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Negima Remix
Chapter 1: The Wizard Teacher and the Alchemist Librarian

I hope to strive as a Magister Magi…so that one day I can follow in his footsteps.

Humankind cannot gain anything without giving up something of greater value. To obtain something, you must first give up something of equal value. That's the fundamental law of Alchemy. It is what has taught me to get this far to become a State Alchemist…like her.

Sometimes the lines between science and magic are often blurred, or are on the sides of a double edged sword. Either way, both are able to make the impossible possible, as well turn our darkest nightmares come to life. Both Alchemy and Magic can be of great usage to humans. But true magic and alchemy are not as strong as courage of the heart…that is true magic and alchemy.

Wales, England

Magic Academy of England

Today was the day in the Great Hall of European Magic, which all the students who turned fifteen, waited to graduate. When they did, they would go out into the world with a decided career to help shape them into the Wizard or Witch they would be in their adult lives. Even now the hallway for the graduation ceremony was lined up in two parallel lines of the young teenaged students. All of them were prepared for the day that would change their lives forever in the world of Magic.

The Grand Elder Magus of the Western Magi Society stood up at the podium with the diplomas at the ready for the students. The Elder Magus had silverish white hair and almost resembled Gandalf the Gray. "When I call your name, my sorcerers' graduates…take your mystic diploma that will dictate your career.", he stated as he prepared the scrolls for handout to the graduates, "And remember; a charmed life is a happy life."

The students waited there patiently as the other graduates were called forward to receive their diplomas, one by one they walked up to the podium and were handed the small roll of parchment by the Grand Elder Magus. At last, the time came for a certain individual to be called and the figure straightened up slightly, just before the student's name was called.

"Negi Springfield."

A young man walked up to the podium, coming to a halt before the Grand Elder before gratefully receiving his diploma from the Elder's hands. The boy was around fifteen, was slim but if they looked close he was a little well built, his hair was Reddish Brown on top and Dark brown on the sides and back, with a little ponytail. He was dressed in a Khaki suit with a yellowish cloak on. He also had small bifocals that held onto his nose and behind them were two brown eyes.

He smiled at me for a moment, pleased that he had come so far in the past decade. Taking the diploma in hand, Negi departed the podium, walking over to where his sister, Nekane, was waiting. She was a girl almost near her twenties with long flowing blonde hair, and dazzling blue eyes, and dressed in a blue long sleeved dress. Next to her was a young man about fifteen years of age as Negi; he too was of the same build as Negi; slim but well built. He was sporting a pair of black pants with a red T-shirt and a black Jean jacket. He also surprisingly wore white gloves on both his hands. His skin was darkly tanned and his hair was spiky and messy blonde hair, and had lovely green eyes.

His sister embraced him in an almost choking hug, "Congratulations Negi! I'm so proud of you!" Feeling his cheeks heating up due to the fact his friend was here as well, Negi pushed her away. "Sister, I'm not a kid anymore. I wish you wouldn't keep doing that in front of people, especially Seiji here." Seiji merely smirked, "Nothing wrong in my eyes about this."

Before Negi could retort to Seiji's comment, as if to spite him, Nekane hugged him again. When she finally released Negi for the second time the trio turned their attention to the diploma still clutched tightly in the young man's hand, when opened it would reveal the career that Negi Springfield had been chosen for, the one that would lead him down the path towards becoming a true Magister Magi. Sliding open the scroll, the three of them waited in anticipation for a moment as words began to form.

"A teacher in Japan.", Seiji said as he spoke out what they all silently read.

A look of surprise and shock was on Nekane's face, "What?"

Nekane immediately grabbed the scroll away from Negi, reading it herself to confirm what Seiji had said. A moment later she cornered the Elder Magus in the hall, and was quizzing him intently about the task that Young Springfield had been assigned.

"But Magus, a teacher in Japan? That's on the other side of the world!", she shouted with a worried expression on her face, "How can you possibly send Negi so far away?"

