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                        The Ninjas of Mobius

                        By Firehedgehog


Chapter Twenty-five

      Sapphire was getting a cramp in his leg, it was the kind of cramp that

was at first annoying... then a burning pain as time went by. The reason, the

soft ones had decided to take a break and because of their positions he could

leave the spot he was hiding.

      There was one thing he could think at that moment.

      'Life Sucks'


      'Pain... pain... and more pain' a very annoyed Sapphire though, two hours

later he was still stuck in the stupid tree (wow, he must be in a bad mood)

and the mobians still hadn't moved there butts somewhere else.

      He really wanted to stretch his legs to get rid of that huge cramp, but

like in his lessons he knew that wouldn't be possible for quite awhile.

      "Zzzzzzzzz," a sound said, this gained everyone's attention... Sapphire


      "You have got to be kidding' the blue garbed ninja thought, he wanted to

cry at how bad certain ninjas were at staying awake when the sleeping one...

well fell out of the tree.

      Sapphire was greeted to the sight of one ninja (another who had just

graduated) to land with a splat on the ground, it was worse when the ninja

just yawned and rolled over.

      "...." The mobians said; Sapphire couldn't blame them for their surprised

and disbelieving looks.

      'Looks like I'm going to have to appear' he thought with sigh.

      Actually, in truth he was eternally cheering that he would finally be

able to move from this spot... not that he would ever admit it.


      Sally blinked, then blinked again. A sleeping Ninja was not something

she had expected to happen, but at least a few people were giggling about the

sleeping ninja.

      This also gave relief to her; people were feeling well enough to giggle...

also the feeling that the ninjas of mobius were not perfect.

      "Laugh while you can," a voice said behind her, the sudden voice behind

her scared her so much that the mobian princess gave a small scream of fright

and fell on her but.

      "Don't do that," she yelled angrily, standing above her was now a

familiar figure. Standing there was Sapphire, the blue garbed ninja was

looking at her with those strange eyes of his... but she was sure she saw

amusement flicker inside them.

      "Do what?" he asked in an emotionless voice, Sally's eyebrow flickered

(does she have one, oh well) in anger. There was something about him that

screamed fake innocence about that sentence, or maybe it was because at that

moment that statement reminded her of a certain blue hedgehog... who she missed


      She sighed, she could tell he wouldn't admit to scaring her on purpose...

it was like trying to get Sonic to eat anything but Chili dogs.

      "Never mind," she sighed; he blinked and walked over to the still

sleeping ninja (lol).


      Sapphire was grinning rather evilly by the time he stood beside the

sleeping ninja, sadly no one could see it... so they had no idea of what he was


      "Wakey, wakey sleepy heads," Sapphire said in a deceptively warm voice,

the mobians nearby blinked and the ninja's nearby hastily moved away... Sapphire

like this was not a person to be near.

      "...." The ninja muttered, and rolled over.

      "You asked for it," Sapphire said evilly, he then grabbed the sleeping

Ninja and ran into the forest.

      "What just happened?" Tails asked, Sally blinked.

      "I don't think we want to know," she said, everyone shivered when

evil laughter filled the forest.

      'Not again' Galena thought; the echidna could only sweatdrop.


Chapter Twenty-six

      After the sleeping Ninja incident the mobians had decided to camp the

night out there, after all they were all tired and sore from traveling so far

over the last week.

      Some were still giggling over the sleeping ninja falling out of a tree,

the rest... were wondering if Sapphire was nuts... especially after he had laughed

like a maniac after he had vanished.

      A few... like Tails, were wondering if there were any chances the ninjas

would teach them to vanish like that.

      Not Likely...

      But they could dream...

      Now the next morning they had a surprise, it was from the tree the ninja

had fallen out of... now this was funny they could all agree on.

      Trussed up like a turkey (so not to escape punishment) was the young

ninja, while being tied up like that was funny... it wasn't the funniest part.

      The Ninja, was still in its ninja garb... yet over that it was wearing a

white bunny suit... complete with fluffy tail and big floppy ears. There was

also the basket it was holding held with decorated ears, looks like the Easter

bunny had come early this year.

      And the ninja wasn't complaining Sapphire had made sure by gagging his


      "Oh ma' stars," Bunny drawled out wide eyes, the ninja glared at them as

if this was there fault.

      "I have a feeling this is why Sapphire was laughing so strangely," Sally

said dryly, Bunny nodded trying not to laugh, not very well either.

      "Remind me not get on his bad side," Bunny said to her friend, the

squirrel nodded.

      "As long as you remind me," she said; both agreed... then not being able

to help it they fell into helpless giggles.

      "..." The bunny ninja said, this only sent everyone laughing harder... if

you listened hard enough you could of sword you heard trees, bushes, plants...

etc snickering also.

      But if you heard that, hopefully your being guarded by ninjas and not

going nuts.

      Nearby Sapphire grinned, that would treat the ninja not to mess up

again... lives were depending on them here so they couldn't sleep on the job.

      Mind you it had been very fun to do that, it had been years since he had

done that kind of thing... he wondered how long he should leave the ninja there

before giving pity on the other ninja.

      Until then, he would relax.


Chapter Twenty-seven

      Tails gave a yell of joy as his cast was removed, finally he would be

able to walk again... mind you that meant he would have to walk like everyone

else but the boring time of always sitting was finally over.

      "Calm down Tails, and remember you still have to go easy on it for the

next few day," DR Quack told him, the multi tailed fox nodded and them skipped

away humming with happiness.

      "Finally, freedom," he said, at the moment he was on the outside of

there encampment for the night and he had some privacy... minus the ninjas he

was sure were watching.

