Caught Again

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She felt her knees and abdomen flare with pain as she fell to the ground. She had been running for days all the while knowing it was pointless. After all… he was just toying with her now. He knew that if she rested she would be more fun to hunt. She had been separated from her team a mere three months ago.

It had been the worst day to get kidnapped… her 18th birthday. Team 7 had been assigned to visit an old friend in the Village Hidden in the Sand. Gaara. Now better known as the Kazekage. They were on their way to Sand to congratulate him. But things had gone wrong when they ran into Akatsuki. Sasuke had gone totally crazy the moment that he locked gazes with Itachi. Naruto had gone straight for Kisame who tied him to a tree in seconds. Sakura on the other hand had problems of her own. Something suddenly emerged from beneath her and grabbed her ankle. She shrieked as it pulled her down into the earth.

"Sakura!" she heard Naruto screamed. Sasuke on the other hand had no time to notice as he was now consumed in his battle with Itachi. He glanced over to her earth engulfed form and saw the pure fear in her eyes. But he didn't have time to worry about her when vengeance was right in front.

"I'll make it slow and painful Itachi!" he screamed angrily at his older brother. Itachi just smirked at this, mocking his brother. There was a long pause as the brothers glared at each other, positioning themselves for attack. Suddenly, a cold, cracked, and dark voice broke the silence.

"Looks like I've found myself a konouchi," Sakura screamed as she felt something rumble underneath her. She looked up to see the other Akatsuki members chuckling to themselves. She looked to Naruto who also shared her look of panic. She frantically looked at the ground beneath her. Her breathing became rapid. She felt light headed. Her eyes met Sasukes, his face horror stricken as he saw her eyes widen. Something had grabbed a hold of her.

There was a scream of bloody murder as a pink haired konouchi disappeared underneath the surface. An evil laugh could be heard from the ground. It rumbled with ferocity as something emerged. It was like a giant Venus Fly Trap. Sasuke recognized it as Akatsuki's very own member from grass. Zetsu. The fly trap opened revealing a black and white face. Yellow eyes gleaming and a battered, pink haired konouchi wrapped in his arms unconscious. Sasuke stared at Sakuras unmoving form, worry covering his features.

Itachi took advantage of Sasuke at that moment, pinning him to the ground by the neck.

"I was never interested in you," he sneered into his brothers ear. And with that he hit Sasuke's pressure point knocking him unconscious.

A few days after she had been kidnapped Itachi told her of her purpose. Their leader had heard of her skills as a medic and request that Akatsuki hold her captive and convince her to join their organization. At first she had refused, that had been about the first two months. Then she got smart and tried to plot her escape. Then one day, it happened. Hidan and Kakuzu had been out at a secret location with the leader as he evaluated their newest member Tobi. Deidara and Sasori were fighting on the practice field wearing each other out. Itachi was inside napping or meditating. And Zetsu had guard duty of Sakura. She took advantage. When they were caught off guard for a fraction of second, she bolted for the exit. But Sasori had noticed and in flash, he was in front of her. He summoned his puppet that attacked her with full power. Sakura brought her arms up to protect herself only to receive the bone crushing blows.

Kisame jumped in next to Sasori wanting some of the action as well. Without warning he delivered a blow to Sakura's stomach; causing her to cough up blood. While they had turned their backs to get help she leapt up into the trees. She never turned back to see Deidara walking into the house to tell Itachi the news.

Now, here she was. Her muscles ached, her stomach hurt like hell even after she had stopped for half an hour to heal it fully. Her lips were cracked and bleeding from dehydration. Her eyes drooped from lack of sleep; she shivered as she felt blood run down past her knee. She couldn't afford to sleep; she didn't trust the darkness. Her arms and legs were decorated black and purple with fresh bruises. She collapsed to the ground under the crippling pain. She had escaped 5 days ago and she couldn't help but fall. She crawled up to a nearby tree and leaned against it hopelessly trying to catch her breath. She knew deep down that no matter how much she wanted to continue; if she did… she would die.

She sat against the tree knowing that there were two sets of eyes watching her, one of them a sharingan eye.

"I know you're there Itachi, Kisame," she sighed. Her voice sounded small, weak, and scared. She lifted her head only to be met by the blood red gaze she knew so well.

