"Okay, class, listen up. This year, our class is having a special part in the cultural festival. They want a different flavor this year so we're going to try for an "Around the World" event. And since, the school dance is that night, we're having it be concert, held by our class. You each will receive a country and will have the next two months to select and learn a song from that country."

That was two months ago. Since then, the entire class has been working their hardest to make this concert the best one we've had. Even Kyo-kun and Sohma-kun are willing to help. Although, they made several threats to the teacher that got them out of having to sing. Unfortunately, I have to, and I am so nervous. I hope I don't ruin everything...

That night was the concert and everyone was more than a little nervous. After some mishaps (mainly due to Kyo and Yuki fighting), the stage had been set up and everything was ready to go...until the judges walked in.

"Class, listen up. Tonight, we have three special guests for our judges! They come from a highly respected family here in Kyoto and I'm certain they will make this night perfect. Please, welcome, Shigure Sohma, Hatori Sohma, and Ayame Sohma. Shigure is a novelist who is fluent in most of the languages performed tonight so he will be watching for technicalities. Hatori is a highly respected doctor who is here to give critique on style, and Ayame provided the dresses for our young ladies who I must say, look stunning!"

By now, Yuki and Kyo's veins were big and red, ready to attack Shigure and Ayame, knowing full well they were there for "HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS, HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS, ALL FOR ME! HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS!", however a look from Hatori stilled their attacks...for now at least.

Surprisingly, the night went off without a hitch. Uo even managed to get Kyo (only Kami knows how) to help her Japanese rap song by working the turntable. Most think she beat up the kid to trade countries so she wouldn't have to learn translations, since originally she'd gotten Italy. Hana's dark African death chant definitely scared everyone. Of couse, the Prince Yuki fan girls sang well...of course, all the "hims" and "he's" were changed to "Yuki" and they were obviously trying to use Ayame's gorgeous dresses to flaunt what they didn't have, but the french song was well received none the less.

"Okay, ladies and gentlemen, tonight's final competitor is up. Please welcome to the stage Tohru Honda singing the American song "If I Had Only Known" by Reba McEntire!"

Slowly the lights dimmed and the spotlight hit the stage. Walking out onto the stage was Tohru but she didn't look like anything the others had ever seen. Her hair was done up, caught in spirals down her back. The dress Ayame had hand selected for her was soft and glittered dark blue, matching her eyes. It was not too revealing yet just enough to show she wasn't a little girl anymore. Yuki and Kyo could hardly do anymore than stare. Shigure felt his heart going THUD THUD THUD, Hatori merely smiled and gave her a good luck gesture, and Ayame was all tears at how gorgeous she looked.

Tohru took a breath and as the music began, she closed her eyes and began to sing...

If I had only known
It was the last walk in the rain
I'd keep you out for hours in the storm
I would hold your hand
Like a life line to my heart
Underneath the thunder we'd be warm
If I had only known
It was our last walk in the rain

Kyo shut his eyes and let his mind drift to that night when she had accepted him in his true form. It had been raining that night as well. He began to bring up the memory and made certain he hadn't forgotten a moment of it. Relaxed he hadn't, he opened his eyes and continued to listen to the soft and beautiful angel before him.

If I had only known
I'd never hear your voice again
I'd memorize each thing you ever said
And on those lonely nights
I could think of them once more
Keep your words alive inside my head
If I had only known
I'd never hear your voice again

Yuki too had memories leaping into his head of Tohru. The nights when she had stayed up late with him, helping him through the flashbacks he had gone through of when Akito had tortured him. He knew he would never forget the warm hands holding his own shaking ones.

You were the treasure in my hand
You were the one who always stood beside me
So unaware I foolishly believed
That you would always be there
But then there came a day
And I turned my head and you slipped away

Tohru fought back the burning tears. The song brought up memories of her mom. "Oh mom...I'm so sorry. I didn't mean not to tell you goodbye and to be safe that morning. I wish you hadn't had to go...but...if you hadn't, I guess I would have never met the Sohmas. I do miss you terribly but, maybe, this was all meant to be...I love you, mom..."

If I had only known
It was my last night by your side
I'd pray a miracle would stop the dawn
And when you'd smile at me
I would look into your eyes
And make sure you know my love
For you goes on and on

If I had only known
If I had only known
The love I would've shown
If I had only known

As Tohru opened her eyes, she was met by a multitude of stares and silence for a millisecond before the crowd erupted in a sea of clapping and cheering. Blushing brightly, she scurried off stage only to be brought back out as the whole group walked out to take their final bow.

Once the crowd had stilled, their teacher walked onto the stage holding a large boquet of roses. It came as no surprise to anyone when she stopped before Tohru and handed them to her...at least, it came as no surprise to anyone except for Tohru. She blushed bright red as tears rained down. Hana and Uo rushed up and hugged her tightly. Walking up to Hatori, Ayame, and Shigure, she was showered with praise. Shigure was proud of her near perfect translations, Hatori assured her time and time again nothing had gone wrong, and Ayame simply oogled and awwed over the transformation Tohru seemed to have gone through.

After she got through the sea of congratulators, she came to Yuki and Kyo. At first all three were speechless, simply staring at eachother. Neither knew what the other was going to say, so no one said a word. Both boys simply wrapped a hand in each of hers and walked with her home.

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