Peyton could still remembered that first time they kissed, how she thought that she couldn't possibly ever feel the same thing for anyone but her ever again. She thought that maybe, just maybe, that this time it could be the real thing and she wouldn't get her heat broken again. This time it could be different because it was her best friend.

"Hey, P. Sawyer, where the hell are you?" came an angry yell from the hallway. Peyton winced, Brooke was angry and now she was going to take it all out on her. Instead of climbing out her window and avoiding 'bitchy bitch Brooke' she called back out to her best friend.


In about ten seconds her door flew open and in came best friend Brooke. It looked like maybe she had been crying.

"Stupid fucking Lucas fucking Scott!" Brooke screamed, throwing her purse onto Peyton's bed for dramatic effect. "I could kill him! Just kill him! Fucking kill him!"

Time for best friend hug and talk out, Peyton thought getting up from her spot at her computer where she was currently looking for some new songs to download for ninety-nine cents. Brooke had sat, fuming, at the end of Peyton's bed. Peyton threw her arm around Brooke and gave her a tight squeeze. "What happened?"

"He broke up with me! You know for who? BEVIN! That stupid-ass hoe that couldn't spell penis if it was right in front of her…" Brooke thought about that… "on a piece of paper." Brooke stood up and starting pacing, "I'm not even sad! I mean, I'm angry! I mean, he left me for someone else, and that just hurts, but BEVIN? Is he just plain crazy?"

"Obviously," Peyton said. "Come on, if he dumped you for Bevin than… he's just stupid, and you're amazing, which makes him a stupid idiot. And you don't deserve a stupid idiot."

"Really?" Brooke pouted.

"Really. You deserve so much more than that." Peyton said, rubbing Brooke's arm.

"Thank you, P. Sawyer, you always make me feel better." Brooke said, "Now let's crack out the emergency break up vodka. I'm gonna need a whole lot."

An hour later.

Brooke was giggling uncontrollably at something Peyton had said, which wasn't really funny, but after getting drunk it was the funniest thing in the world. After Brooke had stopped laughing and took another swig from the bottle, she handed it to Peyton and said, "You know what? I should be happy! He wasn't even that good in bed, and his thingy was like… thiiiiis big," Brooke said, separating her finger very close together. Peyton, who had just taken a sip, spit it out all over the floor and started cracking up.

The two attempted to stand up, but Brooke fell down in the process, which caused Peyton to giggle.

"Not funny," Brooke mumbled.

"Yes, funny, very funny," Peyton said, helping Brooke up, but Brooke went off balance and again and went crashing into Peyton, causing them both to fall over. This time neither one of them laughed. Peyton was too focused on that Brooke was laying on top of her, her lips so close. Brooke was staring into Peyton's eyes, and within a second Brooke's lips were on Peyton's.

Peyton's hand went up and tangled itself in Brooke's hair. Brooke's hands traveled to Peyton's hips. After about ten seconds or ten minutes they broke apart.

"Wow," Brooke said.

"Wow is right," Peyton agreed pulling Brooke's head back down on her's again.

In the morning both girls had woke up, curled in each other's arms… fully clothed, which Peyton was thankful for. Looking back, she was glad her and Brooke hadn't slept together that night. They did however, decide to be together. That night had made the two girls realize their attraction and love for each other.

For three blissful months the two girls had had a wonderful relationship before their first fight came. Peyton wanted to tell people about them. Brooke was too scared. She didn't want anyone to know. Too scared of what people would think, and of what they would say. In the end, Peyton gave in. She would do anything for Brooke. Brooke had been her world. Her everything.

"I can't do it Peyton, I'm sorry but I just can't!" Brooke screamed.

"Why not? You love me don't you? Why don't you want anyone to know we love each other?" Peyton yelled back.

"Just think of what they would say! What they would think!" Brooke said.

"Since when did you care of what people thought or said about you? Ever since I've known you you've been independent and always stood up for yourself!" Peyton replied.

"This is different, Peyton, and you know it!" Brooke said, tears forming at her eyes.

When Peyton saw those tears start to merge in Brooke's eyes, her heart melted. Was Brooke crying? Was… she making Brooke cry? Peyton rushed over to Brooke's side, hugging her close. "I'm so sorry, Brooke. Please, don't cry, baby. I'm sorry," Peyton said, wiping away Brooke's tears. "I don't want you to force yourself into anything your not ready for. I just love you so much, and I want people to know it. I can wait. I can keep us a secret."

Brooke looked up into Peyton's eyes and Peyton saw relief in them. Brooke's tears came to a stop and Brooke returned Peyton's tight grip. "Thank you, Peyton."

Peyton had done what she had promised. She had kept them a secret. No one had noticed that Brooke and Peyton had begun to hang around each other even more. After Brooke and Lucas's breakup, no one had thought Brooke would go anywhere near Lucas again and Peyton was her best friend. Why wouldn't they hang out with each other more than usual?

Two weeks later, they were forced out. Bevin had seen them kissing on Peyton's web cam. Peyton was sure she was going to throw the thing out after that. Bevin had told Lucas, who immediately went to talk to Brooke at school.

"Brooke! Wait!" Peyton heard Lucas calling after Brooke at lunch. They ate lunch together every day now in the same spot. Sometimes people would join them, but usually it was the two of them, and Peyton was thankful for that.

"No, Lucas! You can't just come back into my life three and a half months after you dumped me and tell me what I can and cannot do!" Brooke screamed, turning around to face him.

"This isn't like you." Lucas said.

"How do you know what isn't like me? You haven't said two words to me since you dumped me. You have no right to come back and boss me around. I can date whoever I damn well please," Brooke said.

