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Chapter 1: New School Year.

Warren Peace climbed the few stairs up to the front doors of his high school. Sky High was the only place to get trained as a superhero or sidekick. His long dark hair fell in front of his face as he climbed the steps slowly, almost reluctantly. Sky High was where both of his parents had gone to school; they'd met there, in fact. But now his dad was in solitary confinement and his mom was dead…

"Hey, Hothead!" someone called out from behind Warren.

He turned around to see his best friend, Will Stronghold, approach with his girlfriend, Layla. Both of them were in the hero-track. Will was a double threat: he could fly and had super strength, both inherited from his superhero parents, The Commander (ugh) and Jetstream. Layla could control plants.

Warren smiled widely at the two and waited on the last stair for them to close the gape. Layla gave him a quick hug and Will clapped him high five.

"So, Stronghold, how was your summer?" Warren fell into step with his classmates, walking toward their lockers.

Will shrugged. "Not too exciting. I helped my parents out a little." Will opened his locker, managing to only break one hinge instead of pulling the entire door off. He smirked. "I think I forgot how to control my powers."

Layla laughed. "I doubt that." She turned her attention to the other boy. "Not that you asked me, Warren, but I spent my summer helping out at a community garden. What did you do?"

Warren's smile vanished. "Working at the Paper Lantern. And SOME PEOPLE never showed up." His eyes narrowed at his friends.

"Sorry, man. We were kind of busy." Will grabbed Layla's hand and started toward class. "See you later in gym."

Warren waved over his shoulder and grabbed a book out of his locker. He always had a book with him. He loved to read.

The bell rang as he grabbed up his books. As he turned to start toward the mad science lab, he watched a girl with long blonde hair run into a nearby classroom. Freeze Girl. They had dated a little last semester, but she ended it because he was 'too much for her.' He shook his head, disgusted at what he'd seen in her. Then he started for class.

"Hey! Where's your hall pass?" A clear, strong feminine voice called to him from behind.

"I don't have…" Warren turned toward the voice and stopped in mid-sentence. A beautiful brunette with long curly hair was standing, hands on hips, not five feet from him. "One."

She took a clip off the edge of her t-shirt and twisted her hair up quickly into it. She tilted her head to both sides, as if stretching. Then she cracked her knuckles and took a step closer to him. "I'm afraid you'll have to come with me to Principal Powers' office."

Warren's mouth fell open. Was she serious? The bell just rang. "I don't think that's necessary. The bell just rang…There are a lot of people not in class." He took a step toward her, his temperature rising at the feeling of a coming duel. He couldn't wait to see how this girl would defend herself against his fire.

The girl looked up and down the hall. Then she put her finger to her cheek, tapping lightly. "Well, I don't see anyone else…what did you say your name was?"

"I didn't." He closed the gap completely. He was approximately six inches taller than her and a great deal more muscular. He smirked and held out his hand to her. Let's test her, he thought. "Warren Peace."

She took his hand, shaking it slightly. "Ah, the resident bad boy. Yeah, I know about you." She smiled at him briefly; then her face twisted into a look of concentration and a second later, Warren was on the floor, on his back, staring up into her jade green eyes.

The wind had been knocked out of him. But more puzzling to Warren than how she ended up flipping him was the fact that his flames hadn't worked. And he'd been trying to use them.

"All right, tough guy. Let's get up and high tail it to Powers' office. NOW." She dragged him to his feet and started herding him down the hallway.

After a few knocks, the girl led the way into the inner office. Sky High's principal was standing at the window behind her desk, staring at some paperwork. She turned around as the two students walked in.

"Yes, Miss James?" She raised her eyebrow at Warren. "Mr. Peace?"

Warren collapsed into a chair in front of the principal's desk, sighing heavily. He'd been through this routine before. He smiled cheekily at Powers and shrugged (A/N: Think when he says "Then I'm in" to Layla in the caf). "You'd have to talk to your bodyguard over there."

Principal Powers returned her attention to the girl. "Well?"

The girl took her clip out of her hair and shook it loose. "He was in the hallway after the bell rang. Without a hall pass." She smiled at the principal. "I was doing my duty as hall monitor."

Principal Powers smiled. "Miss James, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but how about you not bring anyone in RIGHT after the bell." She tapped the girl on the shoulder. "Wait about five minutes. Teachers will take care of the other few students before that period."

The girl's eyes fell to the floor. "Yes, ma'am." She turned her body toward Warren, who was sitting legs spread apart, hands behind his head, watching. "I apologize for using excessive force, Mr. Peace."

The principal's mouth dropped. "Excessive force?"

"Don't worry about it." Warren stood up and shook it away with his hand. "I've been punched multiple times by Stronghold. I can handle a flip onto the floor."

The principal rolled her eyes, gave Miss James a few warnings for the future, and pushed the two students out her door.

The girl looked to be kicking herself mentally. Warren raised an eyebrow in question, but started walking away.

"I just don't understand!" She moaned. "I'm supposed to watch out for meandering students and take them to her office. I'm supposed to uphold all the school rules."

When Warren looked back at her over his shoulder, he saw she had tears in her eyes. He felt really uncomfortable standing there, watching a girl who had just thrown him over her shoulder cry. He cleared his throat and walked back to her. He patted her awkwardly on the back. "Um. It's okay…?"

She gave him a watery smile. "Thanks. I don't mean to be such a sissy. I'm on these new meds that make me a little crazier than usual." She laughed brightly, making him smile in return. She wiped her eyes and held out her hand to him. "This is a real introduction, so don't worry," she added as he looked at it skeptically. "I'm Verity."

Warren shook her hand and felt a strange sensation like ice run through the veins in his arm. "You know me. Verity…That's Latin, right?"

She nodded, her smile increasing. "My mom has Italian roots." Her gaze turned wicked. "You realize it has been five minutes."

Warren held up his hands in surrender, almost dropping his book.

Verity's eyebrow went up. "Beowulf?" Her grin returned. "I preferred Grendel." Her eyes seemed to go out of focus. "It's always nice to hear the monster's side of the tale."

For a few minutes, Warren felt uncomfortable, watching Verity stare into space. She was obviously lost in her thoughts, and he didn't want to disturb her. But something about her was bothering him. So he asked.

"What's your power?" He blurted it out, before he could change his mind and torture himself all day.

Verity snapped back to life. "Oh, I'm a neutralizer. I'm like a human form of the detention room. Thus the reason you couldn't set me cooking." She smiled again. "Well, by all rights, I should be able to write you up. But seeing as it's my fault you're late." She pulled out a pad from her pocket and wrote an excused note. "Give this to your teacher and it'll make your tardy go away." She winked at him. "See you around."

Warren watched as Verity walked away. He had a feeling he'd be seeing a lot of the girl in the coming weeks; after all, he was a troublemaker. His smile returned as he started for class. This was definitely going to be an interesting new year…

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