Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I don't own Princess Mononoke

Here's what I made up: Fokkusugaaru (Fokks), Kisa (kinda), Jisen (kinda), Mora, Taren

Fokks threw a dirk at her target, splitting the leaf right down the center, as usual. She heard someone crashing through the forest. She leapt up into a tree and crept along the branches.

Ashitaka was down below, peering around.

Fokks dropped down in front of him, "Hello, Ashitaka." The human jumped.

His friend fell over laughing.

Ashitaka grinned sheepishly, "Ha ha, very funny. Anyways, Asano is attacking again."

Fokks shot to her feet. "Well," she said, drawing her dirks, "Let's get going!"

Author's Note: Fokkusugaaru is Japanese for 'fox girl'. Did you know that already?