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Chapter one: Trust.

Sara parked her car in front of what could be called the oldest and most dilapidated edifice she had ever seen. She did not know if she could even call it a house. It was dark and late at night so she did not have a good view of it but she could still see that it was made of wood; wood that had rotten and was covered with ivy. The shutters that were not broken were closed. There was a veranda but it was covered by so much dust that she could not make out what was on it. The house seemed to be big, almost a manor. A cold shiver travelled down her spine as she looked at it once again. She took a deep breath… there was no turning back now and even if there was she knew she would not. She wanted to be here. From the moment she let that door open, she knew that this moment would arrive. She would never admit it but she lived for this moment. Even if she tried not to, she hoped that he would contact her. That is what he did. Firstly, with a phone call that blew her away (she would never forget the sound of his voice broken by tears) and then with origami cranes that he kept sanding every two days. They were a secret code that led her in front of this house, once she had solved them.

She opened the door and slowly got out of the car. She quietly closed the door and headed toward the veranda. She stood before the door and looked around herself, to check that she had not been followed. She knocked three times, waited a second, knocked again two times and then one last time. She let her arm drop to her side and events of the last couple of months flashed in her mind as she waited for an answer. The first time she met him, the first insulin shot she gave him, the first warm smile he gave her, the first time she got lost in his unbelievable blue eyes during the riot. The time she felt her heart drop in her chest when she discovered he was married, the look of desperation in his eyes before Lincoln's execution, their first kiss, and the way he softly whispered sweet words to her. Then she remembered her overdose and when she woke up in her cold hospital room, the thought of never seeing him again made her want to cry her eyes out.

She heard footsteps coming from behind the door and felt her pulse quickening. She shifted slightly from foot to foot and waited with a mixture of fear and excitement for the door to open.

"Hi Doc." Lincoln said grabbing her by the arm and dragging her inside, closing the door behind him after the usual check out. They stood in the dark for a few seconds before someone switched the light on. They both turned around to see Michael standing a few feet away. He threw a questioning look at his big brother. "Don't worry, it's all clear." He said. Michael nodded with relief and finally looked at Sara.

"You came." He said and she could hear the relief and the hint of happiness in his voice. She would have smiled if the situation were not as messed up as it was.

"I did." She said sternly.

"I'm gonna see what V. and LJ are up to." Lincoln said uncomfortably and Michael smiled gratefully. "It's good to see you, doc." He added with a smile and she smiled back. As she watched him walk away, she saw the gun that was hanging on his belt. She knew she should feel frightened knowing that three ex armed convicts were in this house but she was not.

"How are you?" Michael asked lamely but she heard the deep concern in his voice.

"I'm fine." She answered trying to keep her tone cool but he noticed that she avoided his eyes. It reminded him of the time at Fox River when she was trying to keep her tone and concerns at a professional level. A small smile made his way to his angelic face when he realised that she was still making a terrible job at it. Sara looked around the hall and was surprised to see that the inside of the house was better looking and less frightening than the outside of the house. She felt his eyes on her and felt a warm feeling grow in the top of her stomach. He looked closely at her as if to make sure that she was really here, that she was healthy and hoped that if she came all the way here it was because somehow she forgave him. She still looked beautiful. He noticed that her hair were a little darker. They still had a reddish colour that he loved so much; he smiled thinking that the new shade brought more sexiness to her lovely face and wondered how on earth she managed to look this beautiful, no matter what the situation was. After long minutes of unbearable and awkward silence, he decided to speak.

"Uh… we should probably head to the kitchen; it will be easier to…"

"Talk." She finished for him and he nodded. He led her to the kitchen and she smiled as she entered. Despite the surreal ness of the situation, their kitchen looked like any other kitchen in the country. She knew it must be Veronica's work, seeing how clean and tidy it was; there was no way three men could keep a kitchen as clean as this one was, never mind three men on the run. She silently sat on one of the stool next to the counter and watched, rather amused, as he headed nervously toward the fridge.

"Do you want something to drink?" he asked gently and the soft yet confident sound of his voice send goosebumps down her arms.

"Sure, whatever you have." She replied. The casualty of the scene almost scared her. But when she thought about it, they always found themselves in extreme situations, the prison, the riot, bad injuries but somehow there always was a casualty between them, as if they knew each other for longer than they actually did. He brought two cans of coke and sat opposite to her.

"Sorry, we're uh… kind of limited on furniture and dishes. The glasses are in the dishwasher." He said with a small smile.

"And yet you have a dishwasher." She said making him chuckle lightly. "So you're safe here?" she finally asked, cutting him off guard.

"I think we are. Abruzzi told me about this place a while ago when we were still at Fox River. Apparently, nobody knows about it. Therefore, if nobody followed you, we should be ok." He said trying to reassure her. "I didn't think you would come." He finally revealed and she looked down at her hands, refusing to look for too long in his crystal blue eyes, afraid that she might loose what was left of her self-control.

"I must be crazy." She mumbled sighing and he felt guilt overwhelm him once again.