      He grinned remembering the bunny suit incident a month ago, that had

been so funny... something Sonic would of come up with.

      His smile faltered and fell, his eyes clouded over like the sky on a

cloudy day... Sonic.

      He still couldn't understand why Sonic had vanished, Sonic had been his

best friend, his brother... his only family. Yet... maybe he did understand, maybe

the energetic hedgehog couldn't take the stress anymore and decided that

enough was enough.

      "Was that it, or maybe he just didn't want to be near me anymore," he

whispered, feeling depressed he sat on the ground hugging his knees to his

chest... tears fell down his cheeks in salty rivers.

      "Children shouldn't cry," a voice said, Tails was startled and looked

up. The voice had been gentle yet had come from the figure above; sitting on a

thin branch above was the ninja known as Sapphire.

      "Sapphire!" he said startled, the next thing he knew the ninja was

kneeling in front of him a hand on his shoulder.

      "Tell me, why do you cry," Sapphire said in a soft voice, at first Tails

was startled... he had never heard the ninja speak so kindly... emotions actually

in his voice.

      With a sob Tails flung himself forward into the ninja chest, he cried

into the soft blue fabric.

      It was later... much later he told Sapphire what was bothering him so

much... his doubts on why Sonic had vanished... his fear that it was his fault the

blue hedgehog had left.

      "Shhh... its okay Tails, I cannot tell you at the moment why but I know

that it is not your fault this sonic left. But think about it, your friend

would not want you to cry about him, he would want you to move on with your

life," Sapphire said, at those words Tails moved away from the ninja and

blinked tears away.

      "You really think so?" Tails asked doubtfully, Sapphire nodded... and

Tails had a feeling the ninja was smiling.

      "Thank you," he said getting up, with a smile he got up and started

heading back to camp.

      Then he thought of something.

      "Why did you...?" he asked turning, he blinked and gasped... Sapphire was

gone and there were no traces that he had been in the spot he had been moments


      "Help me?" he finished, he sighed and walked back to camp not getting

the answer to his question.


      Hidden from sight Sapphire smiled sadly at the mobian walking away, he

had hated not telling Tails that he was Sonic... but even one knowing his

identity was a danger.

      "It wasn't your fault that Sonic left Tails, it was mine," he whispered,

he only wished there was more he could do to comfort the fox then setting some

of his grief at ease.


Chapter Twenty-eight

      It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, well it was a forest not a

neighborhood... but you got the idea. The group of mobians; led by Knuckles were

almost to the floating island, the idea of a safe place was helping the

mobians move even though they were exhausted.

      The ninjas were getting excited also, once they completed their task of

guarding this group they could go home. There time was getting boring, there

was only a certain amount of times you could sharpen a knife and so on.

      Mind you not everyone wanted this to end, in truth there were three.

      One was Sapphire; he wanted to have more time around the soft ones he

had lived with so long.

      Then there was Galena, the blind Echidna was finding the thought of not

being around Knuckles harder then she had thought. There was something...

familiar about him that tugged warmly at her heart, it was as if she had known

him a very long time ago and finally reunited with part of her soul.

      Very mushy stuff for a ninja...

      Then finally there was Knuckles; the guardian of the floating Ninja was

enjoying himself, mind you not the fact Knothole had been destroyed but the

fact he knew Galena was near.

      Sapphire knew the feelings these two held for each other and had to

smile, now and then he would catch sight of one of them dreamily smiling a

goofy look on there faces.

      'Love, one of the mysteries of the universe' he thought softly, he

closed his eyes and took a soft breath.

      There was something so right about love in the air; it was as if

something was finally going right in the world.

      'Yet can it work out, Galena family is the ninjas and Knuckles duty is

to defending his island... could a relationship between them work?' he thought

opening his eyes, that was a million dollar question.

      If anyone could of heard his thoughts they would have been shocked, here

was the ninja who had been Sonic... Sonics thought only a time ago would have

centered on the thoughts 'Romance, I know nothing'.

      'I wonder, is there any way I can get them together' he thought, a

devilish glint came into his eyes... it was time for Sapphire to strike again...

anyway he hadn't had much fun since the bunny suit incident.

      'It's time for Sapphire's get Galena and Knuckle out on a romantic date

scheme' Sapphire thought, he laughed silently... nearby a few mobians looked up

and wondered why they had just heard thunder.


      Knuckles sighed as he watched the mobians pack for the days journey, his

thoughts were not on him but on Galena... or T'ana-Lii which was her birth name.

His heart ached for the small ninja; it was as if he came complete the moment

he had found her again after all those years.

      Yet... what could he do, she lived happily with the ninjas... she would

never abandon them for him.

      "Stop sulking Red, you look silly sulking," a voice said, with a start

Knuckles looked up. There was only one person that called him Red, a certain

mobian that had the nickname Blue.

      "Sapphire," he said, in the tree above was the familiar garbed ninja

known as Sapphire... who had once been known as Sonic only months before.

      "The one and only," Sapphire said, knuckles could be sure but he was

sure he saw amusement in the ninja's eyes... but he had to be imagining things.

      "What do you want, were about to move out today?" Knuckles asked,

Sapphire suddenly landed beside him putting him into view for everyone.

      "I need to talk to you later, I'll meet you tonight outside camp... half

an hour after sunset," Sapphire said, Knuckles blinked.

      "Um... sure," Knuckles said, Sapphire nodded.

      "Until then," sapphire said, then he was gone and it was as if he had

never been there.


      Sapphire grinned as Knuckled walked back to the other mobians, he had

arranged things with Knuckles... now he had to get things set up with Galena.


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