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McGee was still flailing around on the floor when the Forensics Lab doors whooshed open. Ziva walked in looking quite perplexed at the situation presented in front of her. This look, however, only lasted for a few seconds before a sly smile crept into the corners of her lips.


McGee and Abby looked up to see a very pleased Ziva staring down at them.

"Titanic?" was all a bewildered Abby could manage to utter amidst the confusion.

"Yes, Titanic!" exclaimed Ziva, clearly excited at the opportunity to show off her pop-culture prowess without Tony butting in.

"I have actually seen this film, it's the one where the large cruise liner sinks, yes?" continued Ziva, "And at the end, which," she added "could not have arrived sooner in my opinion, the girl with the necklace, uh...Daisy, no...Buttercup? No...". Ziva slapped her forehead in irritation, as if that would make her remember quicker.

"Rose?" offered an increasingly befuddled McGee, who had by then reseated himself at the computer desk and had begun to exchange worried looks with Abby.

"Yes!" yelled Ziva, pointing at McGee with a somewhat crazed look in her eyes. It reminded him of the look on the faces of the vampires in the movies Abby would watch with him, just before they made their kill...

"At the end she was lying on a door in the ocean while the other one drowned!" exclaimed Ziva, who looked as though she had just correctly answered a million dollar question. "You!" she pointed at McGee again, "You are the other one, the drowning man, yes!"

If McGee could possibly look more confused, he did. Abby realized what was happening and began to giggle quietly.

"You are not playing charades?" asked a somewhat crestfallen Ziva.

"Uh, no Ziva, we weren't playing charades" sighed McGee as he finally pieced together what was going on, and shot Abby an 'I-wouldn't-keep-giggling-if-you-want-to-live' stare.

"Oh. McGee?"

"Yes Ziva"

She smiled playfully at McGee, like a cat teasing the mouse it has just caught, "If you weren't playing charades, then what were you doing on the floor?"

Abby burst out giggling once again, this time unable to control herself.

To be continued...