Earthbound: 199X


It's a cruel place outer space, and while that last phrase was rather singsong in a cheerful kind of way the barren void that it describes is rather unforgiving and downright hostile. Of course the hostility of the space paled significantly when compared to the sheer malice of the entity that occupied it. He (it was a he initially; gender tends to be moot when you lack a physical form, yet for the sake of clarity…) wasn't sure where this hostility began and had long ago stopped caring. At that time he wasn't really sure of anything except his own overwhelming desire to kill. It would be overly generous to say that he consciously wanted revenge because that would imply that he was still capable of rational thought, which he wasn't. To be perfectly frank he was insane in the purest most unequivocal sense of the word. However he did want revenge, albeit on a purely instinctual level. There existed three individuals that had caused him pain, taken his sanity, and forced him to flee into the emptiness of space where his mental well being had further deteriorated. He wanted to destroy them and everything remotely related to them, doing so was all he thought about. Constantly. It was in the midst of one of these, well I suppose you could call them musings if you could call anything that passed through that fragmented mind anything, that he sensed the location of one of those that had splintered his mind, the one which he hated second most of the three. And while he was as has been mentioned completely insane his mind was still flawless in logic and analytical prowess. He quickly put together a brilliant strategy for maximizing pain and retribution and hurled his consciousness towards the object of his rage: Onett, a small town in Eagleland.