Story Title: Alteration

A.K.A.: Dark Desire

Summary: Hermione finds out about her true heritage. She's caught up between her old lifestyle and

the new. Let's see what happens.

Disclaimer: Characters belong to J.K. Rowling

Original plot by pixie-dust-24

Chapter 1

A Visitor

Raindrops fell from the sky.

It was an unusual state since it was mid-summer but then, the people were thankful for a break from the scorching sun.

The skies were gloomy and the wind was heavy because of the abrupt change in temperature.

Inside a peaceful house, in a Muggle community…

"Do not leave the house. I stocked the house with everything you need. You don't need to go out for three days, right, sweetie?" Mrs. Granger told her daughter as she struggled to put her coat on. This was the one hundredth reminder her mum had enumerated.

"Mum, it's just three days. I can take care of myself," Hermione smiled. She stood there with her curly brown hair – her hair had tamed a bit this year, white shirt and faded jeans – a typical teenager at a glance. No one would ever think she's the brightest witch of her age.

"Well then, we have to go," Mr. Granger held Mrs. Granger by the shoulders and led her to the main door. He knew that his wife had said enough… more than enough. He knew that Hermione was capable of taking care of herself for three days. Mr. Granger winked at her before opening the main door. Hermione smiled.

"Take care, sweetie," Mrs. Granger kissed her on the head before stepping out.

"Behave," Mr. Granger grinned at her and followed his wife to the family car waiting outside.

Hermione locked the door and watched them from the window. She sighed as the car drove off. They left for a 'business meeting' as they had explained. They explained it to her last night but she didn't understand why her parents would be dealing with business on mid-summer. She asked and her mum gave her a very vague answer.

"We have to be there."

Why? Why do they have to be there? That was what was running through her mind as hours flew by.

It had stopped raining by the time the moon appeared.

So much for a summer with them, Hermione thought to herself as she flopped on the couch in the living room the next day. She accepted the idea of being alone and kept herself busy – burying her nose in books. This made everything much easier.

The second day passed quickly. She had sent a letter to Harry and Ron the other day and she still didn't receive any reply.

Krane, her owl that her mum and dad bought her when she was made Head Girl, flew into the living room through the open window smoothly. Its brown wings – same shade of brown as Hermione's hair – looked remarkable as the rays of the sun hit it.

She took the piece of parchment attached to its feet. She stood up and walked up to her room. She opened a drawer and took out owl treats for Krane. Krane hooted happily.

She leaned on the window frame and read the letter.


Everything's good here. I'll be spending time at the Burrow.

Mr. Weasely will fetch me tonight.

Hope to see you there too.


Hermione sighed as she rolled the parchment again.

I'm alone. Mum and Dad left for a business trip.

I'm not allowed to leave the house for now though.

If they'll allow me, I'll be seeing you guys soon.


She attached the parchment to Krane's feet and patted him on the head. She let him rest for a few hours before sending him off again.

It was dark by the time she let Krane go. Just as Krane left her arms, the doorbell rang. She flinched. She wasn't expecting her mum and dad until tomorrow. She ran downstairs and peeked through the peephole. She couldn't see anything. She flicked the switch for the light bulb out on the porch.

Why was it off anyways? She had turned it on a while ago.

She reached for the doorknob and hesitated. The doorbell rang again.

This time, her hand moved involuntarily. She turned the doorknob and opened the door.

She was surprised to find the person she was least expecting to see standing on her doorstep.


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