The Kitsune Uchiha

Disclaimer: I don't own the Naruto series, a few characters I made up myself.


It started out as any other day in the village of Konohagakure. Sasuke woke up to the smell of rice and eggs. Next door in Itachi's room, the bed was already empty as Itachi had beaten his little brother to the table. Across the hall, the last of the 3 brothers awoke. His name is Kite Uchiha, the middle brother who was 2 years older than Sasuke. His dream was to become a medical ninja, much to his fathers' annoyance.

"Hey Sasuke, Kite wake up already and get down here! You know we can't start breakfast without you two!" shouted Itachi, whose stomach was growling ferociously. Sasuke got dressed and bumped into Kite in the hall.

"Sorry, Kite-nii," said Sasuke.

"It's okay. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going anyway so, no harm done," replied Kite.

"Hey you two hurry up already! I'm wasting away here!" yelled Itachi, "OUCH! What did you throw at me, a rock?"

"No, it was a dictionary. Quit yelling, you wake everyone else up!" growled his father.

Kite and Sasuke both snickered because Itachi was getting told off and not them. 2 seconds later they were sitting at the table eating breakfast. Itachi was pigging out and the other two complained that he'd eat everything before they got a chance at it. To this Itachi replied "Older brother gets first dibs, squirts!"

Three seconds later, Itachi yelps as both Kite and Sasuke give him a hard kick to the shin. Father glared at him for the second time that morning.

"What's on the schedule for today boys?" asked their mother.

Sasuke and Kite replied "Academy and then practice." Itachi just stared at them because they spoke at the exact same time!

"What are you looking at?" demanded Kite, who glared at Itachi.

"Now, now boys. No fighting at the table. Unless you three want to do double chores for the week?" said their father.

"No, sir. We're sorry to disturb you yet again," said the three automatically.

Their mother handed the three their lunches and they all went off to do their own things. Kite and Sasuke headed to the Academy while Itachi headed to the forest to practice. (Or try to catch one of the elusive foxes, whichever came first.)

Kite was in his class when something strange happened next door. Iruka-sensei was yelling at one of the students for the 3rd time that day.

'I wonder if it's Naruto again. Though it'd be pretty funny if Sasuke was the one getting yelled at!' thought Kite, who was bored.

A loud boom was heard and the entire class went silent. 'Definitely Naruto! He must be using the SEXY JUTSU on Iruka again.' Sure enough, Iruka started to yell again when the bell rang for the end of the day. Kite headed to the Hospital for the second part of his training as a junior Medical ninja. Sasuke went to the forest to see if Itachi would train with him. Kite and Sasuke rarely hung out together after school. This would all change in a few days time, when Sasuke discovers what Kite had been hiding from everyone.