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Rating: K+

Authors Note: I got this idea a few weeks ago when I was watching the Angel episode- Room with a View. This song/poem was playing in the background, and I just incorporated it into my story. I didn't write that, just the one shot. Read and enjoy!

You always hurt the ones you love,

Dennis sat on the wooden chair, listening to the crooning voice coming out of the radio.

The ones you shouldn't hurt at all,

He missed her. Missed her laugh and her smile. Missed the way she depended on him.

You always take the sweetest rose,

It was so lonely now. All by himself again. Instead of being trapped in a wall, he was trapped in a house.

And crush it till the petals fall,

A couple had moved in here a few years ago, but he had scared them away. Dennis wanted no one but her back, her scent, and her life.

You always break the kindest heart,

The house was always dark now. The fair yellow walls, the crimson slashes, the lavender bed sheets. No light came from those. Not like the light of her eyes.

With a hasty word you can't recall,

Dennis always tried to help her. Never said anything bad- not that he was able to talk. But, he always tried to please her. Helped her with the visions and helped her clean the messy house. He wanted her to smile.

So if I broke your heart last night,

They had all left. Left him like a sack of nuts, a worthless nothing. They came in and packed up and never came back.

It's because I love you most of all.

Most of all, her leaving him hurt. Dennis's mother had harmed him, killed him, and tore him apart. And Cordy leaving broke him. Dennis had loved her so much.

You always hurt the ones you love.

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