Chapter He's Too Good For You!

Danny walked down the hallway, his head down, his eyes droopy with purple bags forming under them. Ever since he had decided to protect everyone from ghosts he never seemed to get enough sleep anymore. And it was no wonder why, staying up all hours of the night catching and fighting ghosts.

Danny put his hand to his mouth and yawned.

"Hey Danny, wait up!" His friend Sam called after him, with Tucker following behind her.

"Oh, hey guys," Danny said, fighting off a yawn, "What's up?"

"Oh ya know, nothing more than the usual." The girl answered. "How are you holding up?"

He let out a short laugh, "Well, I'm holding,"

The moment he looked ahead of himself he colided with someone. Papers went everywhere!

"Danny! Are you ok!" Sam asked kneeling down next to him.

"Yeah," Danny said, rubbing his head, "What hit me?"

Danny soon realized who it was. The long raven black hair, green eyes, and pink shirt gave her away immediatly.

"Watch it dork!" the hispanic girl growled.

"S-sorry Paulina..I-I didn't-"

"Whatever!" she scoffed holding up her hand, "I don't have time to listen to a loser!" with that she walked on.

Danny sighed heavily.

"I don't understand why you like her!" Sam said, helping him up. "She's so mean to you!"

"Yeah, but I can't help it! She's so pretty and smart and..perfect" he sighed, "I'm the one who needs to change.."

Sam rolled her eyes, "Ya know Danny, there are plenty of girls out there who will like for you! They'll like you just the way you are!"

"Oh yeah?" Danny said down hearted, making his way down the hall. "Like who?"

Sam sighed heavily. Like me.. She thought. She stared at her feet. Forget it Sam.. he's never going like you like that! You're forever and always going to be, "just friends" we can never be anything more.. She let out another sigh. She wished her and Danny could be more than, "just friends." But she could never tell him how she really felt. There were so many things she was afraid of! What if he rejected her? What if she did tell him and he didn't feel the same? It could permanently damage their friendship! Forever! She would never want to do that! So on she would go, playing the best friend who cares, cares more than he would ever know.

"Are you coming?" he called back to her.

She looked up, "Oh! Yeah! Sorry, coming!"

After one of her classes Sam walked down the hall toward her locker.

"He is such a LOSER!" she overheard Paulina say to one of her friends, "He has absolutaly no chance with me!"

Sam growled, she slammed her locker shut and whipped around, with her fists clenched at her sides she shouted, "He is NOT a LOSER Paulina! You should consider yourself lucky that Danny is even interested in someone like you!"

Paulina looked at her friend, then Sam and scoffed, "I was talking about Tucker Foley,"

Sam blushed a little, "Oh," it was just as bad but this really didn't look good, "W-well he's a great guy too!" Sam turned quickly to get a book out of her locker that she had forgotten. She started at the floor hugging the book against her chest.

"You know, Sam," Paulina started over her shoulder, "I know you like him, you should really consider going out with him! Losers should stick together! You should really make your move!" Sam began to growl quietly, "After all, he has absolutely no chance with me!" she ran her fingers through her hair, "He should learn to accept that he can only date losers like you! Not that he would.."

Sam spun around to face her, "Shut up, Paulina! Danny's too good for you!" she ran.

It was the end of another school day and Tucker and Danny were waiting impatiently for Sam by the school doors.

"Where is she?" Danny asked Tucker.

"I don't know, she disappeared!"

Danny looked around, "I know she didn't leave! I'm sure of it!"

The door opened, "Sorry I kept you waiting, guys.."

"Where were you?" Tucker asked, "I couldn't find you inside!"

"Oh uh, no where, come on, we'll be late for that movie!"

Danny and Tucker exchanged looks.

They started walking.

"Hey, Sam," Tucker spoke up, "I saw you across the hall talking to Paulina, what were you guys talking about?"

Her expression turned cross, "Nothing," she said flatly.

"Hey! Did Paulina mention me?" Danny eagerly questioned.

She glared at him.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" someone screamed.

"What was that?" Tucker exclaimed.

"I don't know, but I have a hunch."

The crew ran to the source of the scream, sure enough there was a ghost.

"I am the box ghost! Fear ME!" he shouted.

"Oh great," Danny rolled his eyes, "Cover me, guys, I'm going ghost!"

Sam and Tucker stood in front of him casually. After he had transformed he flew after his prey.

"I am-" before he could finish a green energy blast sent him flying and ironicly crashing into some boxes.

"How the heck do you keep coming out of the Ghost Zone!" Danny questioned him annoyed.

"That is none of your concern!" The Box Ghost replied, "And now I will crush you with-" he paused reading the label on the box next to him, then he roared, "Happy Farmers Eggs Boxes!" then, using his ghost powers began to whip the boxes at Danny. Naturally Danny had no problem dodging the boxes and letting them pass through him, he had delt with "The Box Ghost" many, many, times before, and by now he was bit too advanced for him.

After all the boxes were gone, he pulled out the Fenton Thermos, "Ok, enough is enough," he held the Thermos up and sucked The Box Ghost in.

Danny landed safetly on the ground behind Nasty Burger.

Sam and Tucker rushed over, they weren't worried though, "Come on, Danny or we'll miss the movie!"

He turned himself back to normal, "Ok, let's go,"

They all left together.

When they were gone, Paulina peeked around the corner.