Summary (extended): Gwen and Prince Max are forced into a marriage. To make matters worse; Max already has a girl he loves, Gwen wants to follow her dream and become a dancer, they hate each other, and their only teenagers! Now Gwen is stuck in the palace, her emotions been pulled this way and that. Her only companions and confidant besides her "husband" is her new brother-in-law Jonathan. But things start to get difficult when love starts to blossom in the most unlikely (and sometimes unwilling) of places.

IMPORTANT Author's note: I thought I had answered this in the last chapter, but I guess I forgot too, sorry. Many have asked me if I have seen a Korean Drama called "Goong"/"Princess Hours". This answer is no, I have not. My cousin, however, has and gave me a brief description of it, which gave me the idea for this story. I do not speak Korean, and though I know that I could watch it with subtitles, subtitles and I just don't get along. My eyes are bad enough, and subtitles give me a slight headache. Therefore, I do not know what is in the drama and how close my story is to it. If you beleive it gets to close for comfort, just tell me. But I will continue to write the story my way, I hope that is okay with you. Also, I got many e-mails asking if I could post pictures of the characters. So after grueling over this, I finally decided on the pictures. If you want to see them, there is a link on my profile called "Firefly Album" which will led you to the pictures. I also posted Gwen's wedding dress on there. So check it out and tell me what you think! Now, on to the story...

Chapter Six

"All gather at Azalea Court in the country of Danali to see the royal family; but its clear that everyone showed up to meet the crown prince Maxwell and his future wife Gwendolyn Reynolds who are getting married tomorrow in the royal cathedral. Well wishers brought gift baskets, flowers, and cards for the soon to be newlyweds."

Martha stared at the TV that her two roommates were watching and rolled her eyes, going back to her packing.

"That's right Stan. The story or Gwendolyn Reynolds has become the country's very own fairytale. The citizens of Danali are fondly calling Miss. Reynolds their very own Cinderella. The world has not seen a more loved princess since Princess Diana."

"Oh you have got to be kidding me," Martha said, looking back at the TV screen. "I'm gone for three weeks and she becomes friggin Cinderella."

A close up of Gwen and Prince Maxwell appeared on the screen. Prince Maxwell looked as stiff as ever. His arm was wrapped around Gwen's waist and he gave small, uncaring waves.

Gwen, on the other hand, was much more interesting to watch. She was giving big waves and smiling widely. Martha watched as her older sister worked her charm on the citizens of her home country, Danali. Martha would have smiled if she didn't know that the large grin on Gwen's face was her phony smile; the smile she gave when Aunt Gertrude came to visit and gave them all an awful looking hand knit sweater.

"Aww," her two roommates said as the watched Prince Maxwell pull Gwen closer and whisper something into her ear.

"Your sister is so cool," One of Martha's roommates, Jessica Arnolds, said. "She is a revolutionary!"

Martha scoffed and stuffed some socks into her suitcase. "Yeah, she's a real inspiration."

"No, seriously," her other roommate, Nellie Fletcher, agreed. "I mean, I know you're parents aren't that rich and for her to become the princess… She's going to make such a difference! I wrote my thesis for economical culture class about her! Adding her to the throne has, like, tripled the success of monarchy in your country!"

Martha stilled and raised a brow. "Oh really?"

"Yeah! How lucky is that?"

"Huh…pretty lucky," Martha mumbled while closing her suitcase and snapping it shut.

"You have got to get me her autograph!" Jessica said, a smile flashing on her face. "She's is the coolest woman out there! Hey! Maybe you could get her to come here and talk about women leadership in monarchies!"

"Uh…yeah, I'll tell her about that," Martha said. She looked in the mirror to make sure her brown curly hair looked somewhat decent. She straightened her glasses and picked up her suitcase. "Do you guys want to walk down to the lobby with me?"

"Sure!" They both said, turning off the television and jumping up.

"Want to know the best thing about your sister?" Nellie asked, opening the door and holding it open.

"What?" Martha asked while walking past her.

"Her husband is so sexy!"

Martha sighed and shook her head.


"I'm going to be sick," Gwen stated as she paced her large dressing room in her silk robe. "I'm going to be sick."

"Calm down Gwen," Caitlyn said, standing up from the sofa. She walked over to her friend and put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "It's your wedding day, so of course you're nervous. But you love Maxwell and today you'll proclaim to the world that you to will love each other for the rest of your lives."

