I was reading the upcoming episode descriptions for the new season and decided to write this up…

Spoilers for Season 3, Episode 3, just slightly altered.

Just a quick little oneshot

Coming Undone

Danny heaved a heavy sigh and glanced down at his watch for the 15th time in the last half an hour. 9:14 pm. He tossed back a swig of his beer and sighed. "I can't believe she's standing me up…" He muttered to himself as he stood up and tossed a few bills on the table.

"Leaving Dan?" The bartender asked as the young man passed him.

"She stood me up Len. She freakin' stood me up. I should have known. We've been dancing around this issue for almost a year. I was hopin' we could talk about it tonight. She didn't show. Obviously, she doesn't think there's anything to talk about, she doesn't feel the same way. Plain and simple." He told Len.

"Maybe she's scared?" The older man offered.

Danny scoffed at the notion. "Of me? What does she have to be scared of? I've done everything you're supposed to do to show a girl you like her. What's there to be scared of?" Danny spit out angrily.

"Dan, buddy… I don't know this 'Montana' girl all that well but I know you Messer. You're reputation precedes you… It enters the room before you do. She saw you coming. Think about, she's still the new girl, and she knows that. She's probably worried about losing her job, pissing off that boss of yours, and I'm sure she heard all about you before you even decided to make a move. She's the country kid trying to prove she can make it with the adults. And she knows you're a chance… a risk. She's proud, proud of herself for getting out of Montana I'd guess. She's afraid of losing it. Can't blame her for that." Len told him.

Danny paused his anger for just a second and allowed himself to consider what Len said. I have to know. "Thanks Len." He mumbled as he grabbed his coat and headed to Lindsay's.

He was at her place within 20 minutes. He jogged up the stairs to the 3rd floor. He knocked on her door and waited. She wasn't home.

Danny sank down on the steps in front of her door. Normally, he wasn't the waiting kind, but he wanted answers.

He waited… And waited…. And waited… Finally, at 11:42 he heard soft footsteps on the stairs. He found himself expelling a breath he didn't know he was holding when he saw her coming up the stairs. She hadn't seen him yet. Wait for it…

Lindsay felt terrible for standing Danny up. She'd gone through all the motions. She'd bought a new outfit, done her hair and her makeup. Hell she'd even hailed a cab and gotten all the way to Nick's. She'd gotten out of the cab and approached the door. Then she'd turned around, got back in the cab that had yet to pull away, and had the driver take her to the one place in New York that didn't freak her out…. The Brooklyn Bridge. She could think there.

"Montana." His voice jerked her out of her wallowing.

"Danny." She greeted, her voice hollow and tired.

"Dinner was great. Thanks for the company and good conversation." He said sarcastically.

"Danny, please-" She started, hoping to explain, but she was cut off.

"Nope. Not this time Montana. You stood me up. You don't get to talk." He told her, standing, his arms crossed in front of him.

She'd seen Danny mad before. She'd never seen him mad at her. His blue eyes darkened with every second. He was pissed.

He took a step towards her, invading her space, he was close that she could smell him…

"Why? Why would you agree to go to dinner with me and then not show?" His voice full of hurt and anger.

"I… Um… Danny…." She sighed, unable to complete a sentence.

"The way I see it… There's only two reasons… You're either scared of me… Or you don't…. Or you don't have feelings for me… So which is it Monroe?" He asked.

His voice was different this time. It wasn't angry or demanding… It was questioning, it was uncertain… Oh my God…Danny Messer is afraid of what I'm going to say…!

He hated that she made him feel this way… He hated that she could bring him to sit on her stairs for hours, just waiting.

"Montana… I gotta know… See, things were just fine, great in fact, before you moved here. My life was pretty simple, cut and dry. I was OK with that. I liked that. I liked that I knew exactly how I felt and what I was doing. And then you come along, all happy and optimistic and all…western. You make me second guess everything that I do, everything that I say, everything that I think, I feel. I HATE that. I hate that I allowed myself to be so effected by a woman… Women never got to me like this until now. I was always in control, always in charge. Now, I feel like a 14 year old boy in high school asking the cute girl if she wants to go to the mall on Friday night. I HATE THAT." He ended, emphasizing the last 3 words.

He'd advanced on her as he'd spoken and now she was backed into a corner. Literally and figuratively. He was inches from her face. Every breath she took in, she inhaled his scent.

"I…. I was scared… You scare me. All I want to do is fit in, belong. And I'm afraid of what you could mean for me… Don't you get it? You'll either be the best thing that ever happened to me… Or you'll be my complete undoing." She explained, her voice barely above a whisper.

"Why can't I be both? Why would it be so bad if you did…. Unravel a little?" He asked, his voice low, soft, and she had to admit… Kind of sexy.

"I have a good thing going on here in New York… I'm good at this job, I'm good at this life." She protested softly.

He wasn't giving up. "And us, Montana, we have a GREAT thing going on. All these reasons Montana, they're excuses. Not one of them has anything to do with how you feel. How do YOU FEEL?" He asked, his voice full of emotion and frustration.

She closed her eyes, trying not to breathe in his intoxicating cologne. It's now or never Linds, you have to make a call…If you don't you're going to lose him... It's either keep it together or lose control. This could be it…

"Danny?" She whispered, opening her eyes to find his, probing and waiting, a touch of uncertainty hidden behind them.

"Montana." He returned, his breath tickling her cheek.

"Make me lose control." She whispered as she stepped to him, pressing herself to him.

His arms went around her waist and his lips came down on hers.

She felt like the butterflies in her stomach had turned up the power. Her whole body was fluttering. His arms had wrapped around her, pulling her flush to his chest. Her small hands gripped his biceps, holding on for dear life.

He'd been waiting for this… The thought of her lips on his had kept him more nights than he cared to admit, had distracted him on more crime scenes than he wanted to think about. And now, it was happening, it was actually happening.

He let his tongue run along her lips, asking her if he could go further. She sighed a little and she nearly did him in right then and there. She opened her mouth, permitting his tongue.

After several more moments, each getting more and more heated, Danny finally pulled back, his forehead centimeters away from her own.

"See? Comin' undone isn't so bad…." He muttered before claiming her lips again.