Author's Note: Because Aang is a growing boy and because people say that Kataang lacks heat or passion because of Aang's age... (and because of the way Katara was standing in CoWAS. She knew she looked good and she was showing off for Aang - or at least I like to think so...LOL


It had been ground into young Aang's head from day one: Live an honorable and simple life, avoid violence unless absolutely necessary, value life above anything else, and avoid the pleasures that romance and intimacy can bring for they lead to a disruption in concentration and unhealthy attachments.

Day in and day out for all of his twelve years at the temple that's what he had heard and the daily reminders against sin and vices only increased after he was made aware of his status as the Avatar.

Of course it didn't work. As soon as the young Avatar first glimpsed her smiling face through his foggy vision after being released from his icy cocoon, he was hooked and all of those mantras and rules were erased from his thinking.

It had been an instant friendship, an instant bond, and at least in Aang's case, an instant attraction. He had thought from the first moment of their meeting that Katara was the most beautiful creature in the world and as they got to know each other and his emerging hormones kicked in, those innocent thoughts on her beauty were replaced by thoughts far lacking in the innocence and the morality expected of a young monk.

So it was no surprise to the airbender when Katara emerged through the doorway and out into the living room of the little house they were staying in that his thoughts immediately ran the gamut of innocent to devilish, especially when his brain called attention to the curve-hugging gown she was wearing.

"Wow." He said softly, almost reverently. A blush crept over his cheeks and he could feel the muscles in his face forming a grin. "You look beautiful."