"…I think I threw up in my mouth! Oh my god, I seriously think I just threw! I have to get out of here!" Gwen made a mad dash for the door only to be stopped by Caitlyn's grip on her arm.

"Okay Gwen, seriously, calm down. In your state of mania you almost ran into the dressing room for the bridesmaids and, trust me, that would have made you even sicker."

Gwen took a deep breath and nodded. "You're right… I need to calm down… I need to relax…"

Caitlyn smiled at her friend. "You know…it's been a long time since we've been able to talk."

A sad smile appeared on Gwen's face. "Yeah… Listen, Caitlyn, I know we haven't been able to hang out for awhile and after today we might not see each other for a long time…" Gwen felt her throat contract. "So I just want to tell you that…that…that, well, I'll miss you. I mean, you've been one of my best friends since third grade and you've always been there for me…"

Caitlyn smiled and brushed a hand through Gwen's hair delicately. "Come on Gwen, this isn't a goodbye. Remember; best friends forever."

Gwen shook her head and looked down at the ground sadly. "That promise was made between the three of us and Lydia broke it. Of course, it was my fault but she could have spoken to me about it! Ignoring me isn't going to fix anything."

"I know," Caitlyn agreed while she lightly took hold of Gwen's hand and led her to the sofa, knowing that her friend was stressed and needed to relax. "But that's just how Lydia is; remember when you flushed her favorite Ken doll down the toilet? She didn't speak to you for two weeks. She'll come around Gwen, and when she does she'll understand and support you."

Gwen sighed and rested her head on Caitlyn's shoulder. "What am I going to do without you, Cait? You are the levelheaded one, the girl who has all the answers- you're the one who's more qualified to become a princess. How in the world am I going to do this? I need you to help me!"

The red head let out a laugh and shook her head. "You don't need me, Gwen. Everyone loves you! They've declared today a national holiday and I swear the whole country is standing outside the streets waiting for you." She patted her friends head. "They see what I, your family, your friends, and Prince Maxwell see in you; you are they're princess."

Suddenly there was a knock. Gwen shot up, afraid that it was the queen or Princess Georgiana come to tell her it was time to get ready. Instead, when Caitlyn opened the door, Lydia and Mark stood on the other side.

Gwen's chocolate eyes widened. "Lyd," she said softly, not quite believing that her long time friend was standing before her after one month.

"Um, h-hey Gwen I…" She cleared her throat. "I got an invitation and… I just…"

"Why don't you come in," Caitlyn said, putting a comforting hand on Lydia's back and gesturing her in.

Lydia glanced at Gwen quickly, as if asking for permission. Gwen offered a smile. When everyone was settled Lydia started speaking again. "Gwen I… I just want to say I'm…I'm sorry; for everything. I don't know what you've been doing this past month and what you were feelings, but I know that I caused you more grief than you needed."

Gwen shook her head. "No Lyd, you don't have-"

"Yes I do," Lydia interrupted. "I know I'm the difficult one of the group but I should have been more understanding. You and Prince Maxwell obviously love each other but I was too caught up in my own grief to even consider your feelings. You must know, Gwen that I didn't act that way because of Prince Maxwell… I'm not that selfish. I was angry because… because I thought that I didn't know you anymore, Gwen. For you to do something so…out of character, it threw me off. It was like you were a completely different person; like you weren't the girl who had been my best friend since third grade…and I didn't know what to think of you."

Gwen's eyes widened at her dear friend's confession. How had everything become so messed up? Why were all her loved ones becoming victims to hurt and sorrow?

"I mean," Lydia continued, shrugging her shoulder helplessly. "In all my years of knowing you, I never thought of you as a 'Cinderella'."

Gwen let out a hallow laugh. "That is kind of silly, isn't it?"

Lydia studied Gwen, her blue eyes probing her very soul. It was as if she was seeing the brown haired girl in a new light. Did the title of princess really change people so much? For some reason, Lydia could see a tremendous difference in the young woman sitting before her and the girl who would spend her life dancing and laughing with friends. Instead of the gentle, carefree spirit shining in Gwen's chocolate eyes there was a calm sense of wisdom yet bewildering vulnerability.

"I love you Gwen," Lydia said, gently holding Gwen's hand in hers. "And I'm sorry I wasn't here for you. You're a good, kind girl; someone would have to be blind and stupid to not love you. Now, you can have everything you want, everything you need." Lydia beamed at her friend. "I can't think of anyone who doesn't deserve this more than you."

"It's not nice to insult the bride," Gwen muttered under her breath.

