"Unmuted Hill"

Chapter 1

"Mary... are you really here?"
James Sunderland thought aloud, leaving the cemetery. James is a middle aged man with dirty blonde hair. He had received a letter from his wife a few days ago. But his wife had died three years ago because of some rare disease. "It's impossible, a dead person can't write a letter," James said. James knew this, but something in his mind kept telling him "What if...". James looked at the letter again:

"In my restless dreams, I see that town.
Silent Hill.
You promised you'd take me there again someday,
But you never did.
Well I'm alone there now...
In our 'special place'...
Waiting for you..."

James walked out onto a desolate street. The wind picked up and James shuddered, wrapping his arms around his favorite green coat. "It's freezing and I can't see a damn thing through this fog!" James finally spotted a flower shop. "Mary always did love flowers," James said while walking up to it. He noticed it looked abandoned. He walked in and noticed the gloom about. There were items and gardening tools strewn on the floor. The flowers and plants were wilted and dead. "Hello?" He didn't expect a reply. All the sudden, a flower pot hanging from the ceiling fell and smashed on his head. He cursed out loud and grasped his head. In his daze, he spotted a First-Aid Kit. "With my luck, I'll need this," he said while pocketing the kit. He left the shop and the wind picked up a second time, blowing a map into his face. He peeled the map off and noticed it said Silent Hill. He found out he was standing on Sanders Street.
"I guess I'm here..."

James walked to the intersection of Sanders and Lindsey Street when something on the road caught his eye. On the road were streaks of red. They started curving towards Lindsey Street. He walked up to them to inspect. "Is this... blood?" James then noticed a shadow, further up Lindsey, stumble through the fog.

He watched as it stumbled out of view. He ran up towards the shadow, but it had disappeared into the fog. He ran on Lindsey street, kicking something along the way. It was a bottle, which was full of something. James chased it down and picked it up. He read the labeling aloud. "Health Drink. Supplies nutrition to the body to restore energy, speeds up recovery rate, and dulls pain. takes 1-3 minutes for full effects." James really didn't know why, but he thought it might come in handy.

He ran until he made it towards Katz St. He caught his breath and noticed it was blocked off by police tape. James thought maybe there was an accident. He was wondering what could have happened, seeing as there was no one around. He remembered the shadow and ran all the way to the end of Lindsey St. James, not being able to see through the fog, almost ran off the edge of a cliff. "HOLY SHIT! What the hell?" James screamed, teetering backwards from the cliff. He fell on his butt and scooted back a ways, breathing rapidly. After a moment of mental recovery he got up and carefully made his way back to Katz St, when he noticed another road, accompanied by more blood streaks. "Maybe, I'm on the side with the accident," he said while pulling out his map. The road was called Vachss. James walked down the road and noticed something behind a fenceā€¦

James opened the fence gate and saw a shiny red square on a table. He tried to pick it up but it wouldn't budge. He stared at it for a minute and lost himself. It was a weird feeling, like time slowed down and everything was serene. He shook his head and picked up 2 nearby Health Drinks.

James left the area and continued down the street. It started to curve a little more and was turning into a dirt road. Little trails of blood were dotted along the road. He came up to some large iron gates that were open. There was a little blood on the ground and on one of the gates. He walked along the dirt path when he heard a faint noise, almost like running water. James came up to a small cave that had a rotten, broken fence surrounding it. He peered inside and saw nothing off interest besides a radio that was emitting white noise. He climbed inside to examine the radio. James picked up the radio and looked at it for a second when he noticed movementā€¦

James stood still and watched in horror as a creature rose out of darkness. It was human shaped, but lacked a face. Its head was featureless, but there were bulges to show where a nose, eyes, and even a mouth, should have been. The monster looked the color of a rotten corpse. It had no distinct arms, but it also looked like its arms were fused to it's torso, in the manner a person in a straight jacket would look. It was also shiny, like it had a membrane of wet skin. But there was also a large amount of blood on it. The monster walked towards James, making a hissing noise. It then did something horrific. It opened its chest and sprayed a foul smelling liquid. James stumbled back as the liquid started to sting his body. He opened his eyes to see the thing walk towards him. In a panic, James ripped off a piece of the fencing and hammered the creature in the head. It stumbled backward, then regained balance and came at him. The radio continued hissing while the creature opened its chest. James acted quickly and stabbed the plank into the creatures open chest. The plank ripped through the creature and blood spurted from its chest. It fell backwards and didn't get up. James knew that it was better to make sure it would stay down. He ripped the plank from the creature and proceeded to hit it. After one final swing the radio died. "Is it dead? What the hell is it? It's not human..."

James takes a final look at the monster and then turned his attention to the radio. It was quiet now. "This thing broken?" James said while picking it up. All the sudden, a female voice relayed a broken up message:

Come to ...s...
...ting f...
...id you k...

"What the...? I'd better take it anyway. I might need it."

That's the first chapter... woo. Trust me, if you stick around, it gets funnier. And I did leave out some plot points from the game... so don't think I forgot, or anything... The first chapters will be uploaded quickly, then there will be larger spans of time between chapters. I wish I could think of somethin else to say, but... meh.