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Metal Slug 6

Final Mission

"Alright, We've rest for long. Anyone ready to move out?" Marco burst out to his fellow comrade (after so long the story's been delayed.)

"I'm still trying to kill Orochi in this new King Of Fighter IX series, can you give me while?" Ralf reply, playing the PS2 viciously as he mash the button like mad.

"Dude, how did you pass this Metal Slug 4 last boss? His as tough as nails." Clark call out, cursing and taunting at the last boss.

"Let me finish my cup of tea first Marco." Fio continues, "Want more Tarma?"

"No, I really have to go… and please untie me." The poor Elite Regular Tarma tied up on the chair answer back.

"Whee! Me need more Vodka! Vodka good…" the drunken Eri call in, dangling the empty bottle at Marco.

"This may take a while…" Marco address back, slapping his face.

Battle of Fate

Marco and his company advance forward which may leads towards the leader's chamber of the Unknown alien species, according to what Marco remembered. Tarma feels a chill just as they pass through the tunnel. The wall, floor and ceiling seem to be made of organic matter, wet surface and some even had red pool of blood. Each step they land on makes a squishing sound, which bugs Fio a while. Tarma who is riding the Metal Slug sometimes secure the corridor at sharp edges. The Slug gives the party more protection, and with Tarma piloting it makes the little man-size tank more durable. Several Unknown pop out of nowhere several times, but most of them end up on Ralf's Vulcan Punch or been thrown down by Clark's Super Argentine Backbreaker. The area they move in continue to spread wider and wider, until they reach into a large opening with several muscle-like bridge linking at each wall, appears to be leading upward.

"Where does this bridge-like thingy leads?" Ralf ask out of curiosity.

"They go up." Fio said bluntly.

"Girl, we know it lead up. Question is, up where?" Ralf reply

"Err... up?"

"There's only one way to find out. Tarma, take the point, I'll be right behind you." Marco ordered.

"Whatever you said boss."

Once again, Tarma uses the tank highly unique capability to get to the upper level; jumping. Ralf and Clark still cannot think of any possibility that a tank could jump about like that. Not many military vehicles have this unique potential, smaller by a man size, equipped with high frequency radar and powerful chain gun and main cannon folder. The crew follows Tarma's lead as they continue to jump up bridge to bridge until they can't jump anymore, because they seemed to have reach to the highest point of all.

"Well, looks like there nothing here. Can we head back?" Eri said.

"No, but this odd looking yellow thingy up on the ceiling which emits yellow glow really seems very suspicious." Fio reply.

Unexpectedly the yellow thingy slowly turn orange before turning into yellow again, and reveal a huge breast, resting inside! This shock the team a while, before they notice that it is asleep. The team silently watches the beast slumber inside the yellow glowing bowl. Marco quickly gives the signal to Eri to wreak the surrounding area with explosives, C4 charges, timer bomb, anything that can go out with bang. "I'm your girl Marco. Fio, give me a hand."

"Roger that." Fio comply

Eri and Fio move in with the explosives goods when a flood of Red Unknown alien begins to pour in. Ralf and Clark quickly move beside the Slug with their weapons ready, Tarma getting the Vulcan ready and Marco reloading his pistol, crouching beside the Slug. The Unknown, not wanted to have the intruder to wake their boss quickly moves in desperately with relatively large force. Ralf continues to exchange his pistol to Vulcan Punch whenever the creatures is far or close while Clark fires his reserved Heavy Machine Gun down to the final clip. Marco tries to maintain his shots when it became relatively uneasy when the beast begins to flood the area. Tarma is forced protect his comrade by moving his Slug back and forth, sideways and even open fire a cannon folder to wipe out the alien column. Eri and Fio knew they won't last long. They drop their explosives and bring out the big guns out, arming themselves with Rocket Launcher and Shotgun.

"Eri, Fio, continue planting those explosives!" Marco ordered.

"We wouldn't leave you unintended sir!" both girls yell back.

Quickly both female soldiers open fire their weapons at the incoming alien scum, with Fio blasting the aliens face along with its companion with it's Rocket Launchers and Eri's shotgun make shot work against incoming alien, mostly the alien died out long before they could touch the ground. But their weapon begin to deplete faster than expected, since their weapons partially used before they arrive here. Just as Fio and Eri's weapon clip ran out, a fearsome battlecry echoed the hall, revealing a numbers of Rebel soldiers arrive in the nick of time, aiding the Elite Regular burden. "Company Blue Hyena reporting for duty!" the rebel soldier reports immediately.

"Who's in charge here?"

"Sir, I am sir!"

"Very well, I want four men concentrate fire on each side while we focus fire at the other. Keep those men coming out, we need to blow this big guy up!" Marco said, pointing at the yellow thingy at the ceiling.

"Sir yes sir!"

"Dude, we're suppose to be the Rebellion," a single Grunt pointed out.

