Hey guys, THANK YOU.

You guys are just so wonderful to comment me and give me what you took from the story.

I do have one thing to say though, regarding my ending.

I had sort of an impulse to write the ending of the fiction in a different style from the rest, and that includes point of view.

I also noted a time change with the OOO that I placed, but I didn't exactly say what that meant.

So that's my fault.

The ending is further ahead. It's what anyone wants it to be. At Bella's, days later, in the meadow, whatever they wish. The bedroom is merely where I was inspired to place them. I love you all!

Thank you again,
Alexa, your blushing author.

Oh and P.S. You guys, message me or review with anything that you want me to write. I'll do requests, since I don't have much inspiration to write myself.