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"What the fuck are you doing in my clothes!?" Zoro had jumped to his feet at the first sight of Sanji.

Sanji flipped onto his hands and delivered a blow to the side of the swordsman's head; he stood up straight and dusted himself off. Out of habit he made to put his hands in his pockets but unfortunately there were none, so he put his hands on his hips instead.

A bright flash temporarily blinded Sanji. He spun around to see Nami putting away her camera. Zoro seized the opportunity to throw punch at the back of Sanji's head. Sanji spun a kick at Zoro but he ducked.

As all this was going on, Luffy decided to raid the kitchen for the second time that day.

And when Sanji heard the kitchen door shut he diverted his attention from Zoro, who had just drawn his swords and was anticipating a good fight.

"Oi! No!" Sanji bolted into the kitchen after Luffy only to find him standing in front of the open pantry. "I swear I locked that…"

"Nope, you left it open!" Luffy grinned; he had a large chunk of meat in each of his hands.

Sanji growled and grabbed Luffy by the back of his collar.

The kitchen door burst open and Zoro came running in, clearly intent on finishing his fight. "We're not done yet dart-board brow!"

Zoro charged at Sanji, all three of his swords in place. Sanji barely had enough time to throw Luffy to the side let alone dodge the oncoming attack. All the commotion ended up with Zoro bowling over Sanji and them both tumbling into the pantry. And how unfortunate it was that the pantry door had shut behind them, locking itself in place.

Sanji and Zoro both cursed in unison.

"Luffy! Get me out of here!" Zoro tried to shout through the door.

Sanji tried to kick the door down but there wasn't enough room to gain enough momentum.

After roughly an hour or so later, they had given up on screaming out for help and trying to break down the door. So they just stood there, listening for the sound of someone entering the kitchen.

"They probably know we're here." Zoro growled after a long while.

"If they knew we are here, then they would have let us out already!"

"I dunno, I wouldn't put it past that woman to leave us here for ages just for the sheer enjoyment of it." Zoro's voice was calm.

Sanji's voice on the other hand, was anything but calm. "Don't talk about Nami like that you piece of shit!"

As Sanji was unable to deliver a decent blow in such a confined area, he just shoved the swordsman against the other side of the pantry. The tremor from the push resulted in a bottle of wasabi sauce falling from a high shelf and smashing open on the chef's head.

"Ah crap" Sanji swore, trying to flick his wasabi soaked hair out of his face so the sauce wouldn't get into his eyes, but he was failing. "Why the bloody hell does my hair have to sit so perfect?"

"Don't ask me pretty-boy" Zoro laughed.

Sanji tried to bring his hand up to push back his hair but he couldn't because one of Zoro's swords was in the way. The thick green sauce was starting to creep onto his forehead. Sanji sighed and admitted defeat to the wasabi sauce. He was going to have to do what he didn't want too.

"I need your help marimo." Sanji growled.

Zoro smirked, thoroughly enjoying the moment. "Ask nicely and I might consider it."

Sanji's eye twitched, "please, may you help me?" he asked, poisoning the word 'please' as if it pained him to say it.

Zoro withheld laughter, "with sugar on top." He paused to savour the moment.

"Please and thankyou with sugar on top" Sanji drowned his words with sarcasm.

"…And sprinkles" Zoro laughed.

"Fine! With sugar on top and sprinkles and cherries and every other sparkly little bits of shit you can think of!"

Still laughing, Zoro used his free hand to wipe all Sanji's wasabi covered hair back and out of his face. Leaving Sanji's hair green, and like a bad gel-back job.

About 20 minutes later, the door opened and they toppled out and landed at the feet of Nami.

"Arigato Nami-swan!" Sanji swooned in gratification. Then he rushed to the sink to wash off the sauce but he saw his clothes were in the way. So Sanji head off to the bathroom to wash his hair.

And of course on his way to the bathroom he tripped over his own feet because he wasn't paying attention, and Zoro saw him trip and land on his face then laughed at him. Then, flustered and annoyed, Sanji stormed into the bathroom only to violently stub his pinkie toe on the door frame as he entered.

Sanji cursed loudly and slammed the door behind himself in frustration.

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