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Everyone has bad days right? But there are those people look like they're always just dandy. I will strangle those people.

You know all those annoying little things that REALLY start to bug you when a lot of them happen in one day? Well, after experiencing a weekend full of those little things, I was inspired to write this fic.


The morning would have been easy for Sanji if he didn't have a late night the night before. The crew had docked the Going Merry in the harbour of a small town for the night, and Sanji had spent that night in a tavern doing what he loved most. Chatting up every pretty woman in sight. Thus, oversleeping the following morning.

Sanji opened his eyes lazily, he remembered he was still in the tavern. He had crashed on a sofa in the corner for the previous night. A tingling sensation in his left arm indicated pins and needles and his right leg appeared to be completely numb.

"great…" Sanji mumbled.

He looked around for a clock, trying to avoid getting up. There was one on the wall above the sofa, and as he twisted around to see it, he fell off the piece of furniture he was using as a bed.

Well at least he could see the clock now.

The clock depicted that it was almost 9am.

"Shit!" he swore.

He jumped to his feet. Only to have his vision blackout on him as he grew dizzy and stumbled, causing him to whack the back of his head on a hanging pot plant.

"Dammit" Sanji rubbed the back of his head as his vision returned. Another glance at the clock and- "Nami-swan must be starving! I got to go serve breakfast!"

He made to run but he had conveniently forgotten about his numb leg. He fell over.

"Shit!" he swore again.

He pounded his leg to get the blood flow back, he was barely able to wiggle his toes. When the numbness left his leg, it was replaced with pins and needles, to match his arm. This time when he got up, he got up carefully. He looked around to see the male bartender standing behind the counter, frozen in the position of wiping clean a glass. And yes, he had seen the whole incident. Sanji tried to ignore him as he left the building.

The sunlight briefly blinded Sanji, he squinted down the road to see if it was the right direction. It was. He ran down the road as fast as he could towards the harbour. When he reached his destination he looked around for the Going Merry. He put his hand on the wooden railing as he looked. He spotted the ship.

Just then some vicious barking sounded in his ears. He turned around, eyes wide. Sure enough, a vicious looking foxy terrier was heading his way, gnashing its teeth as it approached. Sanji was no fool, foxy terriers are small and cute, but they are territorial violent little monsters. After picking up as huge as splinter from the railing in his forefinger, Sanji ran for the ship. He got to the Going Merry before the blood-thirsty creature and pulled up the gangplank.

At least the running had got rid of his pins and needles.

Sanji sighed and made his way to the kitchen. But as he put his hand on the door, the call of nature beckoned. Well, more like the call of nature threatened to make him explode if he didn't answer, and as a warning he got one of those brief really-need-to-pee-right-now cramps that no one likes. When the cramp subsided Sanji ran for the bathroom.

Fortunately he was getting a lot of exercise this morning from running.

Unfortunately the bathroom was taken.

He knocked on the door.

"What?" came an annoyed voice from the other side.

Sanji recognised the voice as Zoro. "Hurry up marimo!"

"Why should I!"

"Just, just hurry up!"

Silence for awhile.

Then the door opened in a cloud of steam. Zoro stepped out with a towel around his waist and walked straight past Sanji. Sanji rushed into the bathroom, closing the door behind himself.

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I just couldn't help but put in a shirtless Zoro :P

and I am going to continue this. And I also put the challenge out there for anyone to make a fic where one of the One Piece characters experience a REALLY shite day. Tell me if you write one :D