"Hmm?" Lydia asked, tilting her head to the side.

Gwen shook her head and forced a smile. "Nothing! Lydia, you don't have to apologize for anything, I understand."

Lydia patted Gwen's hand before standing up, Mark followed. "Well we better go. Your mom said we could sit with your family, so I want to get there before I have to sit behind your aunt Midge's afro." A small laugh escaped Gwen as she led the two to the door. Lydia kissed Gwen on the cheek. "You take care of yourself, okay?"

Gwen nodded at her blond haired friend. "I will, Lyd. Pray for me?"

Lydia laughed while she and Mark walked out the door. "Whatever for? You're living the dream, Gwen. Pray for me!"

Instead of replying, Gwen just watched as the two of them walked down the hall. She couldn't stop her eyes from widening in surprise. Mark's hand brushed against Lydia's a few times before gently taking hold of it. The blond girl looked up at the boy, giving him a smile before letting go of his hand and wrapping her arms around his.

"Weird, huh?" Caitlyn said as she came to stand next to Gwen.

"Doesn't she hate him?" Gwen was thoroughly confused.

Caitlyn laughed and shook her head. "They started hanging out about a month ago. They're not going out, they're just friends, so they say, but they've gotten close."

"Wow, I've missed so much…"

"Nah, I think it was bound to happen. I think Lydia's a lot better for Mark thank you would have been."

Gwen stiffened. "What do you mean?"

"Well Gwen, you're kind, caring, and very accepting. You would have accepted Mark and his solitude. With Lydia, Mark has to work hard… You know, he has to fight for her." Caitlyn laughed. "You know Lydia, she's so spoiled and conceited, and she won't do all the work, he has to try. You know, Mark's been sitting with us at lunch and he's a lot more…open; he actually starts a conversation now."

"He didn't start one with me," Gwen mumbled, thinking of how the boy had stayed quiet throughout his stay in the room.

"He was here for Lydia, he doesn't really have much to say to you, you know? What boy knows what to say at a wedding anyway?" Caitlyn offered a comforting smile.

"Knock, knock," Prince Jon said, tapping lightly on the opened door. He offered the girls a smile.

"Oh, Jon!" Gwen said, smiling, and fixing her hair. "I'm sorry, I'm just a mess right now…"

Jon walked in. "You look beautiful; a queen of all queens."

"Well, I do believe I was just proven wrong." Caitlyn smoothed out her dress.

Gwen let out a laugh. "Oh, right, Jon this is my best friend Caitlyn Banks. Caitlyn, bow down to Prince Jonathan."

Jon laughed. "A handshake will do just fine." He stuck out his only free hand; the other was hidden behind his back.

Caitlyn smiled and shook his hand gently. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Prince Jonathan."

"You as well, Miss. Banks; Gwen has told me nothing but good things about you. Please allow me to apologize in advance; I'm afraid it is I you will have to share the first dance with, and I'm not all that great."

"Gwen was your teacher, right? Then you must be a professional by now." Caitlyn smiled at her friend.

"She is rather amazing, isn't she?" Jon agreed.

Caitlyn laughed at Gwen's look of dismay. "Well, if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go check on the other bride's maids. Hopefully a fight hasn't broken out yet."

Jon and Gwen laughed as the red head made her exit. Their smiles held until the door slammed shut, and then their faces became more serious. It was as if a fog had suddenly fallen onto an unsuspecting fishing village.

"How mush longer?" Gwen asked quietly as she walked over to the vanity. She sat down and started patting her eyes with tissues.

"Not for another hour," Jon said, standing behind her. He looked at her reflection in the mirror. "Mother will have the dress sent here soon."

"She's not going to come?"

Jon shook his head, some of his light brown hair falling into his eyes. "She's very busy. She has to head over to the Royal Cathedral and make sure everything is ready there."

Gwen sighed and reached for the comb. "Why are we getting ready on the opposite side of town from the Cathedral? It would be so much more convenient to get ready there."

Jon nodded. "Yeah, but it's been a tradition for who knows how long. The wedding party will be driven in carriages through town to the Cathedral, for all to see. You, my dear, will, of course, be the last to go. Everyone's waiting for you."

"Ugh, how annoying," Gwen smirked. It only took a moment for the frown to come back. "Will I be…riding alone?"

"No, your father will be in there with you. You're carriage is also the only closed carriage." Jon pouted mockingly.

"Why? Afraid I'll get bird poop on the dress?"

