Cursed or Unlucky

Disclaimer: I don't own the cartoon Jimmy Neutron

Inspired by: Full of Grace (Jimmy Neutron) by soulful-sin and Rugrats No More (Rugrats) by reggaeshiko-tama

Bold – journals, newspaper, etc. Italic – thoughts. Underline – dreams

Bold and italic combination – television reports


Thirty-year old Cindy Simmons continued to prepare dinner. Chop Suey for her vegetarian teenage twins Jim and Carolyn, and spaghetti and meatballs for her eight-year old daughter Libian and herself. Life had changed a lot since she ran away from Retroville when she was nearly fourteen-years old with Jimmy Neutron. Jimmy returned she didn't.

But life turned out all right. She had three lovely children and enjoyed her life in the quiet town she lived in Virginia. She did various jobs, anything that didn't involve her having to reveal her identity too much. She was lucky enough to get her name secretly changed from Vortex. Right now she was a paralegal, the best and most public job she had.

She would've let Jimmy marry her and live happily ever after years ago, but she couldn't. Not when unlike him, she found out that he Jimmy was her half brother.