Please Don't Leave Me

"Two Caucasian females… in a hit and run… both pregnant…"

Huh?... What?...

"Peyton, honey, you're going to be alright"


"Ma'am, please… waiting room…"

"You have to save her!"

I need you. It hurts so bad.

"I love you, Peyton!"

I love you too.

The baby…


Five hours, five bittersweet hours. Rachel could feel the mascara running down her cheeks. Her hands clasped together, praying for any kind of God to save her girl and her baby. She tried to fight her way into the operating room, but the doctors forced her out- saying she was too emotional. Finally, Nathan calmed her down enough to sit in the waiting room. She felt a warm hand on her shoulder. "Rachel?"

She looked up, Nathan with a peace offering- coffee. "Here you go."

"Any news on Haley?"

"She's fine. A concussion, but nothing more serious than that. Baby's perfectly healthy. Any news on Peyton?"

"Still in the operating room, I think. No doctor will tell me anything." She could feel the tears welling up again. "Nathan.. what if… she…"

Nathan pulled her towards him, and she cried in his arms, "Nothing is going to happen, Rachel. She'll be fine. Peyton's a fighter, always has been."

"I need her, Nathan. The baby too… they say that…," She choked, "it's really bad.."

"Listen, go in and talk to Haley, she always cheers me up, and I know she'd like to see you."

"I want to be here, in case a doctor comes or-"

"I'll get you the second a doctor comes out for Peyton, I swear," Nathan said, raising up his hand, "Scout's honor."

Rachel chuckled slightly for the first time since she heard the screams over the phone.


"Tell her I love her too," Rachel smiled into the phone, holding the empty bags of Taco Bell in her lap, anxious to see her gorgeous girlfriend.


"Haley? HALEY?! What happened?" Rachel screamed, she could hear panic over the phone, a crash, and then her phone went to static. "HALEY?!"

"What happened?" Nathan said, turning onto the street to Tric.

"I don't know, Nathan! I just heard Haley scream, and loud noises, it's bad! Drive the route they would have taken!" She ordered before dialing 911. Just a few minutes later she saw Peyton's car crunched up before screaming and attempting to jump out of the car before it even stopped, "Peyton!"

Rachel could see the sirens and someone being put into an ambulance on a stretcher. She saw Haley on the side of the road, blood coming from her head, her hand clutching her stomach. "Haley- Haley! Where's Peyton?"

Haley looked up, "They're taking her the the hospital," she finished as Nathan rushed to her side.

Before she knew she had even moved from the spot Haley was sitting in, she rushed over to the ambulance. "Sorry, miss. Family only."

"She's my girlfriend!" she pleaded, the technicians looked at each other, but reluctantly let her in. She hopped into the back and took Peyton's hand. "Peyton, honey, stay with me, baby, please."


"Haley?" Rachel peeked into the other pregnant girl's room.

"Hey, you," Haley said, motioning her into the room.

"Sorry I haven't been into see you yet, I'm still waiting on hearing about Peyton," Rachel said, sitting on the side of her bed.

"That's completely fine, Rachel. Any news yet at all?" Haley asked.

"No, apparently she's still in surgery.." Rachel said, tearing up again even though she promised herself she wouldn't cry in front of Haley, she was already in a fragile condition. "But they say it's bad.."

Haley took her hand, "Peyton's going to be fine, Rachel. She's a fighter."

"That's what Nathan keeps telling me."

"She's been through a lot, but I've seen the way that girl looks at you. She's not about to leave you, and she's gonna fight to keep that baby," Haley said. Rachel nodded, but instead of saying anything, she let her head fall onto Haley's shoulder, there was just something about Haley that was naturally motherly.

"Rachel?" Nathan stuck his head into the room.

"Yes?" She shot back up.

"Peyton's dad is here."


Normally when you meet the father of the woman you're going to have a child with, usually it's not under the circumstances where you think that particular woman might die. This meeting usually occurs way in advance of ever thinking of having children together. Rachel just liked to think her and Peyton were a special kind of couple where normalcy didn't really matter. From what she knew, Larry Sawyer was away on business in the sea eighty percent of the year, leaving Peyton at home. As far as Rachel knew, he knew about their living arrangements and that Peyton was currently (hopefully still) with child. Whether or not he knew that they were a couple or not didn't really phase her when she called him after the accident occurred.