"I told you the night we captured you konouchi, it's pointless to run away from Akatsuki," he said in a cold stotic baritone voice she had grown used to. There was a pregnant silence as he stared at her. When suddenly, the blue skinned, cold hearted shark man Kisame appeared behind him. His face plastered with a sickening grin that she had grown to tolerate.

"Nice to see you Kisame-san," she whispered. While in the meantime giving him a glare, which revealed all of her hatred toward the people who stole her from her teammates three short months ago.

"Awh, I think we hurt her feelings Itachi, she's addressing me properly," he sneered.

Itachi glanced at the young konouchi. She was in a huddled mass, sitting before him on the forest floor. Her muscles were shaking violently, wracking her small frame. Her blood shot jade eyes darted around in fear but at the same time drooped with pure exhaustion. Her red training outfit was torn and caked with dirt and blood. Her arms, he noticed were bruised from her "training" with Kisame, along with her beating from her battle with Sasori before her attempt at escape. Her pink hair was no longer glossy and soft looking, but matted and caked with mud and sweat.

He could see a fire burning in her eyes as she angrily glared at his partner. Kisame just stood smirking at the half dead konouchi.

"You're coming back with us," he said.

"As if I have any say in the matter," she scoffed.

"Good, then let's pick up the pace konouchi," Kisame growled.

"I have a name you know," she sneered.

"I know, I just don't give a damn," he snickered.

She had no time to respond to his remark as Itachi and Kisame had already taken off into the trees. They jumped from branch to branch, each time getting closer to Akatsuki headquarters. She wouldn't try to run away this time. She had learned her lesson one too many times before. Besides, Itachi would just kidnap her for a third time and treat her ten times worse than before.

Even though she had only been a hostage of Akatsuki for three months, she already knew all of its members and certain things about them. First, there is Itachi, cold, mysterious, and pure evil. Next is Kisame, who is pretty much the same as Itachi but bigger, taller, and a lot more perverted. Deidara on the other hand, compared to both Kisame and Itachi was a gentleman and her only friend at Akatsuki, the only one that she could talk to. He wouldn't judge her or make fun of her, he would just… listen.

Then there was Sasori, he was a piece of work. A puppet master from the Village Hidden in the Sand. He had a giant puppet called Sanshouuo. He also has two others that are literally his parents as puppets. Zetsu is nothing special, he has a split personality that is very unique and takes time to get used to. The darker side of his face is the murderer in him, the one that tells him to do bad things. The lighter side is like an innocent child. Next is Hidan and Kakuzu, they're partners just like Itachi and Kisame, and Deidara and Sasori. No one knows too much about these two except that you don't mess with them. And finally, there's Tobi. No one knows to much about him either.

Sakura wasn't anxious to get back to Akatsuki headquarters. She would be a punching bag for all of them except Deidara. He would probably be the one to heal her if she got hurt. Itachi wouldn't hurt her unless she crossed the line which hadn't happened yet. All Itachi needed her for was a medic to heal his sharingan. Nothing more… nothing less.

They finally reached the headquarters and eased through the door.

"Welcome back Sakura-san," Sasori greeted her in the polite manner he always did. His angelic features smirking happily at her. She still didn't understand how Sasori could be so sweet one moment and then utterly heartless the next.

"Will you be staying long?" the innocent voice of Zetsu asked from the corner of the room.

"Don't worry Zetsu, with Itachi and the brut watching her, there's no chance… yeah,"

She turned her gaze at the person standing right behind her. She stared blankly into his bright teal eye. His blonde hair tied up in a ponytail with the rest covering his left eye. God he reminded her of Naruto so much.

"Nice to see you again Sakura… yeah," he said, smiling brightly.

"You too, Deidara," she replied.

She gave him a saddened glance as she headed past him, down the hallway toward her room. Once she had left the room, he turned accusingly at Itachi.

"What did you do to her… yeah?" he asked.

He approached Deidara with the cold stare his eyes always held. He stood next to Deidara toe to toe, glaring down at him. He opened his mouth and sneered.

"I merely returned her to her rightful place,"

There was an angered expression on Deidara's face as Itachi walked past him, and down the hallway toward Sakuras room.

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