Wow! Another fic up, and it hasn't even been six months! Oh, I am improving. Yeah, anyway, onto the important stuff: This is a (late) birthday fic for mochacocoa. She requested a Roy/Ed with the word 'mocha' in it. And no, I'm not cheating by just putting it in the title (so there).
Warnings: And...then there would also be the plotless fluff. (shut up, it is too fluff With ALCHEMY.) Also contains mochacocoa's personal description of a mocha, as I have never had one before.
Disclaimer: Hahanotmine.

...I'm in a weird mood.

Roy was staring at him. Ed could tell.

For some reason, the colonel had insisted that Ed work in his office all week. Ed got upset, had ranted and yelled, but was informed that he generally didn't have a choice. Every day so far, he had stomped into the office, plopped down on the floor in a corner as far away from the colonel as he could get, and tried to get some work done.

And Roy just sat that and stared. The first day all the colonel did was chatter on and on about his girlfriends. All. Day. That got Ed irritated, but he managed to make the babble backround noise as he worked--insignificant and not worth noticing. But now, for the past few days, all Roy did was stare. No talking, no working, no nothing. All he did was sit and stare at Ed. All Ed got whenever he glared at Roy was a smile, a quesion about whether he needed a new assignment, and more staring as soon as he looked away.

So Ed was working and Roy was staring, and Ed was working and Roy was staring, and Ed was working and Roy was staring and Ed was working damnit he couldn't take it anymore!


"Something wrong Fullmetal?"


"Well?" He was smirking. Damn him.

"Well nothing! You've been staring at me for the past TWO DAYS. What do you WANT already!"

"A mocha."

Ed gaped. "Excuse me?"

Roy attempted to look innocently confused. It didn't work, but then again, he didn't really care. "You asked me what I wanted. And I want a mocha."

Ed glared, muttered about insane colonels, and dismissed the conversation as unworthy of his time. He went bak to his work.

...and there went Roy staring again.

Ed sat there and twitched for a few minutes before giving up completely. He jumped to his feet and exploded.


Roy smirked again, completely unfazed by the outburst. "I did, Fullmetal. That's why you're here."

Ed looked positively homicidal. "I am NOT getting you a cup of coffee!"

"First," Roy said, standing up from his desk, "a mocha is not just 'a cup of coffee,' as you so eloquently put it." He took a step forward. "It is a delicious, smooth drink" another step, "that perfectly blends chocolate and coffee tastes together" step "into a delicacy that delights the senses." The colonel had now effectively backed Ed into his little corner.

"Second," Roy continued, as if this was exactly how he expected the conversation to go, "You don't have to get me one."

Ed watch the colonel warily and tried to edge away. Roy stopped him and leaned in very close. "Now," he said softly, "usually I have my mochas with whipped cream, but we can save that for another time."


A few days later, Ed recieved orders to buy and deliver a mocha to the colonel, with instructions to make sure that there was a fair amount of whipped cream on top. It took several hours of fuming and Al's prodding to convince him -against all the judgement and sense that he had- to deliver the coffee, by which time the mocha was cold.

Roy discovered the temperature of his beverage and demanded that Ed come up with a replacement.

It took Ed an hour to get the whipped cream out of his hair.

Nnn...happy belated Mocha!