Forget Me Not

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Chapter Six

"Where did you find them? Nobody saw you this time, did they? If I find out you brainwashed everyone in that pub again I swear!"

"Wouldn't that be a shame? Where do you think they were?" Mia said distastefully, she had obviously made a sour relationship with him. To Mia's despair her powers seemed to be useless against White. To top it off her hand-to-hand combat was nothing compared to his; Psy-ops unit could pack a punch but they weren't genetically engineered to fight.

"That attitude isn't gonna get you, or Dougie any place. In fact it will just get you dead." White sneered. Max coulda laughed if the situation wasn't so serious, they were acting so childish.

"Well that isn't very nice" Mia crossed her arms over her chest. "Where is my Dougie?" she pouted.

"Safe... You aren't going to see him or leave this place until you finish this."

Mia had purposely been stalling. If she had wanted to brainwash Alec and Max she would have. She had been hoping Max and Alec would figure out that something was going on and leave. She had even picked a fight with Alec, in hopes that it would drive them away. It was pointless though, she knew this.

Over the past couple weeks she had been spying on the couple, waiting for the right time. White had her low jacked though, she couldn't just approach them. Also Dougie would be at stake, as cool as she thought they were, Dougie was her everything. Mia was nearly caught that one day in front of Max's. The two dumbfounded love birds were too busy gawking at each other to get away. That left Mia no choice.

She had to do it. "Yeah well tonight should be enough."

"Mia? What the hell are you talking about?" Max and Alec had been quiet for the most part, still shell-shocked about the whole scene before them. How could they not have noticed? Both chained to the cement walls, cuffs around their wrists.

"Shut-up!" White snarled while stepping toward her in attempt to slap her. Alec intervened with his extra foot of chain. He grabbed White's arm with his hand-cuffed wrists. White punched him with his free fist instead.

Max swung forward only to be reminded of the chain that kept her wrists bonded to the wall. She glanced toward Alec, blood slowly seeping from his nose. White noticed her gesture and smiled in a sickeningly sweet way.

He'd been using their weakness against them all week. Love makes you weak. Weak in the knees, heart, but mostly in your mind.

"If you are smart you won't try that again." White kicked Alec, making him drop to his knees. "Tighten his chains!" he growled at the guard.

"Well I guess I'm pretty stupid then" Alec grimaced, Max frowned. He was gonna get himself hurt, or worse. Angered bubbled within Max. She had an even stronger urge to kill White.

"Fine, you won't let her answer my question, you tell me. What the fuck are you doing? Cuz if you're gonna kill us shut up and do it."

"My, my 452 you really should watch that mouth of yours... Minor brainwashing and reindocteration. Then I get paid big bucks to send you two good solders to the new and improved Canadian Manticore facility."

Max flinched. Some how this just didn't surprise her. Neither Alec nor Max had seen or heard from the other Transgenics.

"Soo what? You decided it would be more fun to play with us?"

"Well..." White touched Max's neck softly, as if she were his prey. "Maybe... but it was Deck's idea, I just played along really. I wanted to kill you myself though, among other things" she tried to move away from his touch but it was useless, she was immobile Alec swallowed containing his rage, the guard had long since tightened his chains and there was no way to help Max this time.

Feeling as helpless as she did, she spat at him. Then satisfied watched the clear liquid drizzle down his cheek. "You're a pig." she smirked as he raised a hand to wipe it away. He punched her in the face, she didn't make a sound. Max had expected that, but anything was worth the look of surprise when she made him look like a fool.

"That's fine 452 because it won't be much longer and you'll be a brain-washed zombie killing for Manticore again. Guards put this filth in a cell" he ordered while gesturing to the two transgenics.

Alec and Max were dragged down a long dark hall to an end cell. There cuffs were removed. Max managed to kick one guard in the balls and put his reproductive organs out of commission. Alec cringed and then snickered, thinking that at least he wasn't the one on the other side of her boot this time.

Neither said a word, the only sound either one heard was that of Max's feet scuffing the ground as she paced the small space. It was eerie sitting in the cell that reminded her very much of Manticore. Finally Alec broke the silence though.

"So ya got a way to blow this cookie joint?"

"Nah... You?"

"No... Well we could always get that non-existent dynamite and make White eat it."

Max continued with her pacing and again the dark room was overcome with a thick silence. Alec watched her having nothing better to do.

"Hey Max?"

"What?" she stopped short.

"Could ya stop?" she snorted and went back to pacing.

"Alec?" she stopped after another five minutes and forty eight seconds of nothing. Alec had been counting.


"Do you think Mia can actually brainwash us? Wipe away all of our memories? I mean I went through reindocteration but it wasn't like that... you were... ya know?"

"She can. I mean she can get us to do anything. She could get us to jump off a bridge if she really wanted. She did make me compliment Logan, remember."

She laughed. It was hollow. "Yeah, and here I was thinking that hell was gonna freeze over... I guess it already did." She finally stopped pacing to Alec's relief. It was driving him insane, and making him a little edgy. Max climbed on the bed that clung to the wall and sat next to Alec.

"Do you think they got Josh?" she questioned out of boredom.

"Nah, I think that Mole would sink the ship before he surrendered to Manticore."

"Well thanks, that made me feel much better" she mumbled.

"No problem" he smirked.


"What?" he asked with concern.

She looked up to him staring intently back at her.

"I just want you to know since we're gonna forget everything... I appreciate everything you do, I mean... I'm sometimes the biggest bitch on earth and you still stick with me... You're the one normal thing in this screwy life..." she trailed off in her own thick emotion.

"You wanna know the reason why I hung around all that time?" Max shrugged.

"To annoy the living hell outta me?" she grinned.

"Well that too but... all those times you saved my ass. Well... at first I felt like I owed you one... Then I-I..." he stopped cold.

"You what?"

"I... I fell in love with you" he whispered.

Still holding eye contact there faces gravitated toward one another. Their lips met in a sweet, hot, gut wrenching kiss. Max rested her head on his chest and mumbled "I love you too... sorry I took so long."

"You were worth the wait" he whispered, stroking her hair.

Max smiled, she was gonna enjoy this for as long as she could.

The End

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