"Yeah, I mean is it really okay to help them, even though we know we'll be dead later on?" another Grunt answer the other Grunt's calling

"Guys, it's better to die at the last series in the game than not dying at all. Or else nobody we'll see you as a hero."

"Okay, make sense."

"Fine with me."

"My Live for Aiur! Err… I mean Morden…"

With Morden's troops obeying Marco's strategy (much of the troops level of obedience), Eri and Fio resume the explosive operation, Clark and Ralf now have enough space to counter any alien being that comes in their way. Tarma and Marco too have enough space on their side, with Tarma keeping each side maintaining a moderate level with his Vulcan weapon. However, the Unknown became more and more desperate, sending more and more forces in. Rebel soldier quickly fall one by one. Each fallen troops were replace immediately, arming from shield to bazooka. Ralf and Clark begin to backtrack as more Unknown entered the chamber, flooding the west sidewall. Tarma quickly maneuver his Slug to the west, trying to keep the pressure off. Tarma action however is shifted from good to worst, as the east side begins to flood with Unknown. Marco constantly reloads his pistol weapon, sometimes he also unleashes a devastating Laser Gun at the alien, but their numbers keep on accumulating. Just as the chamber almost filled up with the Unknown, Eri scream, "Fire in the hole!!" as amass explosion erupted, sending most unknown being to be either blast apart or flung down towards the bottomless pit. Soldiers keep their head down as more and more explosion erupt, the Unknown entrance was shut tight and the yellow thingy explode with the now vulnerable alien boss seemed to be dead.

"Yahoo! Victory for the Rebellion!" the rebellion troops cheer.

"I kill 3 alien dude!"

"Vengeance is sweet."

"I kill 4!"

"Well, Marco, looks like we won. The alien is now vulnerable without their leader, the alien trap under our own two feet and there is no doubt that we're going home with a medal." Clark gladly answered.

Marco didn't budge an inch. He keep staring the alien leader, as if something isn't right. "Marco?" Clark call out.

"Get everyone out, pronto!" Marco suddenly gives his orders.

Immediately, a bright light suddenly glows on the eyes of the Unknown leader. It then fires its powerful, light blast that eventually send many soldiers flying about. Humor screams from the Grunt doesn't seems funny anymore as they descent helplessly towards the bottomless pit. As for the boss, who were thought to be dead looks pretty much alive. Marco, Fio and Ralf, barely manage to get off from the platform got up after the blast while Clark and Eri survive the blast the last minute thanks to Tarma's thick Slug armor. The big boss alien let out its terrifying roar that can be heard even outside of the Unknown entrance. The creatures, seems to be irritated been awaken from it's beauty sleep keep an eye on Marco and the company. Before Marco and the gang notice anything, a single light from the bosses eye suddenly shoot out a light blue laser at them. Eri and Fio quickly dodge aside when another laser shoot out. Marco and Tarma (Who's inside the Slug) open fire at the boss body, but the weapon does no harm at it. The boss begins to climb down using his legs and hand supporting both side of the wall as it let out another roar, and puke out a blue glowing energy towards them. The gang moves away from the energy blast that it slams at the organic bridge and breaks it to two. The descending troops once again collide on the organic bridge. Ralf and Clark quickly get everyone up on their feet, trying to plan their available strategy.

"Marco, we can't hurt him with any of our weapon, and can't hit with my Vulcan Punch from way up there." Ralf said.

"His hand and legs seemed to be seam together with the wall, I doubt that firing it will only tickle it down." Clark reply.

"Aim his head." Eri suggest.

"Perhaps firing his head wouldn't be a good idea. His body…"

"Shoot his head till it went dizzy, forcing it to fall down. How's that?" Eri huff.

Scratching his idealist chin, Marco accepts the idea. Since they can't hurt him, perhaps forcing it down is the best approach. With the bottomless pit, it could easily kill King Kong with that height. "Deal, Eri, Tarma and me will fire at the creature while Fio, Ralf and Clark get it's attention, got it?"

"How about an all-out-offense this time?" Ralf answers back, "That way we can force it to go down much faster."

The monster let out another terrifying roar as it climb down, bloodlust for revenge. Once again, the alien being shoot out its optic laser at the team, forcing them either to dodge aside of run for cover. Marco agreed at Ralf's proposal to attack it by force. Aiming at it's head, Tarma adjust his Vulcan cannon to a fix direction followed by Marco. The hail of bullets at the monsters face stings it like pea shots. The creature gives a irritating roar as it fires again it's laser eye, but with Marco and Tarma circle around, comes in Ralf and Clark, firing their own pistol at the monster's face. The alien boss turn it's attention again towards the troublesome two when a full blast of grenade detonate at it's face, with Eri looping her grenade at it with Fio supplying her partner with infinite number of grenade crate (where the hell did she get it? Oh well). Again, when the creature shifts its attention towards the irritating humans, Marco and Tarma go up stage and fire their weapons at its face. The creature then let out a full blast roar, firing out it's scale out from it's body as it flies towards the elite soldiers vertically and horizontally, even some act like a missile, launching at one target. The team quickly disarrays by such surprise attack, eventually wounded both Eri and Clark with the scales razor sharp edge, the scale even penetrate through the Slug's heavy metal plate, forcing Tarma to exit its Slug out before it detonate. The creatures fire one last energy blast at the elite soldiers when Ralf quickly took the beating, which eventually spare everyone's life (it's good to have a friend that can take two hits, eh?)