Everyone's ear had piped in then. It was everyday that Brooke Davis was actually dating someone. It amused them further that they didn't know about it. Peyton hopped up and started walking over to the fighting duo. Lucas couldn't possibly have known. Could he?

"How the hell did you even find out anyways?" Brooke asked.

"Bevin saw the two of you on Peyton's web cam." Lucas said, turning to Peyton who had walked up, "You should really turn that thing off."

Everyone was confused now. Most students, along with the cheerleaders, had formed a group around the three of them. Peyton tried her best to hush them, "Lucas, stop! You're causing a scene. Please, just leave it alone."

"No! I'm not going to leave it alone. I'm sure everyone would like to know that their two most beloved cheerleaders are dykes." Lucas screamed.

People gasped.

People stared.

No one spoke.

No one dared.

Peyton cringed. She wanted to slap Lucas. She wanted to kill him. Grab him from the throat and just squeeze it until he turned purple. Brooke however, smirked.

"And I'm sure they'd all like to know that because apparently Lucas Scott wasn't good enough for either of them." Brooke said, talking in third person. A loud section of the audience of their little reality play 'oooohed'. Lucas's face turned red. Brooke smiled, glad for being the cause of his embarrassment. "I love Peyton, Lucas. You're just angry because you let me go and now it's killing you that I found someone else. Someone better."

With that, Brooke had grabbed Peyton's hand and turned her around. Brooke kissed Peyton in front of everyone. Millions of thoughts were running through her head. What was Brooke thinking? Was she crazy? What happened to keeping them a secret? Instead of answering these questions, Peyton acted on impulse and kissed Brooke back. Peyton's hand ran up and tangled itself in Brooke's hair as Brooke's hand wrapped around Peyton's waist and pulled her closer.

Peyton could remember that kiss like it was yesterday. It could have been possibly the best day in her entire life. Yes, it was hard at first. The stares made her uncomfortable and she was often squirming in her seat waiting to jump up to go home with Brooke and hang out. They would listen to music, do homework, study.. well.. they tried too.

Everyday Brooke met her at her locker, and gave her a good morning kiss, and then they would head off to first period. For someone who was scared about how people would react she sure didn't show it. Brooke always held her hand, gave her kisses, and even pushed her up against a locker and made out with her once. Everyday was a bliss until they passed Lucas in the hallways which made Brooke squeeze Peyton's hand. Peyton squeezed it back, to tell her she was there, and that she wouldn't leave her.

Sad thing was, Brooke never gave her any signals that she wouldn't leave Peyton.

"Brooke, please-"

"No, Peyton, it's for the best."

"Hey, girly," Brooke said, kissing her girlfriend as she walked up to her locker.

"Hey, perky," Peyton said still not completely awake. She undid her combination lock and stuffed two books into it before grabbing her English textbook out. Peyton loved this little morning routine they had. She didn't want it to ever change.

"Listen, tonight meet me at the river court. There's something I need to tell you." Brooke said.

"Alright, what is it?" Peyton asked, shutting her locker.

"No, not now, tonight. Let's just enjoy the day." Brooke said, intertwining Peyton's fingers with her own. Peyton smiled as the butterflies crept up into her stomach like they did every morning.

"Alright," Peyton said, brushing it off, and walking to first period with Brooke at her side.

Peyton would always look back and dread that conversation. Now, she knew exactly what Brooke wanted to talk to her about. It left her sad, confused, and alone.

"Brooke… what about us… what about everything we've been through together? You're going to throw that all away?" Peyton nearly screamed, "We were us, Brooke, me and you. Why?"

"Peyton, please, he loves me! He came over last night and apologized and told me he loved me and wanted to be with me," Brooke gushed.

"Last night you told me you loved me!" Peyton said.

"Peyton, you knew we would never work. We could never work."

"We worked for six months! We are in love! What happened to that?"

"But me and Lucas are supposed to be together. It's meant to be!" Brooke said.

The tears started to flow from Peyton's eyes. "I just… I can't believe… I can't believe you would go back to him! He left you and all of a sudden you think it's going to be so much better. If it was meant to be don't you think that it would have worked the first time?"

"Why are you acting this way?"

"Because you're tearing out my heart, that's why!"

"We we're in love, yes, but you can't honestly believe it would have lasted forever."

"Yes! I could have! I gave everything to you, my friendship, my heart… and you expect me to be okay with you breaking up with me?" Peyton asked.

"I'm sorry, Peyton, but I love him."

The words seemed to be a knife, and they stabbed her where words hurt the most. Peyton let herself fall, and thankfully a bench was there to catch her. She looked over Brooke's shoulder and saw Lucas standing there, playing with his keys as if this was no big deal. She bent her legs up to her chest and cried her tears into them.

"Peyton, I have to go… but I'm sorry," Brooke said, running to.. him.

Peyton looked up just in time to see her jump into his arms, him let her into his truck, and them drive off into the sunset. Just like a perfect fairy tale, happily-ever-after ending. The tears stained her cheeks before she could calm herself enough to stop sobbing.

All of a sudden, she felt a warm delicate hand on her shoulder. A feeling shot through her, and for a brief second she thought it was Brooke. She lifted her head to see a gorgeous red head standing before her.

"Excuse me.. is this the right way to K-" the girl stopped mid-sentence and instead the words that fell from her perfect cherry lips were, "Oh my god, you're crying, come here."

The girl let Peyton fall into her arms and Peyton just sat there and cried. And in the arms of the girl she felt safe, she felt welcome, she felt hope.