11&12 September 2006

Take It Like A Man! by Bela Luna

Disclaimer: I do not own No Rest for the Wicked ( w w w . f o r t h e w i c k e d . n e t). That lovely comic is by Andrea L. Peterson, an Icarus Falls Production.

In response to Tidah's fic challenge, as presented on the forum, meant for Skies but I wish to write it as well: Pairing: Red/Perrault. Key words: "Take it like a man!"


Red scowled at the cat from beneath her red hood. He had been staring at her in the most peculier way all morning. She felt tempted to bvare her teeth and bark, just to see what would happen. But her dignity got in the way and so she settled on pretending to reach for her axe, though it was tempting to just brandish it and calmly let out a thinly-veiled threat.

She had never seen a cat jump so high, nor one yowl so. November yelped and leapt out of his way as he fell and she stepped on his bristling tail.

November was apologising over and over, shouting over the cat's foul cursing. The cat was too busy yelling obscenities, and November was too busy trying to calm him down.

Red approached him from behind. It had probably not been the best choice of action, but when her light hand came heavily upon his shoulder, he whirled around, teeth bare and eyes wider than ever.

Red was not known as gentle to her companions, but that was simply because she knew no other way to handle a beast.

He spluttered and tried to regain his composure, but Red dug her fingers into his broad shoulder.

"What are doing?" he said, so angry that it almost came out as a whine.

Red lost her composure as well, as angry as the cat.

"Take it like a man!"

All three went silent. Red let go of the cat's shoulder violently, turning back towards the direction that they had been heading to. November soon came after her, but not without looking at Perrault with concern. The last time she had seen Red act so violently towards Perrault was when she had first introduced the two to each other.

Said cat brushed off his sleeves, but he could hide the slight shake in his hands. His visage was cool, but his eyes betrayed the small spark of fear within.

Take it like a man, indeed.


I have been doing a lot of Red/Perrault lately. I think I shall do another November/Perrault before working on the third chapter of Serenity and then taking a crack at Red/November. I am not a fan of femslash, but this type of challenge will help as a writer. And I cannot pass up an opportunity like that.