And now we return to the questors. Galadriel and Sauron were not enjoying themselves as much as the missing Ringwraiths were, and they were almost as ridiculous. Sauron's nerves were on edge, as they always were without his Ringwraiths, and he still did not know how to make a mirror. Galadriel reminded him daily that the agreement was that she would help find his Ringwraiths i if /i he made mirrors for her. Then Sauron would remind her that if she didn't help him find the Ringwraiths, that when he i did /i find them, it would be all over for her; the Ringwraiths would kill her and he would get the Ring back.

Galadriel: You'll never find you Ringwraiths without my assistance and you know it.

Sauron: I do?

Galadriel: Yes, you do. So you better make me a mirror right now!

Sauron: My lady, you are being unreasonable! snickers evilly Besides, I can always get the Ring back without their help, if I want to.

Galadriel: Well, you don't want to. The Ring is mine! My own! My prrrrecioussssssss…

Sauron: Don't go turning into a Gollum, lady. You're too beautiful for that!

Galadriel: Do you think so?

Sauron: Yes, lady, I do. I adore you. I worship you! I love you with all my heart! Oh Galadriel! Will you marry me and make me the happiest eye in the world?

Galadriel: Marry an eye! Never! I am far too beautiful for you! Besides, I see right through you. You are not going to get the stupid Ring back that way!

Sauron: stars to cry, then stops Stupid! You think it's stupid? Then, you must not think much of it. Why don't you give it to someone who truly values it! Like me! I'd take good care of it. I would never lose it! I would never even let it get a scratch! It would be safe with me!

Galadriel: Sorry, but b NEVER EVER EVER AS LONG AS THE WORLD ENDURES. /b Speaking of which, the world will be much nicer with me than it ever was with you. It will be pink. Or should it be white? The first thing I'm doing when I get home is turning my tower pink. And then I will paint all the towns of the world red and make the Sun ultraviolet and everything will glow in the dark! Oh, won't it be beautiful!

Sauron: Sometimes, lady, I think you are quite as batty as I am.