Powerless God

Rating: PG13; really sad.

Disclaimer: I'd really like to, but I don't own FMA and its characters. They all belong to Hiromu Arakawa-sensei. I just own this idea and this drabble.

Notes: A 100 words drabble. To improve my English and share my FMA love. And 'cause baby Aru and Edo are too cute.


At the age of ten, Edward was nothing but a powerless God.

He couldn't even clasp stronger the grab on his little brother's hand; he couldn't save him from that black devastation that hurt repeatedly his eyes, burning and wearing them out.

That place was so empty to fill his heart of memories, just to not forget being alive.

Edward sobbed, and wetted his fingertip on his own blood; it was the only thing he still had.

His hands could do everything, but he owned nothing.

In his mind, there was just a red circle that gave him back hope.


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