Hello all, this is captain lyd once again. I started my epic, grand, wonderful Maddie/Esteban story…and I find myself dying to write this one instead!

The title is based on the episode 'Loosely Ballroom'. Which, I thought was very awful that they didn't have Maddie in it. Oh, well I still love it, and it paved the way for this- a very Esteban/Maddie ball of fluff.

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-captain lyd

This could be the start

Of something new,

It feels so right

To be here with you

-High School Musical

Maddie walked out of the employee changing room stuffing her uniform into her duffel bag.

She had on a baggy t-shirt, and loose sweat pants. The look contrasted oddly with the high heels that Esteban had insisted that she wore, since they were what she would be dancing in anywhere else.

Maddie, feeling a little embarrassed that even Zack could dance better than her, had finally decided to sign up for the dance lesson class that Esteban taught at the Tipton.

When she had asked him about it he excitedly agreed saying that business was running slow, and that Mr. Moseby was talking about closing the class down.

Maddie shifted her duffle bag uncomfortably to her other hand. She wasn't sure about this.

Maddie knew she was a horrible dancer, and she really had no want to embarrass herself in front of a whole classroom of people.

But that's why you're here. She told her self forcefully. So you'll know what you're doing when you really are in front of a whole classroom…like at the dance London's planning.

Stopping at the door, Maddie took a deep breath, took the handle in her hand, and pushed the door open.

To her surprise the classroom was completely empty, apart from Esteban who was clearing chairs away, and setting up a cd player.

"Hi Esteban.' Said Maddie as she looked around. 'Not to many people here yet… am I early?"

Esteban turned around and smiled. "What do you mean?' he asked. 'You're the only person who's coming."

"What?' asked Maddie incredulously, feeling more and more nervous. Now he would be completely focused on her and her awful dancing abilities. 'What do you mean 'the only one coming'?"

"Well I told you business wasn't doing so good." He said offhandedly.

"Oh, yeah, sure.' Maddie remarked scathingly. 'Gee, thanks for 'warning me', you know just so I could prepare to be completely embarrassed when I, the only student, flunks and-"

"Come now miss Maddie,' said Esteban cheerfully cutting her off. 'Let us not be getting nasty before we even begin, hmm?"

Maddie just scowled at him.

"Okay.' Esteban said as he stuck in a mix cd, and walked over to her.

'Now the first thing that you need to learn about dancing is that when you dance, you have to make people believe that you are falling in love on the dance floor."

Maddie wrinkled her nose.

'I'm serious.' Said Esteban. 'There are all different moods in music and dances, but almost all of them are rooted in love.'

'The first mood,' he said as he listened for the music to change, 'is happiness."

Esteban grabbed one of Maddie's hands and bopped back and forth snapping his fingers.

Maddie smiled at how goofy Esteban looked, and then tried to join in.

Right when felt like she was almost getting the beat of it, the music changed into a slow flighty dance that was probably Mozart or something.

"The next,' said Esteban straightening, 'is dream-like enchantment."

He put a hand on Maddie's waist, and took her hand with his other.

Maddie quickly put her other hand up on his shoulder, and tried to follow him as he danced.

Step, together. Step, together. She repeated to her self as she tried to match his steps.

Before she could really register what she was supposed to be doing, Esteban whirled her around, and the music changed again, this time to a fast pace, Mexican beat.

"Then there is 'flirtation'.' Esteban said as he started moving his feet quickly to the music. He grabbed Maddie's hand again and quickly spun her towards and away from him.

The fast moving and spinning continued, until right when Maddie felt like she was going to fall over from dizziness. Then the music changed once more.

Maddie held on to Esteban's arm so she wouldn't fall over as the room around her seemed to be spinning as fast as she was a second ago.

Esteban smiled as she shook her head to clear it.

"And last but not least,' He said grinning, 'is passion."

The cd music had switched to a blend of many fast playing violins.

Esteban grabbed her hand for a forth time, and this time held it straight out in front of them.

He put his other hand on her back and pulled her tight to him.

Slowly he swayed a little to the music, then before Maddie knew what was happening, Esteban had flung her out, so he was only holding her by one hand, pulled her back in to the frame position, and crossed the room in three long strides.

Then the music ended.

Maddie sat down on the floor gasping for air.

Esteban laughed. 'Did I mention that dancing is also good exercise?"

"What-' Maddie panted. 'there's no w- I can- how did-? There's no way."

She looked up at him. "Sorry, but there's no way I can do this Esteban."

Esteban laughed again.

"What?' he asked. 'Dance?"

"Nobody can dance just, like that!" He smiled. "I was just showing you the different kinds of dances we'll be covering. It'll take quite a few weeks to get them all down. A week for each dance IF we're lucky."

He paused and looked at her. 'Are you ready?"

Maddie stopped for a moment, then nodded.

Esteban grinned. 'Then let's get going!"