The alien boss looks down at the injured teams, laughing insanity at them opening its mouth ready for another energy blast. With several wounded party on their account, Marco thought it was all over. "Well guys, it's been nice knowing you."

"Yeah, sorry if I was too sensitive about the Slug and all." Tarma reply, carrying the unconscious Eri.

"If only I develop more time on field training, it wouldn't happen like this." Sob Fio.

"Yeah. Well at least we have our name on the hall of fame, much of my disappointment" Clark answered, aiding his bleeding arm.

Just when the big bad boss ready to unleash its final attack, a small white sphere appear hovering just above the bosses head, and something or someone drop down towards it. As it descent more, it appears to be one of the Rebel soldier, carrying a shovel in hand with wounded body all over. The Rebel soldier cried for help when it clashes onto the bosses head so hard that the alien boss loose it's grip on it's wall. The boss scream as it plunged down, grab hold on the Grunt and both the rebel and the big boss fell into the bottomless pit. As their screams fade out, the team who desperately fight the big boss was dumbfounded at the moment.

"How are we going to report this situation huh? Some grunt land on the aliens head and send it to oblivion?" Tarma asked.

"How about we kick the alien down, survive the onslaught and Morden rescue us?" Marco respond.

"Marco, since when did you begin siding Morden?" Clark said

"It's better than having a bunch of Martian help us up. Right?" Tarma reply.

"Yeah. Well, our mission now is to get out of here." Marco cheerfully answered.

"You mean climbing up these slimy walls? In your dreams Marco!" Fio quick reply.


Later, MUCH later.

The commanding officer reads through the report from Marco and it's teams, though much of it's ending seems to be mixed up. The commanding officer has an irritating look that just won't go away as he reads. He finish reading the report, sigh loudly and take a look at the team, pulling out their fake smiles (same goes to Ralf and Clark) "Okay, let me get this straight, you guys were saved by Morden?" he asked.

"Yes sir." They answered, their smiles still there as if it were stuck by glue.

"And Fio, your report reads 'saved by a Martian' can you explain that?"

The entire group smile immediately turn down and glance at the innocent soul Fio, who nervously cried out. "They all look so cute when we rescue them, so… well… I lied?" she confesses, pulling out her puppy eye look.

"…" the officer didn't said anything, other than to show them the door. When the last member of the team exit his office, the door slams so hard at them that the station almost rock. Marco and the others look at the innocent Fio with an eager killing instinct. "What?"

"You know that one day all of us will get into trouble if you keep giving them information that hardy worth their time." Marco point out.

"But Martians are so cute! Did you see them squalling about? They look so adorable!" Fio answered.

"Perhaps the alien effect is still haven't wear off." Eri suggest.

"Alien effect? What?" Fio answered

As a result, the Metal Slug team happily chase after Fio across the camp, playfully believe that some Martian still inhabit her brain of some sort. Our frighten Fio alarm by this action didn't return fire though, nor does she believe that her companion could turn their backs at her. All in all, they were relieved for once. As Ralf and Clark goes up onto the helicopter with Fio inside participating the King of Fighter tournament, she waves goodbye at Eri, who will miss her dearly. Well, as long as Eri has Fio's doll Peppino, she'll be back, sort of blackmail to her.

Sometime during the KOF event is held, final round.

"Ha! That little girl is next!?" laugh Rugal as he defeated both Ralf and Clark, trying to get to their feet. "This will be an easy victory."

"Hey, who you calling little girl? I can manage without any help!"

"Yeah right. Go back to your mommy before I hurt you bad." Rugal proudly tease her.

"Okay you ask for it!" Fio cry out as she reveal a Laser gun from nowhere and fire a constant beam at Rugal. Rugal took such heavy fire but alive, stunned Fio. Rugal moves in with anger, pull off his Ultimate attack moves against the innocent girl when Fio duck down, pull off her 'get away from me' attack at Rugal, right at Rugal's …err nut. Suddenly a 'KO' sign appears as Rugal appears to be spinning violently at mid air as he crash to the ground a few meters away from her, with the icon 'PERFECT' sign came hovering at them. Fio collapse to her knees, pulling out her victory pose.

"We're going to need her in every match for some easy victory" smirk Ralf.

"Let's not anger her first, okay?" Clark reply.

Back in the Penegine Falcon's base,

"I win, now pay up." Eri said at Tarma after watching the match. Tarma pull out his wallet after losing the bet while grumbling "#!$!"

Final Mission Complete!

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