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Chapter 2

"How did you meet our dad?" Sam asked as he and Dean followed Angela down the stone pathway to a silver Mercedes Benz.

"Damn," Dean whistled checking out the car, clearly impressed. "How'd you pay for this when you obviously don't have enough money to find a better place to live in?"

Angela glanced at Dean. "Whoever said I didn't have enough?" she turned her attention back to her car and opened the trunk, reaching inside.

"Well, I just assumed you didn't."

"You assumed wrong," she spoke as she stood up straight, a duffle bag in her left hand and another smaller bag in the other. "I only said this job doesn't bring in the money. I never said I didn't have enough."

"Alright," Dean shrugged as he leaned up against the side of her Mercedes, and a few seconds later, a Rottweiler stuck its head out the drivers' side window, barking and growling like crazy, startling both brother's, and causing Dean to stumble backwards out of alarm.

"Easy, girl," Angela stepped toward her, patting her on the head. "Easy," she said softly calming her dog down.

"It would have been nice if you warned us you had a dog in there!" Dean finally said staring at the dog for a second before looking at her.

Sam smirked a little seeing just how startled his brother was. "You're easy to scare." "Don't tell me you weren't scared because we all know you were."

"Yeah, I was, but I'm fine now," Sam spoke with a nod and the smirk returning. "Clearly you're still scared."

"Am not," Dean protested.

"Alright, who cares who is scared or not. Let's get back to more important things, huh?" Angela spoke up making her way back to the trunk, grabbing her two bags and laid a hand on the trunk door, closing it. "I met your dad almost two years ago, I was hunting a werewolf and he wound up at the same place as me. Nearly shot me, I might add," she started as she headed towards Dean's '67 black Impala. "After the werewolf was dead, I went up to him and wanted to hurt him for almost putting me in my grave early. We began talking, and we ended up doing a hunt together when he got himself in a little bit of a jam. He is supposed to be this great hunter, but let me tell ya, he is not exactly the best at it," she continued as she opened the door to the backseat and set her things inside.

Dean opened his mouth to say something, but Sam nudged him in the side telling him not to say anything so he kept quiet.

She elbowed the door shut before facing the two again. "He then tells me he has two sons, and told me what happened to your mother and how you three started hunting. I was actually glad to know I wasn't alone in this never ending battle of fighting the paranormal," she pushed a few loose strands of hair out of her face. "Meeting you two, I must say, you are taller than I expected."

"You said the demon killed your mom, do you have powers?" Sam questioned. She sighed with a nod. "You bet. You are looking at a psychic, and what a hassle that is. The pain, the headaches and sick feeling in the pit of your stomach and the dizziness afterwards is the worse. I could do without."

"You and me both," Sam agreed.

"Ah, you're one too, good to know I'm not alone," she nodded. "Don't you wish you could make it all go away?"


Dean glanced at his brother. He never knew what he wished. 'Of course I wouldn't know about that, he never tells me things like that. Always keeping things to himself,' he thought to himself.

"When did it start?"

"Last year I guess," Angela shrugged. "Close to the beginning of the summer, I believe."

"That's when his started too," Dean spoke up.

"And Max," Sam pointed out.

"Max?" Angela raised an eyebrow.

"That's a story for another time," Sam told her.

"How 'bout we get goin'?" Dean asked making his way to his car, taking his keys out of his pocket.

"Let's hit the road," Angela agreed as she headed back to her car and opened the drivers' side, and her dog jumped out. She brought the dog back to his and opened the door to the backseat.

"Whoa, hold on!" Dean quickly walked to her, his eyes fixed upon the Rottweiler who was now lying down on the seat. "No way is that dog comin' with us. You can forget it," he said now looking at her.

"I'm not leaving her behind," she answered back crossing her arms.

"Let the dog come, Dean."

Dean glared at Sam, silently telling him to shut up with his eyes before he met Angela's again. "First you have to tag along with us, and now you expect me to let a dog tag along too? No. Forget it."

"What's the big deal with her being with us? Look, she doesn't have anywhere to go, and she is trained, and is a very good guard dog, and she has alerted me many times when a demon was around, you'll be thankful to have her around."

"If she can alert us when something's near, then I say let's have her along for the ride," Sam spoke up again.

"What's the problem with it?"

"What's the problem?" Dean repeated looking at him. "I don't want it to slobber all over my seats!"

"At least she's not a St. Bernard," Sam thought aloud. "Then you'd have to deal with slobber big time."

"She doesn't slobber that much. No you don't," Angela said her as she scratched behind her ear, and the Rottweiler let her tongue hang out a little more, turning her head to the side a little, liking the scratching of the ear.

"Son of a bitch," Dean mumbled with a heavy sigh. "Fine, she can come. If she slobbers all over the place, she's out of here," he promised her before he headed to his side and got in.

"Don't worry, he'll come around," Sam assured Angela and got inside. Angela patted her on the head with a smile before she got inside and shut the door afterwards.

"What's her name, by the way?" Sam asked turning in his seat to face her.


"Why Lucky?"

"When I was at this warehouse two years ago, I had her with me, and we had gone inside and she acted really strange. She kept trying to get me out, but I didn't. I ended up knocked out by a falling beam. She dragged me out of the building. When I woke up, I saw her go back inside, and when she ran out again, the place blew up. She was lucky to have gotten out before she was blown up, hence why I call her Lucky," she explained.

"It suites her," Sam said with a nod as he reached over and gave Lucky a pat on the head. Dean rolled his eyes and stuck the keys in the ignition, and started the engine"What about your car?" he asked looking at Angela through the rearview mirror.

"One of my friends will come get it. I was borrowing it."

"It wasn't yours?"

"Nope," she shook her head. "You really think I could afford a car like that? I wish I did, though," she sighed.

Dean put the car in drive and backed out of the driveway and onto the road, their journey together began.