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The Next Day

Mahora Library

It was pretty much Sunday, and nobody ever came to the library on this particular day. Though there were those who stayed and worked part time during this day. One of them was Yue, who was on her break at this time, reading books based on one subject: Alchemy. So far, she had been pouring her heart and soul into the ancient arts for a while now. Ever since she saw the display of both Magic and Alchemy that both Seiji and her teacher, Professor Negi Springfield, had shown in their respective arts. She had wanted to try both, but some books said both powers clashing together was a dangerous step; only more skilled users could use both… in which they had not existed yet. Magic seemed like a pretty good subject for her to adapt in; with using healing spells, summoning skills, and the occasional broom riding. However… Alchemy had a much more practical use; and considering that her grandfather was a philosopher, which was a lean towards Alchemic science…

"This is way too heavy," Yue groaned as she looked over the books, nearly giving herself a migrane, "How on earth can anyone learn this stuff and not get a headache from all this?"

"You need a pretty powerful brain," a familiar voice sounded from behind her.

Yue turned around, and immediately frowned as to whom it was. It was the new State Alchemist that now worked alongside Seiji and his newly appointed group of young teenaged state alchemists, Asuka Habuki, the newly titled Inferno Alchemist, was present on this Sunday in the library before Yue herself. She was dressed in a yellow tight t-shirt, which showed off her C-Cup chest, a red short sleeved vest, a black mini-shirt with a white belt on, and a pair of mid-calf high heel boots. On her was a red and white one shoulder strap book bag, and latched to her belt, was her State Alchemist watch on the ready.

Asuka shrugged as she replied, "Oh, don't let it get to you. It takes nearly a great deal of years until it finally sinks in; that, or you just need to pay in with enough effort." but then, she went into one of her blushing daydream faces again, as she cooed out, while lightly touching her facial cheek, "Or… you'd have to be an extraordinary genius like my beloved, Mr. Metal, the Fullmetal Alchemist."

"Mr. Metal?" Yue asked, not sounding impressed.

But her blush disappeared, and in its place, a fire of burning anger arose in her as she shouted, "But for some odd reason, his attention is drawn to that bookstore, Nodoka Myazaki! I don't get it! She's not that beautiful; more like pretty than gorgeous. So why is he even interested in her?"

Now Yue pretty much knew the truth: Seiji and Nodoka were starting out as friends… romantic friends, at best. But deciding to rub salt into the wounds, she went with it as she pointed out, "Probably because she's an intellectual. I've noticed that Seiji isn't the kind of guy who goes for a girl on just their looks."

"SHUT THE HELL UP!" Asuka shot out angrily at the philosopher girl comically, "I DIDN'T ASK FOR YOUR STUPID OPINION ANYWAY!"

Not changing her facial expression from the outburst, but seemingly sighed, "Wow, scary."

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