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Wataru could easily smell the scent of the sugar-ginger tea wafting through the air.

"This herbal tea will help you to relax, Beloved Brother. It's a common remedy in Japan that soothes you to sleep."

"Oh, yes I've heard of it." Wataru sipped the piping-hot liquid that Haruka offered him. It tasted sweet. Almost too sweet. "Thanks, it's just what I needed," the boy smiled. Haruka just blushed.

"It's no problem at all! You know I just like taking care of you, making sure that you are all right."

"Again, thanks," Wataru smiled, his eyelids beginning to droop. He really needed to be careful when drinking this stuff.

"Hm.. Beloved Brother…" Haruka started as she put down her tea and sat next to her brother on his bed. "I'm really sorry about what Sakuya and I have been putting you through," she sighed. "I just feel, you know, guilty… that we had never considered your feelings about the situation.

"Haruka.." Wataru almost blushed as the girl continued.

"I just…I mean, all of us have only recently become a family in the past year, so some of us can't stop caring about you in this way, a love that is beyond that of brother and sister." Her hand traveled to his chest and her head rested on his shoulder.

"B-but Haruka, uh, I know that you know that since we are brother and sister, and that Sakuya is also my sister…"

The purple-haired girl sighed and closed her eyes.

"Of course, Beloved Brother."

"SEE? I knew you'd love it, Dear Brother!" Sakuya's eyes sparkled. "It's my specially-made rose tea! It helps to relax the body and soothe the soul, prepared lovingly by yours truly!!" The ginger-haired girl giggled.

"Ahh… I see," Wataru blinked. He felt the sudden sensation of déjà vu. Glancing at his wristwatch, he yawned. It's past eleven… If the point of drinking this tea is to make to fall asleep, well, I think it'd be wise to turn in now…

"Anyway, Dear Brother, I've been thinking," she smiled sympathetically. "I hope that Haruka and I didn't bother you too much with our- ah! Dear Brother?!"

"Mmmmphh.." Wataru fell onto his bed like a log.

"Ah! Uh, Dear Brother, can you hear me? Are you okay?!" The sister was frantically waving her hands in front of her brother's face.


"Hm, I guess that tea came out better than I thought it would," Sakuya stared at the boy, amused. "Well, I'll just let you rest then." Pausing, the girl looked up at the window for a moment before resting her eyes on her brother. "Goodnight, Dear Brother." Smiling, she spun on her heels and turned off the light, whistling a happy tune to herself the entire way down the hall.

For the time being, a pause in the whirlwinds of time, like a bubble protecting its precious contents from a threatening ocean, came to be over the Welcome House, along with, it seemed, the whole of the island itself. Love comes and it also goes, but not always for the worst.

As the moon rose higher into the sky in all of its radiance, the darkness outside did not seem quite so threatening. One by one, lights across the town went out, creating a blanket of obscurity to be played upon by the moon goddess' iridescent beams.

The girls in the Welcome House experienced cheerful thoughts as they settled in for the night. Morning would soon come. The troubles of the past weeks would continue to linger, but so would the determination that would drive them forward - onward in life towards more hugs and more tears, and also a greater appreciation for the time they have been able to spend together. Haruka may still see her brother as someone closer. Sakuya may feel the same way. Or perhaps they will grow to seek more in life, to experience the vast number of possibilities that their brother may or may not be a part of. Time will tell, but whatever they choose, they cannot be wholly blamed for their decisions.

After all, we are only human.