Well, here we go. This is a oneshot songfic based on the song "How Do You Get That Lonely" by Blaine Larsen. Yes, some of you may have already read this as part of my "Whispered Melodies" contest. I lost the contest simply because some of the songs just couldn't compute stories in my mind. So here we go, I'm just doing many songfics bunched together into a story...Enjoy! - Daelaeyni

I dont own Fruits Basket or the song "How Do You Get That Lonely"
"How Do You Get That Lonely" – Blaine Larsen

"Akina! Hiroki!...You two aren't making more of a mess up there, are you?"

Hiroki and Akina just rolled their eyes and looked around at the dusty old attic. "No, Mom!", they chimed together. Neither knew how they could make such a dirty attic clean enough for their mother's sharp eye, but they were willing to try.

Both siblings had been rather shocked when their parents told them of the plan to move out of the city and into an old house they had bought when the last owners sold it. All the kids knew was that the family that had owned it had the last name "Sohma".

"Hey, Akina! Help me with this, will ya! It's heavy!", Hiroki shouted across the attic to her. He was struggling with a large box.

Akina laughed, walked over and took it from him, carrying it with ease to a cleared area. "Wimp", she teased.

"Shut it, muscles. Just help me get this thing open so that we can look for stuff to sell."

Akina flipped out a pocket knife and slid it through the tape. Peeling it back, atop a ton of books that were obviously smut, and several notebooks whose labels showed they were subject notes for classes were someone's personal effects…a small notebook, an old photograph, and a bracelet of black and white beads.

Hiroki picked up the photo and slid it out of the glass carefully, blowing the dust away. Staring back at him were three figures of high school age. The girl in the center had long brown hair and her face lit up with a smile that would make the stiffest old miser change his ways and become the nicest man on earth. On either side of her stood two guys…at least, Hiroki was certain at least one was a guy. This one looked pissed to be there, although the way he held onto the brown haired girls hand, it seemed as though he was just mad about the picture. He had the oddest hair and eyes Hiroki had ever seen…bright orange while the eyes were a deep crimson.

As for the other…Hiroki couldn't be sure. The figure had long purple hair and eyes the color of violets in shadow. He looked a lot like a girl…yet he wore a boy's school uniform. So he had to be a guy…right?

Meanwhile, Akina had slipped on the beads, finding them to match nicely with her white top and black jeans, and was starting to go through the book. Looking up, she saw Hiroki with the photograph. "Any names?"

Hiroki looked and nodded. "Me, Tohru, and that Baka Nezumi, 19--"

Akina cocked her head. "Damn rat…?" She peered over at the image. "I wonder which one is the "rat"?"

Hiroki shrugged. "I dunno…and it's even more confusing…I guess that the "I" is the girl…cause Tohru's a guys name……weird." It was then that he spotted the notebook in her hand. "What is it?"

"It looks like a journal…it might belong to one of our three people in the photo. Let's see…" Opening the book, she found "Kyo Sohma" scrawled on the top corner. "It says it belongs to Kyo Sohma." Turning through the pages, she laughs.

"What," Hiroki asked, leaning closer.

"These first few pages are full of badly drawn images of an orange cat beating the you know what out of a little purple rat..I think we have our answer…The "Baka Nezumi" is the purple haired …person. This "Kyo Sohma" has to be the orange haired boy…I guess Tohru's the girl in the picture."

"Weird…so is it just full of pics?"

"No…about two-thirds through, Kyo starts to write entries…each are either about someone named Yuki…maybe that's the purple haired…guy, apparently."

"That's a guy," Hiroki asked, peering over at the entry she was on.

"Apparently…here, this is what it says…"

October --, 19--

"That damn rat beat me again…I swear, I'll beat up Yuki if it's the last thing I do…..unintelligible writing….who does he think he is anyway? "Miss Honda this" and "Miss Honda that" …like I care about some stupid girl……stupid rat…"

Hiroki shrugged. "I guess Yuki is a guy after all then…and the girl's full name must be Tohru Hon…da……where have I heard that name before…"

Akina shrugged and continued to flip through the journal, stopping to read more entries. "It's odd…as each day passes in the journal, "Kyo" seems to be almost falling in love with her………….uh oh.."

"What," Hiroki asked.

Akina looked mildly concerned. "Something happened…apparently, things started going wrong with "Tohru". She started acting odd…distant, as Kyo put it. Like a burden was on her shoulders. Kyo keeps mentioning a woman named "Kana" and something about a curse on his family."

"Wait…" Pulling out his cellphone, he flipped through the numbers he had just added to it of the school grounds at their new high school. He stared at an entry before showing Akina.

"Tohru Honda Library"

Hiroki just stared, thinking. "Didn't the tour guide that the girl had gone into depression and killed herself in her home…the school library was just being rebuilt at that time and the family paid the school to name it after her……you don't think this is the same person…do you?"

Akina shrugged. "Let's just read………hey, there's a poem/entry in here," she said, pointing to the second to the last page.

"Yeah? How's it go?"

Akina read over the words a moment, deciphering what words looked fairly scribbled. "Okay, I think I got it…"

"How do you get that lonely?

How do you hurt that bad?

To make you make the call,

that having no life at all,

is better then the life that you had…

How do you feel so empty,

you want to let it all go…

How do you get that lonely…

and nobody know…

I'll never forget her face that last night we saw her alive…it was like someone had taken the Tohru that we…I loved and painted her a new face. She looked so drained of life…so unlike the Tohru we had always known…"

Akina and Hiroki sat in silence. Looking at eachother, they both sighed softly and turned the page, expecting to find how she died on the final page. What they found startled them…

The page was stained with blood.