The Magus just calmly turned and answered, "I know, but the diploma has spoken, there is nothing that even I, as Magus, can do." Now Nekane was even more worried as she tried to make some sense out of this, "But…there must…"

"Negi is old enough now to walk his own path in life, his father left here around the same age as well. Don't worry, Negi will be fine." But before he left, he mentioned with a wink in his eye, "If it makes you feel any better, Seiji Crevantes is going there as well."

She stepped backward, even thought the two boys couldn't see her face both of them could see how her shoulders were shaking and knew she was crying. Not knowing what else to do, Negi walked over and caught her in a hug, letting her rest her head against his shoulder.

"Don't worry sister, it will be fine.", he said with a reassuring tone in his voice as well with a smile. She looked up at me with red and puffy eyes with unshed tears glistening at the corners, "But Negi…." It was then that Seiji had knelt down and placed a hand on Nekane's shoulder, in order to reassure her, "Don't fret on it, Nekane-san. Like Magus said, I'll make sure the Sneezinator here doesn't get into too much trouble over there."

Negi groaned at that last part about the 'Sneezinator'; Nekane calmed a little before reaching up and drying her tears. Then she brought her arm around Seiji and hugged both the fifteen year old boys at once, putting all her hopes and fears into that embrace.

"I'll be thinking of you little brother, make sure to write me, ok?", she then looked to Seiji with a pleading look, "Seiji, please take care of my brother, will you?" Seiji nodded and Negi answered, "Okay." With that she let go and stepped away from the two as Negi's attention went back to the Elder Magus.

"I'm ready to go sir."

The Elder smiled at the two boys before he told them about this assignment, "Good, now Negi, the headmaster of the school where you will be working is an old friend of mine. He and your heart will be your guides; I have every confidence in you, my boy."

To Negi's surprise, he caught the boy in a loose hug before striding off, signaling for my Nekane to follow. She looked back at the two boys for one last time before following along, leaving them both to face Negi's destiny. The two walked down the halls as Seiji placed his hands behind his head relaxingly as they strode out to their homes to prepare for the trip. Deciding to break the silence, Negi asked, "So seeing as how I know you passed the State Test, what career were you assigned?"

Seiji smirked as he closed one of his eyes to make a wink, "One that'll help in my search for what I'm looking for." Negi looked puzzled as he left him hanging, "What is it?" Seiji merely stated, "Assistant Librarian." Negi nearly face vaulted as he muttered, "I knew it." The two boys had known each other ever since they were nine, and knew each other's likes and dislikes. As long as Negi could remember, Seiji always had his nose stuck in a book, hungry for the knowledge that lay within the covers and the pages of the book.

As they got outside, Seiji asked, "So, Negi…" the brown haired boy turned to face Seiji who stopped and turned to face his friend. "Just which school'll you be teaching in?", the blonde asked. Negi's face went into shock as he forgot about that; he looked at the letter trying to find the name to which would lead them to the school. He found the name on the bottom and saw the name of the school, and Seiji was just as surprised as ever when he learned that Negi would become a teacher.

Mahora Academy


Late January Morning

The flight to Japan was rather long; the two boys were now accompanied by a tall young man two years their age. He was tall and very muscular; he wore black workpants, black work shoes, a white dress shirt, a black trench coat, black gloves, and a black scarf. His skin was colored dark tanned skin, much like Seiji, and had short spiky red hair with a few bangs dangling on the front, and Light Blue eyes. He was pretty quiet and not much for talk as the three boys spent almost fourteen hours trapped on that plane.

When the trio finally arrived Negi was surprised at how different everything seemed, Wales was in many ways detached from much of the changes in the modern world, coming to Japan for the first time was like walking into a technological wonderland. The three newcomers followed the other passengers towards the immigration control, Negi's and Seiji's first real chance to test their Japanese skills.

When asked for their names, the two simply replied in Japanese, from the look of surprise on the attendant's face Seiji had guessed they had spoken correctly. This was confirmed when they replied in Japanese, telling them they could go. However, it took a while for Seiji to convince them to let their third friend go, considering the security guards kept checking him. For some odd reason, he kept beeping every time he was into the Metal detector gate.

