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The time spent these past few months with Bella had been everything I could have asked for, everything I should have expected, dreamed of. But a part of me longed to have what every normal relationship had.

I longed to be with her fully, to allow her to kiss me when she got the inspiration, to ghost her hands along my arms and chest, with no restraints. Yet I always had them. I always kept a line between us, formed like a steel barrier I never let her break through, no matter what I saw in her eyes. This time was no different as I placed my hands on her arms, gently pushing her away from me.

"Be good, Bella," I reminded her, watching as the usual flash of frustration went through her eyes.

"I'm sorry Edward, I can't help it." She was sulking already, folding her arms protectively around herself, shielding herself from what she wanted most.

This game was beginning to drive me crazy, this touch and no touch game of ours. I had been practicing, trying one new thing at a time, trying with everything I had to build up enough strength to let her be free. To not have to constantly remind her not to touch, not to lean, not to breathe that way. It simply wasn't fair.

I looked down into her stubborn and sulking face and smiled slightly, despite myself. I was close, she just didn't know it. She thought it would all be the same, always. No, I refused to change her, I was sure of that. But that didn't mean I couldn't build up my own resistance. And I had.

Tonight had been surprisingly easier than the times before to let her trace her hands down my chest, as she leaned towards me and breathed softly on my face. I was fine as she brought her lips to mine, and even when she parted them and brushed her tongue against my bottom lip.

Still, I had pushed her away, reminding her like I always did. This was perfect. It seemed that something inside of me had changed. More then wanting the blood within her, I wanted something else. I wanted Bella and what she had to give me. If I truly admitted it to myself, I wanted the chance to see her body. Not only to look at it, but to touch it. I had waited long enough I was sure. And I knew that Bella herself would have no complaints; I was the one after all who had to keep her away.

I smiled slightly to myself as I thought of her reaction to what I had in store for her, getting a curious look from her otherwise sulky features.

"What are you smirking about Edward Cullen? You know it's not funny, having to constantly be pushed back from you."

My smirk turned into a smile then, and I knew she wouldn't stay mad at me for long. I leaned in and gently kissed her temple, bringing my hand up to cup her soft cheek. When I pulled back, I wasn't surprised to see her façade had faded, replaced with a smile of her own.

"Soon enough you will not have to wait." I'm sure she didn't believe me, I've said this numbers of times. Sure enough, she shook her head slightly, although she was still smiling.

"I have yet to see soon. I'm tired of the vampire version of soon," she reminded me.

A soft knock on her bedroom door shattered our sweet reality, and I quickly slipped into her closet. Doing such had become a custom to dealing with Charlie. Ever since he'd decided to take a leisurely stroll across her room to peek out her window directly into the tree I usually hid it. The closet was much safer. Plus it made me feel slightly human, which was a plus. I listened as Bella and her father chatted softly, Charlie murmuring something about getting some good sleep.

Like it mattered, Saturday was tomorrow.

Ah, a Saturday, Charlie's favorite day for fishing. Maybe sooner was in deed better than later for testing my theory of strength. I knew however it would not be a test, I was sure of myself. I would never hurt Bella, her fragile existence was all that mattered in mine. I was ready, I was sure of this now.

I smiled to myself in the darkness of the closet as I thought again of her reaction to what I had in store for her when she awoke tomorrow, and the smile did not leave my face as Charlie left and I slid out of the closet to lay next to her as she drifted off to sleep.

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