"It's not the word I would chose." He said softly, making her look up at him again.

"Please, Michael, don't do that." She said calmly but with force. "We've been through this before and if I recall correctly it didn't end up too well." she said trying to hide as much emotion as she could. "I came here tonight because I wanted to know why you kept contact with me. You know, I'm really confused." She said looking at him without blinking. "I thought I was a pawn in your plan and now your plan has succeeded, you saved your brother's life so why do you…"

"Because you're in danger." He cut her off. "They know you helped us." He said his eyes shining with worry, concern and guilt. Sara sighed not knowing what to do or say. She wanted to believe him and deep down, she did but the whole conspiracy thing was too big. She had too many things going on in her life right now; she could not deal with something this huge and complicated.

"I know what you must be thinking. I lied to you so many times, why should you believe me now…"

"No Michael it's not the problem." She cut him off and his brow creased questioningly. "I won't say that I wasn't mad at you because that would be a lie," she said looking at her can and he lowered his gaze as well. "but I understand now. Well, not entirely, because there are still a lot of blacks that I need you to fill but I get that you were doing it for your family. I'm sure Lincoln is innocent and I think what you did was brave." She explained.

"Yeah but I've done way too many mistakes. I shouldn't have used you or anybody for that matter." He said and the sincerity of his words broke her shield a little bit.

"You had to and somehow, in an odd way, I respect what you did. Plus if I didn't believe that, I would never have left that door open that night." She said with a small smile that brought a genuine one to his sweet lips. She looked at them for a second, remembering their warmth and softness. The memory send shiver down her spine and turned to look at the closed window. At that moment, LJ came in.

"Hi." He said embarrassed. "I didn't mean to interrupt." He said apologetically, looking back and forth between his uncle and the woman he assumed was the one causing so much pain to him, Sara. "Just wanted a drink." He explained heading to the fridge.

"It's ok." Michael said. "LJ this is Sara, Sara this is my nephew LJ." The two smiled at each other.

"Are you staying with us?" the teenager asked making both adults shift uncomfortably on their seats. He smirked. "Sorry." He said even if he did not seem to mind it.

"Yes." Michael finally answered making Sara and LJ look at him in disbelief. Sara's mouth hung open and Michael saw a flash of anger cross her beautiful chocolate eyes.

"If you think I'm going to stay here you three ex armed convicts and their attorney while they're in the run, then I suggest you to go back to that shrink of yours." She said.

"You have to stay." Michael insisted ignoring her harsh words.

"Michael, I can't stay with you. You're crazy!" she said getting up suddenly. "I have a life, it's not great but it's what it is and I can't leave it to go on the run with you." She said utterly shocked that he was actually considering this possibility.

"You're in danger, I put you in danger. I hurt you enough already, I won't let that happen again." he said simply, his eyes looking through hers.

"Michael, stop it, I'm not in danger, I'm fine. Nobody is after me." She said trying to reason him.

"What about that new friend of yours." He said and her eyes widened.

"You know about Lance?" she asked but then she remembered she was talking and dealing with Michael. "I shouldn't be surprised." She mumbled and LJ smiled, taking a sip of his coke.

"I wasn't spying on you. I just saw you with him the other day when I was with Veronica. Sara, you have to trust me, this man is dangerous."

"You don't even know him." she shouted.

"But I do." LJ said sadly and she turned to look at him, confusion readable on her features. "He killed my mum and my step father. This man is not dangerous, he's the devil. He has a mission and would do anything to accomplish it." He said his voice filled with rage and his eyes watering. Sara took a few steps back, completely at shock by what she just learned. She let him into her apartment. She wanted to help him. Utter chock left place to anger. Why all the men in her life treated her like she was the worthless thing? She turned around and Michael was faced with her back. She would not let him see her cry.

"I'm sorry Sara, I'm so sorry." He said coming closer to her. He wanted to put a hand on her shoulder, hold her close to him, protect her forever but he knew he could not. "I know you must be confused…"

"Try something else." She said bitterly.

"Sara, I need you to tell me what he knows about you. How much information about yourself did you give him?" he asked. She turned around.

"You want to know if I talked to him about you, about us, about your brother?" she asked angrily.

"I'm sure you didn't talk to him about me or Linc." He said reassuringly and her features which were torn by distress, softened at the sound of his trustful words. "Please Sara," he pleaded. "I need to know, to help you." He added.

"He doesn't know much apart that I'm an addict and what the papers said about me. What I did was bad enough but I had to be the vice-president daughter." She said her tone monochord. Michael nodded and sat back on his stool, lost in his own genius world. Sara sat next to him and LJ was about to disappear from the door when his uncle called him.

"LJ, go get Linc and Veronica. We need to get ready." He said and his nephew nodded. LJ headed toward the door again.

"Sara whatever happened…" but Michael interrupted himself, looking above Sara's shoulder his eyes wide open in a mixture of shock and anger. Sara turned around and what she saw brought cold shiver throughout her body.

"You're not going anywhere." Kellerman said standing at the frame of the kitchen door and pointing a gun to LJ's head.

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