"Whew!", Seiji replied, "I'd thought they wouldn't let us go, Laz." The figure, now known as Laz, simply nodded and replied in a monotone voice at first, "Tell me about it." Negi, who was wearing a brown, three-button trench coat, dark brown pants, and brown work shoes, just sighed, "I still can't understand why you brought Laz with us. You knew he'd get pulled over once we reached the metal detectors." Seiji was dressed in brown workpants, a white dress shirt with a brown vest, and had a red trench coat with a backpack on. Seiji simply shrugged, "Hey, come on, Negi. You know for a fact I never go anywhere without my little brother." Negi just shook his head, knowing well that ever since they were eleven, Seiji and Laz were not able to be separated.

Taking their respective passport the trio continued to the baggage collection area where they waited to collect their bags before heading out to the front of the airport. It seemed that both Negi and Seiji were supposed to be going to the Mahora academy in Tokyo, according to what they had found out before leaving Wales. It seemed that on Seiji's graduation diploma, he was to be the new Assistant Librarian for the Mahora Academy Library. Laz just stood behind the two boys, lugging the heaviest luggage that was twice Negi and Seiji's size.

The three would need to take a bus to the main station in Tokyo and then a train to get to the district where the school was located. After a few false starts, Negi managed to locate the correct bus and the trio was soon on their way into central Tokyo, getting off at the central station, the three separated for the moment and began searching for platform one. Seiji asked a few people but kept getting mixed up answers; getting fed up with them, he shouted them to make up their minds. Laz asked around, but got the feeling that everyone found him a little scary due to the way he was dressed and his size and face.

Negi spotted a couple and went over to ask them, "Um, excuse me but where is platform one located?"

The man gave him a puzzled look for a moment and Negi wondered if he had pronounced his words correctly. A moment later he made a gesture towards a sign behind the young Englishman, which to his surprise and embarrassment read one dot two. Negi bowed and thanked him before he shouted, "Seiji! Laz! I found it, come on!" Seiji smirked as he and Laz came running after him, "about time."

The three raced up the stairs as frantic as they were, following the sign and heading up the stairs to where the track was located before getting onto the train. The first thing that Negi and Seiji noticed was that it was air conditioned, something almost unheard of in Wales, of course seeing as the humidity here is so much higher neither boy shouldn't really have been surprised.

As the train sped off to their destination, Negi noticed was the fact that the carriage the three of them was currently in was predominantly filled with girls, almost all of whom looked to be around Negi and Seiji's age. Seiji was the first to notice that a few girls were glancing over their direction and more than a few giggles occurring from time to time. He heard a short blonde haired girl talking to one of the dark haired girls, "Did you see that brown haired boy? He's so cute." The raven haired girl mentioned, "What about that surfer looking guy? He looks so hot." Seiji couldn't help but smirk at that comment. That's when Negi noticed the smile plastered on Seiji, "What?" Seiji pointed to the girls, and when Negi looked, the girls just giggled and waved at them. Negi turned to Seiji and sweat dropped, "we…seem to be the talk of the train." Seiji just shrugged, "Hey, girls can't resist good-looking guys like us."

When the train shifted suddenly, the two boys found themselves buffeted on all sides, for an embarrassing few moments, Negi was unsure of where to put his hands. Seiji was having a hard time as well; but for some odd reason, he was trying to make sure no one felt or touch his left arm or shoulder. Laz just stood there and didn't mind anything as if he didn't care. When it finally straightened out, most of the girls turned to both of them and apologized; making Negi and Seiji feel rather uncomfortable, with Negi rubbing the back of his head and Seiji rubbing his left arm. It was then that Negi felt a hand on his behind he nearly jumped, accidentally letting off a sneeze.