"…You know, I think that's it." They shared a laugh before Jon cleared his throat. "So, um, I brought you something…" He trailed off somewhat shyly. He held out the hand that was behind his back and Gwen gasped and turned round sharply to look at him.

"Jon…they're beautiful…" In his hands was a bouquet of pink and white lilies, freesia, and eucalyptus.

"I know that they're not the color you wanted…"

"No, Jon, it's beautiful…" Gwen stood and took the flowers from him. She gently set them on the vanity table and pulled Jon into a hug. "Thank you so much."

Jon wrapped his arms around her. "Well, every bride deserves some happiness on their wedding day. I'm sorry you can't have everything you want."

"Its fine, Jon, the flowers are more than enough." Gwen pulled away and started wiping at her eyes again. "This is the fifth times I've cried today! But…it is the first time they're tears of happiness."

Jon smiled sadly down at her, his heart constricting. He gently cupped her face and kissed her lightly on the forehead. "I truly am sorry."

"You don't have to be, Jon…" Gwen said in confusion.

The door opened again, and in came a mass of red hair. "Gwen your dress is here!"

"I don't care if you are the crown prince," Cody Foster said as he strode into the room. "Hurt my sister and I'll kill you."

"Threatening royalty is against the law, Mr. Foster. I'd watch what you say." Prince Maxwell straightened out his tie, glaring at the older boy through the mirror.

"I don't care. All I care about is the fact that my little sister is giving up her life, her happiness, for you and your family, the least you can do is treat her with the kindness she deserves."

Maxwell scoffed. "It's not just my family she's doing this for. Your family is getting handsomely paid due to this marriage."

"We didn't force her to do this. She decided that this was best all by herself; and, frankly, I think she's wrong."

"Well, it's a good thing you have no say in this, isn't it?" Maxwell turned away from the mirror to regard his brother-in-law. "Let me tell you, Mr. Foster, your sister is going to be living in a palace, being waited on hand and foot. Everything she ever wanted, ever needed, will be given to her. Is that not what you want for your sister?"

"What my sister wants she can't get while being locked away in a palace," Cody growled, his fists clenching. "She'll never be happy."

"Ah," Maxwell nodded; brushing past Cody to sit on the comfortable sofa and look over his vows again, "Her little dancing dream. Tell me, what if she did become a dancer and she got hurt? Where would she be then? Even a few weeks off her feet could ruin her career. So, do you want your sister happy, or do you want her taken care of?"

It took all of Cody's self control not to pick the prince up then and there and slam his back into the wall. He took a deep calming breath, letting the prince's words wash over him. They made sense. For as long as he could remember, Cody had always looked out for his sisters, especially Gwen. His youngest sister, Katherine, was to shy to get into much trouble. Martha's considered a genius and she has a good dose of common sense about her. But Gwen…Gwen lived in a fantasy world where everything consisted of dancing and dreams. Of course he worried about her, her life was dancing; a risk. With one slip, one fall, her world could come crashing down, leaving a broken piece of the girl who once twirled around the room with such grace it took his breath away.

"Mr. Foster your family is getting ready to leave for the Cathedral," a man dressed in a penguin tuxedo.

"Thanks," Cody said through gritted teeth. He turned toward the prince. "Gwen's happiness means everything; her safety at the risk of her joy is a hollow victory."

"In matter of opinion I suppose," Maxwell said, shrugging.

As he walked out of the room, Cody Foster wondered briefly what the punishment would be if he helped the bride escape to Milan.

When Jonathan left walked out of the bride's room, he didn't expect the vibrant red head to follow him. Her being the maid of honor, he had only assumed she would have stayed with Gwen while she dressed into her magnificent wedding gown. But instead, the young girl had followed him and grabbed a hold of his arm, stopping him in his tracks.

"I'm sorry, your highness," she said, letting go of him. "But I really must speak with you." Jonathan raised a brow. "It's just… I would speak with Prince Maxwell about this, since he is going to be her husband, but I haven't seen him so… Well, about Gwen, she's not all that great at taking care of herself, you know? She'd get so caught up in her dancing and trying to keep up with her school work that sometimes she'd forget to eat. She's completely clumsy when the music is turned off and has a bad habit of walking into solid things such as walls."

Jon let out a laugh and placed an assuring hand on Caitlyn. "Don't worry, Gwen will be well looked after, I'll make sure of it."

