Summary: McGee and Abby are bored, Abby suggests a remedy and just what has Tony been doing at Ziva's place for the past three months? This summary sucks, but hopefully much more than the story does!

Spoilers: Shalom.

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Abby and McGee were processing some samples in Abby's lab. It had been a really, really slow couple of days at NCIS, no big cases, run of the mill forensics to process, and Abby was getting majorly twitchy. McGee had noticed of course, but he just assumed it was a side effect of all the Caf-Pow she drank.

Watching the seconds tick away, Abby decided she'd finally had enough of the tedium.


McGee unceremoniously began to fall off his chair, but managed to reposition himself at the last moment, without ending up on the floor.

"Uh, yeah Abs?" he said, yawning a little.

"I'm really, really freakin bored" she stated as she dejectedly sunk lower in her chair.

"Hmmm, I know how you feel" mused McGee as he blinked a few times to make sure he was awake. He had been having a particularly nice day dream, something about World of Warcraft and a bubble bath...

"Good. So we should do it then." proclaimed Abby.

"Uh do what Abs?" he asked tentatively. He had an idea what 'it' was, but he was pretty sure it wasn't the same 'it' Abby was talking about.

Abby looked at him with a 'duh' expression, as though he'd just asked her if she wanted another Caf-Pow. Speaking of which, he was kinda thirsty. Surely Abby wouldn't mind if he drank some of hers...

"Sex, of course".

The Caf-Pow went two ways, some involuntarily snorted into McGee's nasal cavity, the rest sprayed over his MIT t-shirt and jeans. He tried to say something, but coughs came out instead of words. Abby brought him some water, and after a few sips he managed to regain some composure.

"But Abs, I thought, y'know..." started McGee nervously, "I thought, when I transferred from Norfolk to Gibbs team, well, we talked about 'us' and we decided that we should just be friends".

Abby was listening to this whilst looking at McGee with a very attentive expression on her face.

"Oh, I know McGee, and I stand by our decision".

McGee again spurted liquid, this time water, all down the front of his t-shirt.

"Um, okay Abs, but now I'm really confused. Didn't you just suggest that we have sex? As in, well, sex?"

Abby rolled her eyes and procured herself another Caf-Pow from one of the fridges.

"Oh c'mon McGee. Just because we're friends doesn't mean we can't have sex and still be friends afterwards".

McGee still looked a little confused. Before he could respond, Abby interrupted him again.

"Besides," she shrugged "Tony and Ziva do it, and it doesn't effect their work".

This time McGee did fall out of his chair.

To be continued...

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