Now of course for normal people this wouldn't be a problem, but in Negi's case however it is an entirely different matter. Negi's main physical manifestation of his magic was wind magic, and it had this unfortunate tendency of going out of control whenever he sneezed, often to varying degrees. In this particular instance it was enough to briefly flip up the skirts of every girl in the carriage, something that left both Negi and Seiji blushing crimson with their eyes fixed firmly on the roof of the carriage while the girls were all looking down, tinges of red on their cheeks. Seiji muttered, "Couldn't you try holding it in?" Negi sheepishly shrugged, "Sorry about that."

The boys were relieved when the train finally arrived at the station. The girls ran out but not before the blonde and raven haired girls winked at the two. Seiji whispered, "I think those two might have the hots for us." Negi went wide eyed as he shouted to Seiji, "That's no way to speak about a woman, Seiji!" Seiji just shrugged as he, Negi, and Laz jumped off and then witnessed the madness of what was supposed to be students heading for a school.

From what the three could tell almost all of them were students, boys and girls alike dressed in the uniforms Negi had come to associate with Japanese schools. The boys were dressed in black dress pants, white shirts, and a reddish brown jacket. The girls were wearing reddish brown and green plaid skirts, a white dress shirt, a reddish brown vest and red tie, black knee high socks, brown shoes, and a lavender jacket.

Unfortunately, due to this concerted rush, it made it rather hard for the three to ask anyone for directions, already Negi was worried that he was going to be late on the first day…not knowing what else to do, Negi and Seiji nodded together, and ran in the same direction that the students were running towards with Laz right behind them, carrying the luggage over his shoulders like the weight was nothing.


In the crowd heading for Mahora Academy, two girls were rushing neck to neck to get to the school. The first girl was a fifteen year old girl, slim and slender, dressed in the Mahora Academy uniform with dark brown hair, and riding on roller blades. The other girl was fifteen as well, with the same kind of figure, and uniform. Her hair was long, brownish orange, and tied into two long ponytails with bell like ribbons on them. She also had a right green eye, and a left blue eye.

The dark brown haired girl's name was Konoka Konoe and the girl with the evil eye was named Asuna Kagurazaka. Asuna cried out, "this is nuts! We can't meet this new teacher and make it to class at the same time!" She huffed and asked why the dean asked them; Konoka answered that question with a smile, "Because he's my grandfather, Asuna." Asuna groaned at that reminder as they kept on running ahead, not noticing three certain figures almost behind them.

Konoka, being the head of the Fortune Teller's club, decided to cheer Asuna up, "Hey, you know what, Asuna? I checked your horoscope and it says you'll have a fateful encounter, today." Asuna was a little surprised at that; seeing her reaction, Konoka decided to push it some more, "It also says if you speak your love's name five times and bark, he's yours." Asuna's eyes lit up as she heard that and began to chant out loud.

"Takahata-Sensei! Takahata-Sensei! Takahata-Sensei! Takahata-Sensei! Takahata-Sensei! Arf!" The strange outburst didn't go unnoticed by Negi and his friends as they were catching up to the sides of the girls. As he looked at the red head, Negi suddenly felt a twinge of something, an echo of the future. Seiji caught the look in his friend's face and couldn't resist an urge to smirk, 'Looks like Boya here's havin' his first crush.'

Konoka, a little surprised by Asuna's action, replied, "Wow, Asuna, I'm really impressed." Asuna smirked, "because of my undying dedication to Takahata-sensei?" Konoka shook her head and smiled, "No, because you're so gullible. I made it up, cheese head." Having been duped like that, Asuna was on the verge of going into a hissyfit.

Just then, Asuna felt a gust of wind blow behind her as she looked to her left. She spotted a boy around her age with Reddish brown hair, dressed in Western clothes, and had on a backpack with a weird looking stick wrapped in cloth bandages. She and Konoka also noticed two other boys with dark tanned skin and carrying luggage as well following the boy. Never being one to allow others to blindly stumble into misfortune; Negi sped up a little until he was running along side her.

