A/N: Hm.. I most definitely love Ouran Koukou Host Club:D So, I decided to write a one-shot about Tamaki/Haruhi. It's set after episode 26, I guess. So! Tamaki is not marrying Eclaire. Grr. I will never let that happen! Warning are OOCness. Enjoy.


"Ohhh, Kyouya!" The blonde king of the host club called from one side of the Third Music Room to the other. The "mom" of the club looked up, his glasses reflecting the sun that came through the open window. When Tamaki reached Kyouya, he skidded to a halt, hands on his knees, panting very slightly.

"I'm guessing this is about Haruhi." Kyouya looked at Tamaki out of the corner of his eye then closed his laptop, his attention now fully on Tamaki. Tamaki stood up, a faint blush on his cheeks. He had just finished decorating the room for the next day Valentine's Day theme. Red and pink balloons were everywhere on the ceiling, the curtains were changed to a bright red. The normal tables were set up, little crystal dishes with small wrapped candies inside. Haruhi had told them about the American tradition of celebrating this thing called "Valentine's Day" with Cupid, and candy, and love. Tamaki seemed very interested from the start of the story. Hunny was excited upon hearing the word "candy" (that boy really had a sweet tooth.) while the rest seemed mildly interested.

"How did you know?" Sparkles filled the king's eyes at the mention of Haruhi. "Haruhi is so cute! And thoughtful! And most of all, cute!" Tamaki giggled and leaned closer to Kyouya. "Don't you think?" Kyouya closed his eyes and shook his head, pushing Tamaki's head into the ground. Tamaki whimpered and stuttered out an "Itai!"

"This is about Valentine's Day, is it not? The whole scheme of getting presents and giving them to the ones you love." Kyouya raised an eyebrow at the poor blonde, who stood up defensively. "H-H-Hey! W-Who said I loved her? I just like her!"

"You finally admitted it. Took long enough." Kyouya smirked as Tamaki went back into the corner, a dark cloud over his head. Kyouya sighed. That boy was so dramatic sometimes. "Look. The best present to give her is the truth." Kyouya picked up his laptop, careful not to drop it. "Now, if you'd excuse me." He left the main room and went into one of the back rooms, leaving Tamaki to ponder what Kyouya meant.

"The truth.. hm.. how do I do that.."

"My lord!" Hikaru and Kaoru entered the room, hands in their pockets.

"The truth.. I wonder what Haruhi would like.." Tamaki walked by the twins, not saying anything. He just had his hand on his chin, deep in thought.

"Ne, Kaoru, what's wrong with him?" Hikaru turned to his brother who just shrugged.

"I don't know Hikaru, but whatever it is, maybe he'll finally admit he likes Haruhi."

"Like that would ever happen."


"Haaaaaru-chan! Happy Valentine's Day!" Hunny popped in, bunny in his arms, a medium-sized box in his hand. "Here's our present! Takashi and mine!"

Haruhi smiled and opened the box that Hunny had handed her, pulling out an identical bunny to his, only this one was yellow. "I named it Tama-chan!"

"After Tamaki?" Haruhi raised an eyebrow, failing to hold back the blush on her cheeks.

"Hai! Takeshi, Takeshi! Let's go eat cake!" Hunny bounced off, Mori following behind.

"Haruhi!" Two unison voices came from behind her and she turned around slowly. She was afraid to get the twins present, it'd probably be something really weird.

"Here!" One twin stepped forward, which Haruhi immediately recognized as Kaoru. He handed her a frame, with a picture of the host club in the middle. Though, Haruhi was in the girl's uniform. She couldn't get mad.. it really was thoughtful. The frame said "Host Club Memories" in pretty cursive writing, with their names all around. "Wow, Kaoru, it's so pretty." She smiled up at him. "Thank you."

"And here." Hikaru handed her a CD case, which she tilted her head at. "It's a mix of my favorite songs. It has the song you were listening to when it started raining when we went out that one time. The church thing, you know?" Hikaru didn't want to say date because.. well.. it felt weird. And he thought Kaoru might get a little jealous. "Just listen to it whenever it starts to thunderstorm and we're not around."

"Ah! Thanks Hikaru!" Haruhi didn't really want to say "Oh, hey, I don't have a CD player." because that would be a little rude, but she could listen to it somehow. She'd find a way.

"We're going to get dressed, you should too!" Both twins said in unison. Haruhi couldn't count how many times they had done that. They walked out of the room and Haruhi plopped down on a chair behind her. She put her gifts down on the ground next to her chair and sighed. How many were left..? Oh. Kyouya and Tamaki.

"Haruhi." Haruhi snapped her gaze up and looked at Kyouya standing before her. "This is going on your debt." Kyouya handed her a photo album which she gratefully took. "Get ready soon, the girls should be coming." He waved and walked out of the room. Haruhi flipped open the photo album and glanced through all the pictures. How did they get all of these? There was no one taking pictures when this stuff happened. Or was there..? She stopped at a picture of a happy Tamaki and a angry looking her.

"I look funny in that picture, but you look so cute!" Haruhi jumped slightly and turned to the beaming blonde behind her. "Haru-chan is so cute!" He went to hug her and she smacked his head. He fell over the side of the chair and lay twitching on the ground. "Oh! Sorry Tamaki!" Tamaki snapped up at the sound of his name. Without an ending. No 'senpai' anymore.

"I guess it's time for my present, isn't it?" Haruhi snapped her eyes up to meet Tamaki's blue ones. She noticed the atmosphere change from kidding to serious.

"T-Tamaki?" Haruhi backed up in the chair as far as she could as Tamaki put his hands on the arm rests. "What are you doing?" Tamaki didn't answer, he just leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers softly. She didn't react at first and he didn't push, just stayed there, his eyes closed, his face red as a tomato. Haruhi shifted slightly, putting her hands on his wrists lightly. She closed her eyes, kissing him back lightly. He broke away, his eyes shimmering. "Haru-chan kissed back!"

"Sh! Tamaki, sh, be quiet!" She exclaimed angrily, putting a hand over his mouth. Tamaki kissed her palm lightly and took his hand in hers, eyes finding hers a second after. "I-I.. I.. um.."

"You what?" Haruhi asked, angrily, though her face was a rosy pink. "We have to get ready for the girls soon, and.."

"I like you Haruhi!" Tamaki's eyes wandered to the ground as he stood up straight. "But.. I guess I'll go." Another dark cloud was over Tamaki's head as he started sulk away.

"W-Wait!" Haruhi called, rolling her eyes slightly at his melodramatic attitude. "I like you too, idiot. You just didn't give me time to say it." Tamaki turned around, his eyes having stars in them. "Haruhi likes me! Haruhi likes me!"

"Tamaki!" Haruhi frowed her eyebrows together and he stood next to her, grabbing her hand happily. "Hey, Haruhi?"

How could she like him? He was overdramatic, easily happy.. but all those things made her smile. "Yeah?"

"Where's my gift?"


Poor Tamaki. No giftie for him! Yeah.. I think it was okay.. maybe I could have done better. Feel free to critize it.

- Keri-chan.