First story, just so you know. Now, I'm looking for any advice/reviews/criticism, so no need to be gentle.

I do not own anything, 'cept Leah.

Reading is good, reviewing is great.


Alright guys, I'm really sorry for this, but I finished this story. It kinda just... ends. I'm planning on deleting it and organizing it better and writing more to it. I'm really sorry, I should have done that before I posted it. Keep an eye out for it. Thank you all for all you kind feedback, I really appreciate everything. Hopefully when I re-write it I can make you all happy with it.


Sorry for changing this like everyday.

Just some changes above. Chapter/Random addition 5 is up.


I bumped it up to an M rating just because of this that I'm going to write.

Oh, and … thank you all for your reviews and very, very kind words!