Blush in the Spring

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Wataru Minakami slowly rubbed his unfocused eyes on the strange device hovering a few inches from his face, a bit too close for comfort. Unsteadily he got to his feet as he took in the familiar surroundings of his bedroom.

"Someday I'm going to find out what that song is called." He muttered to himself, noting the unfamiliar and high-pitched voice the singer of this Japanese song possessed. Rin Rin had given him this alarm clock as a birthday present about a month ago and for the longest time Wataru had woken up to the same song every single morning.

"Elder brother!" A somewhat shrill voice rang from outside his bedroom door. "If you don't hurry up and get dressed your breakfast will get cold!"

"It- it can't be true." Wataru muttered to himself, exasperated. "I should really set my alarm clock to an earlier wake up call."

As everybody chatted merrily about this and that at the breakfast table a pair to bright blue eyes were staring at a certain beloved brother.

"Oh dear, whatever shall I do?" Haruka mused to herself. "Whenever I look at beloved brother, my chest starts to hurt from the beating of my heart."

The eyes that had been admiring Wataru's fine-boned facial features suddenly widened, then blinked as Haruka turned to look at a nearby painting on the wall, which had suddenly become much more interesting.

For a split second Wataru had caught, and held, the girl's gaze before her violet-colored ponytail quickly replaced the shy face staring at him not a moment ago. He smiled to himself. He liked having Haruka as a sister because she was always someone he could count on or confide in if he had problems. Plus she was always cute when she was shy, although he had absolutely no idea what ability he might possess to make her blush all the time. A voice soon broke into his thoughts.

"Hey Bro-Bro, will you read me a storybook when we come home from school? Sakuya just bought it for me yesterday!"

"Of course, Hinako."

"Yippee! I get to spend time with Bro-Bro!" And with that she grabbed her book bag and jacket and skipped out the door.

Kaho shoved the last of her buttered toast into her mouth before grabbing her own book bag.

"Don't leave without me Hinako!" As she headed towards the front door she called out a quick "See you at school, brother!" before catching up to the youngest sister. Wataru decided to follow suit and left the table to fetch his school blazer. Satisfied that he was ready to go, he walked out to the front steps of the Welcome House, vaguely aware of a presence nearby.

"Aren't you forgetting something, brother darling?"

"Wha-! Oh Chikage, it's only you." Wataru waited a few seconds for the hair standing up on his neck to go down. "Please don't scare me like that again."

"I was just giving you your math book you left in the kitchen yesterday." She said in a way that made him sweat-drop and want to go somewhere far, far away where she wouldn't know of his existence.

"Er- I mean- that is… thanks." He said awkwardly.

"Alright, we're all ready to go, dear brother!" Sakuya's high-spirited voice called out from the dining room.

So much going on so early in the morning, Wataru sighed. Hopefully this won't be another crazy day.


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