"Sorry to but in, but I just thought you should know, you'll be heart-broken.", he simply said to her with a reassuring smile. Seiji muttered, 'Negi, you've got to know when to keep things to yourself.' For a moment she didn't react and the boys were about to continue on when she reached out and grabbed Negi by the collar. She shouted right into Negi's face, nearly scaring him as well as Seiji and surprised Laz, "HOW'D YOU LIKE TO BE BROKEN, EH?"

The three boys, especially Negi, were a little taken back by this girl's reaction. From what the boys heard, the people of Japan were very reserved people, who would not often prone to such outbursts. But from what Negi saw, this girl was completely different. Negi tried to patch things up as best as he could, "I…I'm sorry…it's just that…." She shouted again in his face, "What makes you think you can say that to someone you just met?"

Seiji stepped up and tried to help his friend out as best as he could, "You'll have to forgive him…it's just that he's kind of a blabbermouth. He's also something of a psychic, and to him, your future…" he was cut off by Asuna, who was only a few inches away from Negi's face. Both boys, particularly Negi, were quite impressed on how strong this girl was. Even Negi was certain a teenaged girl's strength wasn't this normal.

She growled in Negi's face, ignoring his friend, "Right now, you're future's looking pretty short." Negi pleaded, "I was just trying to warn you." Her eyes narrowed as the worst was to come, "Is that a threat?" Both boys were relieved as soon as Konoka and Laz stepped in to break this fight up. She placed a hand on Asuna's shoulder, "C'mon Asuna, he's a foreigner, like his friends is. They're probably not familiar with our customs." Of course, Asuna wasn't listening at the time; she was too mad to even care about the situation.

She shook Negi slightly yelling 'Take it back, Jerk!' several times. This went on until Laz grabbed her by the back of her collar as well as Negi and pulled them apart, holding them off the ground. "That's enough, you two.", he monotonely stated. Asuna kicked and thrashed around, calling Laz a gorilla, while Laz put Negi down. After she calmed down a bit, Laz put Asuna down as well with no sign of striking him from the behavior he showed in restraining her.

She may have cooled down, but not by much as it was indicated by the bit of knowledge she commented to the boys. "Anyway, are you three stupid or are you just lost?", the three boys looked a little confused at what she asked. She sighed as she explained, "This is Mahora Academy; it's an all girl's school, okay?" Negi and Seiji went into shock and paled at this piece of information. The one place where they were both assigned to work in for both their goals was a girl's school. This could only mean trouble for them both.

Konoka, trying to be helpful, decided to chime in then, "If you're looking for the boys district it's two stops back. Asuna merely said, trying to rub in any salt from the wound she thought she gave them in their intelligence, "Right, now apologize and I might put you in the train rather than under it."

That was the straw that broke the camels back, or rather in this case, finally made Seiji self-control slip slightly. Putting on a most charming smile, he walked up to Asuna, met her gaze, and spoke in a level tone.

"I just gotta ask you…are all Japanese girls this cranky, or do you just have really serious issues?"

For a moment Asuna simply stood there, spluttering, while Negi had his mouth hanging open in shock. Taking that as their queue to leave, the three boys turned to depart when there was a scream from behind them and something collided with Negi's back. He turned as he fell, coming face to face with her once again. It was fairly obvious now that she had tackled Negi from behind, despite that fact he was less than pleased by this development. He tried to ensure that he would take the brunt of the fall; rude or not or even responsible, Negi wasn't the type or even about to become it to let any girl get hurt. No matter how unbearable they were.

Seiji, Laz, and Konoka watched as Negi landed on his rear with a thud, with Asuna landing on top of him. Unfortunately, through some cruel twist of fate she ended up falling in such away that her face was level with mine and as her full weight came down on top of him their lips almost touched…

The three friends watched as this scene happened as both got mixed ideas and thoughts about this turn of events. Negi had barely enough time to recover before he was hauled to my feet, the girl gripping his collar in one hand while she drew back the other to throw a punch, shouting, "NOW…YOU'RE…DEAD!"

