"Kyouya! What are you wearing!" Tamaki's gasped, scandalized.

Kyouya looked down at his outfit in confusion. It's just a pair of slacks and a shirt. He looked back up at his boyfriend and raised an eyebrow. The rest of the Host Club looked back and forth between their kings.

"Your pants are so tight!" Tamaki's lower lip wobbled as he eyed the dark haired boy.

Tamaki strode forward quickly and stood behind him—his body pressed close to Kyouya's. The shadow king let his eyes slip shut for a second as he savored the feeling before pulling away. He'd only moved a foot when he felt hands cupping his backside.

"Tamaki what are you doing!" He spun away from the blonde, his own hands coving his ass.

"But Kyouya! You've got back!"

"I have what?"

"Back! Like baby got back." He said—as if that explained everything.

Kyouya stared at him for a long moment before picking up his notebook and sashaying across the room. Tamaki watched his hips swing while saliva pooled in his mouth.

"Wow, he does got back!" Hikaru whispered loudly.

Kyouya smirked as Tamaki went white and his soul flew out of his mouth.