.

                               The SwatBots marched through the Place of Ninjas, there orders were to kill all the

                               Ninjas and to not let any escape alive.


                               OF MOBIUS, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE," the SwatBots drowned all at once in there

                               robotic voices, the Ninjas spotted them and quickly escaped, but the escape was not

                               without some of the Ninjas getting hurt badly.

                               Over twenty Ninjas were killed by the SwatBots but the rest escaped, of the five hundred

                               SwatBots Robotnik had sent only ten of these returned.


                               Chapter Four

                               Knuckles an Echidna and guardian of the Floating island grinded his teeth in frustration,

                               a week ago he had found a beautiful silver box in a cave. But he had found that the

                               metal had been melted in key places so he wasn't able to open it, he was now in

                               Knothole village waiting for Rotor to get it open.

                               'Hello Knuckles," Knuckles turned around and smiled, it was Tails the two tailed fox who

                               was Sonics best friend. He then frowned when he noticed that Sonic wasn't with Tails,

                               he looked around wondering where the blue hedgehog could be.

                               "Where's Sonic?" he asked and he wished then that he hadn't asked, Tails face fell and

                               his eyes filled with tears. Knuckles bit the inside of his left cheek, with this reaction he

                               knew that something very bad must of happened to Sonic.

                               "Knuckles don't you know, Sonics been missing for three months now," Tails said in a

                               voice that sounded like it was about to break, then Tails ran away from Knuckles in


                               "It's true Knuckles, Sonic vanished one night and we still haven't found any clues," a

                               voice said, Knuckles saw that it was Sally and he also noticed that she needed sleep

                               very badly.

                               "How did that happen?" he asked her, she sighed sadly and he knew that she didn't


                               "Princess Sally, Princess Sally," a breathless voice suddenly called, Sally and Knuckles

                               looked up to see a middle aged cat running towards towards them with something in its


                               "I'll see you later Knuckles, I have to attend to something," Sally said and he nodded,

                               Sally and the cat ran into the medicle hut.

                               "Knuckles I've got it open!" he heard Rotor call from within Rotors hut, quickly he entered

                               and went to a table where the now open box was placed. Carefully Knuckles reached in

                               and pulled out a huge envelope, he could tell that it had once been white but time had

                               changed its edges to yellow and brown.

                               Carefully with two fingers he opened the envelope, he wondered what was so important

                               in this envelope that it had been buried in a cave. His fingers detected some papers

                               inside and he carefully slid them out, he realized that they were photos of some kind and

                               he quickly studied them and there were five of them.

                               The first one was of himself in a field o flowers waving at someone beyond the person

                               holding the camera, he also noticed that he looked to be around four of five in the

                               picture. The next picture was of himself and another Echidna, they were placing flower

                               wreaths on each ithers heads and smiling. She had silvery blue fur and blue eyes, for

                               some reason she seemed to remind him of something but not what. The last three

                               pictures were of himself and the other Echidna in different places and always smiling, he

                               turned the pictures over and noticed the dates the pictures were taken and he also saw

                               her name.

                               "Who are you T'ana-Lii, why don't I remember you but I see you in these pictures with

                               me?" Knuckles asked the pictures, they of course couldn't answer him. Finally he pulled

                               the final objects out of the envelope, there was another photo, a newspaper clipping,

                               and also a beatiful painting of T'ana-Lii.

                               The photo was of her again at a birthday party and he knew that it was hers, she was

                               holding up a beautiful heart shaped silver locket and was also hugging him. The

                               newspaper article made him cry fo it said that T'ana- Lii was presumed dead after a

                               huge explosion and that no body had yet to be found a month after.