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Chapter four: Lost.

The ride to Kellerman's house was silent but full of complex mixes of emotions.

Veronica was anxious to get there, desperately hoping to find something that could exonerate Lincoln and stop the people she considered like her family from escaping further away from home, from her. So much had happened in so little time that she was now used to the feeling of fear and anger that she was feeling while seating in the backseat of the car.

Sara was looking out the window, lost in her thoughts, lost in her own fears. She could not believe what happened tonight, what happened the last two months. She had developed inappropriate felling for a convict, she helped said convict escape with seven other felons, overdosed and almost died and now her father was dead and she felt a painful guilt about it. She felt her throat dry and a familiar moister in the corner of her eyes at the thought of her father. She shifted slightly in her seat, sighed tiredly and fought back the tears. She knew Michael turned to look at her but she kept her gaze at the window. She knew that if she turned around she would see the concern in his eyes and she was afraid of her reaction at that particular sight. She took the most important decision of her life tonight but after everything that happened, was it the best decision? Were Michael and his plan the best choice for her? She tried to rationalize the situation, but the truth be told, there was no rationalism left to do in a time like this. She was in danger. She knew it. If they could kill her father, Governor of Illinois and nominated to the vice-presidency, there were no doubt that these people were capable of everything. She finally turned to look around at Michael who was focused on the road ahead of them. She did not know Michael well or long enough but the exhaustion she saw craved in his features made her heart ache. She was in this for only a few weeks, he was in this for three years now. In fact, he was suffering for longer than that, having the life that he had, growing without parents and with no self-esteem. Despite the pain he caused her, she could not help but feel safe with him. The guy was amazing. Sure, he had his flaws (A/N: I just can't believe I wrote this!! Lol! But I had to, you know, for the good of the story and Sara's self esteem.) but he was clearly and unquestionably, a good person with a warm and loving heart and that was the best she had so far.

As for Michael, he was once again lost in his own world. A world where all kinds of insecurities and fears reigned and where their only opponent was his faculty to think more quickly than any other human being was. He had one more person to worry about now and she was just as important for him than the rest of his family. He had to make sure that nobody would stop them from fleeing the country. Kellerman was not a threat anymore, he trusted Lincoln not to do any mistakes but the agent was not the only one looking for them; the whole country was. He kept wondering if this nightmare would ever end. All he had left was hope and he was determined to hang on that hope.

They finally arrived in front of Kellerman's house. They looked for a place to park the car and even if they wished for a nearer place they finally found one, ten feet away. Michael stopped the car and the two women looked at him with an expression he had seen too many times lately, expectation. At least, it was not T-Bag who was looking at him like that anymore. If there were not so much tension in the air, he would have laughed at the look in their eyes.

"LJ got caught here." Veronica stated, looking dreadfully at the house.

"Yeah, well as much as I love my nephew, I'm not him." Michael said looking at their surrounding. It was 1:00 AM so the only lights visible were one from the street that was almost too quiet.

"So what are we going to do?" Sara asked him.

"Two of us need to get in here while the third one stays here, in case something happens or to warn the two others when they see something or someone." He stated calmly.

"Ok and who's gonna do what?" Veronica asked, looking unsure. She did not want to be the one to stay out here alone.

"I'll stay here, you two go inside." Sara said. Michael shifted in his seat, clearly unhappy by her suggestion.

"I don't think it's such a good idea." He said. She wanted to yell at him for his late over protectiveness but he was too cute when he was worried.

"I won't be of any help in there, Veronica knows the case a lot better than I do, you'll need her more than me." She assured.

"But…" Michael began but veronica cut him off.

"Michael, stop arguing and do what you're told for once in your life." She said, looking annoyed. Michael still did not want to leave Sara behind but smiled a little at Veronica's intervention.

"Ok but be careful." He said looking intently at Sara. She had to smile at the concern and the care in his voice.

"I will." She said simply and he nodded. He reluctantly got out of the car, throwing one last worried look at Sara. Veronica and he made their way to the house, still looking over their shoulders for anything that could be a threat. They arrived in front on the door and veronica looked at Michael who was looking for something in his pants pocket. He put out keys and began to look for the one who would open the door. Kellerman was not that clever after all. What was he thinking bringing his house keys with him? As the thought crossed his mind, Michael froze .Kellerman was, indeed, a clever man. Why would he bring his keys with him? He glanced at Veronica who was looking questioningly at him. He looked at her up and down. How had she managed to get behind Kellerman unnoticed? How someone as small as herself could knock him out that easily. His eyes widened when the realisation hit him. It was a trap, all of it. He quickly spun on his feet and run toward the car, silently praying that he was wrong.

Veronica stood on the front porch, confusion almost overwhelming her. He bent over and picked up the keys that Michael had dropped in his hurry to get back to the car. She knew she should be running after him but she decided to try the key nonetheless. There were only three keys on the key holder and she quickly finished. None of them fitted. It was only then that she realised what Michael realised two minutes ago. She ran toward the car, desperately hoping that everybody was okay. She found her friend bending over the head of the car with his hands on it. His head was down; hidden by his large shoulders and she knew him well enough to know that he was probably crying. Sara was gone and her door had been left open. Veronica closed her eyes before silently making her way toward the passenger door to close it. She was about to get back next to Michael, who had not moved the slightest bit, when she saw something on the floor. She kneeled down and picked an origami flower from the ground. Next to the item, there was a peace of cotton, like gauze. She picked it up as well and from the smell, she could tell that it was saturated with chloroform. She threw it away with disgust and horror and finally made her way to Michael. She put her hand on his shoulder and rubbed comforting circles on it.

"I think it belongs to you." She whispered and he finally looked up, his face strained with hot tears. She handed him the paper flower and she could have sworn, she heard his heart break when he saw it. he took it in his hand and for the first time she saw hopelessness in his eyes.

"She had kept it." he whispered his soft voice broken by his tears. Veronica felt her own tears wet up her eyes and got closer to him, enveloping him in a sweet embrace.

"I'm really sorry Michael." She said, letting the tears fell down her freckled cheeks and she felt him tighten the grip he had on her.

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