"Negi? Is that you?", a voice called from the building they were next to. Everyone looked up to find a man in his thirties, silverish gray spiky hair, glasses, stubble, and smoking a cigarette, and a work suit, looking down on the kids in the first floor window of the closest building with a smile. The boys had recognized the man to be none other than Takahata. Negi or Seiji were about to call out to him when Asuna suddenly released her hold on Negi before bowing.

"T-Takahata-sensei? I…I…didn't…uh…he…", she said, sounding a little nervous as if she was buckling in his presence.

Shaking his head at her obvious crush, Negi stood up with the help of Laz. He brushed himself off and thanked his large friend, as he did so before calling out to an old friend and teacher, "Takamichi! You nut! How's it going?" He smirked, "Doing good actually", he then turned to see Seiji and Laz as he spoke out again, "Hey Seiji, it's good to see ya. How's your left arm?" Seiji twisted his left arm and smiled, "Doin' pretty good, Takamichi." Laz bowed and stated, "It's good to see you as well, Takahata."

Asuna immediately took a step back; her face looked in an expression of total shock. She looked back at the boys and back at Takahata-sensei, "'You nut'? Where? How?" Before any of the boys could answer, Takamichi called out again with a smile, "I see the first two of the welcoming committee's met you guys. Glad to have you aboard the teacher's board…Negi-sensei.", he chuckled, "Who would've thought, eh?"

Negi scratched the back of his head in embarrassment as Takamichi went on, "And you, Seiji…you're gonna love it here. The library's one of the biggest in Japan. You'll probably think you've died and gone to heaven." Seiji blushed in embarrassment at this. Konoka seemed to have a thoughtful look as she heard this. She turned to the two boys and asked, "Library? Sensei? Does this mean…?" Negi finished, "Why yes…"

The two boys, as well as Laz, bowed respectfully as Negi went first, "My name is Negi Springfield. I'll be your new English teacher." Seiji was next, "And I'm Seiji Crevantes; new Assistant Librarian for the Mahora Academy's library." He then pointed to Laz, "and this is my younger brother, Lazarus Crevantes."

Konoka had a questionable look on the brother's age, but that was interrupted by a huge outburst from Negi's left, "I…I…I'LL KILL HIM!" Evidently, Asuna was less than pleased about Negi being the new English professor, than with Seiji as assistant librarian. She shouted in protest and disbelief, "What kind of sick joke is this? You're no older than me or Konoka!"

Thankfully for the boys, Takamichi chose that moment to emerge from the building, defusing the situation. "Calm down Asuna. These boys are a lot brighter than they appear." Konoka walked up to Seiji and smiled, "This is great; I'm in the Library club. I guess this means I'll be asking you for help form now on." Seiji scratched the back of his head, "Heh, yeah I guess so."

"Well, he'd have to be. And you'd have to anyway, Konoka", Asuna pointed out, not liking this at all.

"You'll find out for yourself you know, since Negi here is taking over my class.", Takamichi replied.

She stepped backward, a look of complete and utter shock on her face once again, as she pleaded with almost teary eyes, "You're not serious Takahata-sensei! If…if he replaced you it would…" "Break your heart?", Laz finished casually. Asuna absentmindedly nodded, "Yeah! Break my…!", she stopped talking as she realized what Laz had stated. She then forgot all about the big guy and went for the closest one she could get her hands on, which was Negi.

She shook him by the collar of his jacket as she shouted, "HEY, WHO ASKED YOU? OF ALL THE STUPID, UNFAIR, UNREASONABLE…YOU NIT! YOU NOTHING! YOU…!" Unfortunately, the redhead didn't realize that Negi was allergic to criticism as he sneezed. The powerful gust from the sneeze caused Asuna's clothes to blow off her, leaving her standing there in nothing more than her underwear, which was a light pink bra and wool bear panties. She immediately dropped to the ground, blushing furiously and screaming in shock as she realized her beloved Takahata-sensei saw her like she was.