Rachel wrung her hands nervously as she walked into the waiting room, her makeup still smeared from tears and her clothes wrinkled. She glanced around the room, spotting a new member who was running his hands through his hair- typical of a man who's daughter could be in serious trouble. She nervously tapped him on the shoulder. "Mr. Sawyer…?"

He quickly turned around, taking the red haired girl in, "Larry. You must be Rachel."

She quietly nodded, "Yes, sir."

"Drop the sir, we're family now, aren't we?" Larry asked.


"Well, from the way my daughter is absolutely head over heels for you and you're both expecting child, no matter who the father is, I expect that makes us family," he said, smiling at the blown away girl.

Rachel could do nothing but smile, Larry Sawyer was nothing like she expected, "Yes, and sir.. Larry. I'm very much in love with your daughter, and I…"

"… have been an absolute wreck since the accident?" Nathan piped in. "You should see the way they act around each other… it puts me and Haley to shame."

"Nathan, nice to see you, not under these circumstances, of course," Larry said. "Well, has there been any news?"

"Still in surgery…" Rachel said, don't let the floodgates come open again. Stay strong, you have to stay strong, Rachel told herself. Her internal struggle evident on her face. However, what she was not expecting was to have Larry pull her into a hug, which caused the normally strong willed girl to burst into tears from the third time in an hour.

Five more excruciating minutes passed before, "… Ms. Gattina?"

Rachel's eyes shot up, "That's me."

"You were on Peyton's emergency contact list," the doctor began, Rachel's eyes burrowed, wondering when Peyton had put her on that list, "Normally, we don't allow anyone but immediate family into the rooms while they are still under supervision for forty-eight hours, but Peyton insists on seeing you.. and only you," the doctor said, noticing the new addition of an older gentlemen.

"She's awake?" Rachel nearly screamed, her body filling with relief.

"Yes, she suffered massive trauma to her body and internal organs. She had some internal bleeding, but we managed to stop it in time before it did any permanent damage. She's stable, but of course, with the body under that much stress, we had to force labor in order to save the-"

"The baby!" Rachel nearly cried, "How is it?"

"That's why Ms. Sawyer demands to see you, she claimed you were the mother too, and demanded you be there when we release the information to her."

"Lead the way, doctor."


The footsteps echoed as she walked down the hallway after the doctor, almost pleading with him in her head to run to the room. She wanted her girlfriend in her arms, she was okay, and she wasn't going to die. Her stomach was awake with butterflies, and she needed to see Peyton awake and breathing.

301… 302… 303…

Finally they turned into a room, where she saw Peyton laying on the hospital bed. A bruise on her jaw… her leg in a cast… enough to make Rachel want to burst into tears again, she rushed into the room and took Peyton's hand into her's, "Baby… Peyton…"

Peyton's head turned towards her and Rachel was met by the most beautiful pair of eyes she thought she might never see again. "Rachel…"

"Pey, you're going to be okay. You're alive. I love you so much," Rachel gushed, sitting on the bed, she felt Peyton's weak hand pull her hand down. She leaned in and planted a gentle kiss on her lips. "I love you. I love you. I love you. Please, don't ever scare me like that again, baby."

"I love you too, and I promise. How's Haley?"

"She's fine, their baby too…" She trailed off, looking at the doctor who stood nervous in the corner of the room. "Uhm.. how is…"

Peyton's eyes returned to the doctor in the white as well, clutching Rachel's hand as tight as she could.

"Well…" the doctor began, biting his lip, looking at each of the two girls. He looked back and forth between the two of them. "First of all, we did everything we could. Our first goal was to stabilize Ms. Sawyer, and then with all the stress, we had to induce the labor. Inducing the labor, although you're in your third trimester, is still risky this early. Unforchantly, your son did not make it."

Peyton's hand clenched to Rachel's as she stifled a cry with her other free hand, Rachel immediately laid down next to her girlfriend, "Peyton, baby… we're going to make it through this, okay? I promise you."

The doctor continued, "Your daughter, however, is perfectly alive and healthy."

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