The only thing that went through Negi, Seiji, and Takamichi's head was one thing, 'Wool Bear panties?'

Negi, feeling more than a little sorry for what he did, put down his backpack, shrugged off his coat, and offered it to Asuna, "Here; my humblest of apologizes."

She looked up at Negi, fixing him with a questioning death glare before she grippingly accepting it and pulling it on. The six of them walked inside with Seiji thinking, 'I smell a bad omen from this girl…a really bad one.', but before her face was out of focus, he noticed a small smile from the girl, almost as if she was kind of happy of Negi's chivalrous deed.


Soon after they had entered the building, Takamichi made an excuse, saying he had something to attend to elsewhere, and departed, leaving me alone with the two girls. The long dark brown, haired one, she introduced herself as Konoka, offered to show the boys to the head master's office so they could let him know that they had arrived. Unsure of how to respond exactly, the three simply bowed while giving each their thanks. Obviously this proved to be the right thing to do as she smiled at them warmly, giggling slightly. The other girl, Asuna, now dressed in workout sweats until she could get her spare uniform, simply stood there with her arms crossed over her chest, even though the two fifteen year olds could feel a definite reduction in her level of hostility.

As they walked, Konoka struck up a conversation with Negi, asking me a little bit more about them. "So Springfield-sensei, where do you come from?" she asked him with a smile as he simply said, "Well I come from a small country called Wales, it's on the western border of England." He then smiled, "And please Konoka-san, call me Negi."

She blushed once again at his words, while Asuna continued to fume silently. If Seiji hadn't known better he would have assumed she was jealous of the attention her friend was getting.

"So what about you, Seiji? Do you come from Wales, too?", she asked him getting his attention. Seiji cleared his throat as he gave her a half smile, "Well not really, my parents and I moved there seeing that our old home got trashed." Konoka lowered her head in shame for bringing that up, "I'm sorry…I shouldn't have brought that up if I offended you." Seiji just waved it off as he stated, "Ah, it's nothing to worry about; it's all in the past." She then looked over to Laz and asked, "So is he a relative, Seiji? You two almost look alike."

Seiji cleared his throat and smiled, "Pretty much; he's my younger brother." Konoka had a confused look on her face as she asked, "Younger brother? But shouldn't it be the other way around?" Seiji groaned at that question as someone once again during this question couldn't come to the conclusion that maybe Laz was just big for his age.

Negi couldn't help but smile slightly at her misinterpretation between Seiji's and Laz's ages; this scene always made him laugh as most people thought that Laz was the oldest, but only Negi and Seiji knew the truth.

Of course Asuna chose that moment to make her opinion known. "Oh marvelous, so he comes from some little country no-one has ever heard off which seems to be cold and wet, fantastic.", she said sarcastically as she rolled her eyes. "and the other dweebs are probably from some backwater country with a name you cant even pronounce."

"Asuna, that wasn't very nice.", Konoka replied, trying to imply her to apologize to the newest staff members of Mahora Academy. She could already tell that Negi didn't care, but Seiji was on the verge of losing it, if not for his brother's attempts to hold him back.

She shrugged, not caring if she offended the bozos who took her beloved Takahata-sensei's place or would make things worse, "Big deal, I just a want to get to the head master's office so your grandfather can tell us this is a huge misunderstanding and everything can go back to normal, ok?" Konoka frowned slightly at Asuna's words but remained silent. Negi was more than a little peeved by her attitude but having witnessed her reaction to Takamichi; he understood why, but Seiji was already giving her the Stink Eye.

Although neither boy ever really had a crush on anyone, according to what Negi's sister, it can be a very difficult time, especially if the person you have a crush on is someone who may not return your feelings. From what Seiji saw, she was probably going to stay mad at his friend for quite a while, and until she finally accepted it, he knew that Negi and she were going to have to grin and bear with each other, just like any proper English gentleman would. 'Man, I'm so lucky I don't have to worry about having a girlfriend for some time.' Seiji thought as they neared the head master's office. Boy was he in for a surprise.

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