Caitlyn bit her lip, as if debating whether or not she should speak up. "Also…" her green eyes darted around. "If she's unhappy she won't say it out right. She'll keep it bottled up, so you have to look for the signs. She'll start eating less, her eyes will become unfocused more than usual, and she won't talk much. Lyd and I learned this the hard way when her grandfather passed away; she lost about five, six pounds in three weeks. So…just watch out for those, okay?"

Jonathan couldn't help but smile sadly at the girl. It was as if she knew that somehow this whole thing wasn't as brightly decorated as everyone made it. "Trust me, Miss. Banks; I'll look after Gwen as if she were my own wi-sister."

Caitlyn pretended as if she hadn't noticed the slip up.

Gwen had never see a more beautiful dress; yet she had never felt so ugly.

She looked like a princess from a fairytale. Her dress wasn't white; it was more of an ivory. It was a strapless dress that waved over her chest like the sea. There was a design made with pearls over the bodice that shaped her figure like an hourglass. The bottom of the dress billowed out, leaving a trail behind her as if leaving a river of gold behind her. She looked stunning. She looked radiant. She looked like a true princess; a true queen to be.

She felt like a goblin. This dress was a lie. This wedding was a lie. This marriage was a lie. This princess, staring back at her with a tiara standing proudly atop her head was a lie. She's no princess. She's a traitor to her family, to the people, and to herself. Her refection was Medusa, turning her heart into stone.

"Gwen," Philip Reynolds stuck his head into the room. "It's time to go, sweetheart."

Gwen let out a sigh and nodded her head. "Alright," She turned around and started to walk out the door, which her father held open for her.

Philip could not keep his eyes off his daughter. Was this the same girl who had splashed around in the ocean just this summer, smiling as she was and her siblings battled the waves? It was as if realization had finally hit him. His little girl was actually becoming a princess. She would no longer have to follow his rules; no boys until you're thirty, all skin must be covered in someway, clean up after yourself or else no dance contest. No, now he would be following her, obeying her laws. No longer would it be his job to look after her, make sure she was never hurt physically and emotionally. No longer was his little girl his little girl.

"You look beautiful," Philip said softly, his eyes shining with tears.

Gwen smiled up at her father. "I always knew you would cry at my wedding, dad. Of course, I always thought we'd both be a little older; and some of the tears might be from happiness…"

"You can still change your mind," Philip said, taking hold of his daughter's hand. "I don't care what the prince or anyone else says; you can still turn back now."

"No… I can't," Gwen said softly, looking at the ground. "As Erik and Christine Daae sang; we're past the point of no return."

Philip laughed and had to stop himself from ruffling her hair, like old times. "Only you would quote Phantom of the Opera."

Gwen let out a sigh as they walked out into the fresh air, gliding down the steps toward the covered carriage. The door was being held upon by George Rhinestone, head of security. He gave her a friendly smile. "You look stunning, princess."

She forced a smile. "Thank you." She placed her hand in her fathers as he helped her into the carriage. Once she was settled he stepped in after her. When the door closed the carriage jolted into movement.

It was only a minute or two later when Gwen heard the distant cheers, growing louder as she grew closer to her fate. Music played, crowd cheers, Gwen's heart pounded in her ears. This is it, kept repeating in her mind. This is it. This is it. This is it.

"Things sure sound rowdy out there," Philip said, breaking the cold silence.

"Yeah…" This is it. This is it. This is it.

"Gwen, I need to know you're okay with this. I need to know that when you walk down that aisle you're heading towards a future you want."

"Daddy, I wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't sure." This is it.


"We've arrived." The door was opened and George's grinning face appeared. Gwen could see confetti, and flower petals flying around behind him.

This is it. This is it.

Philip stepped out of the carriage and offered his hand to his daughter. When her small hand slipped into his, the need to knock the carriage driver down and take her away; take her far away.

If it had been loud before, the moment Gwen stepped out of the carriage the sound became catatonic. Screams, shouts, sobs, sounds were everywhere.

The Royal Cathedral doors were opened and Philip guided Gwen into the magnificent structure. A different music started to play; music that would lead her into a dance of disaster, of deception. Nameless faces were everywhere; blank eyes stared at the future princess of Danali.

Halfway down the aisle was Caitlyn with her arm around Jonathan. Never had Caitlyn looked so far away to Gwen. With each step the red head took another mile was added to their distance. Gwen glanced around frantically before her eyes landed on Lydia, who was staring up at Caitlyn with a smile, her blonde hair pulled away from her face, giving Gwen full view to her friends beautiful blue eyes.

This is it. This is it.

Philip and Gwen took a step foreword.

This is it.

Ahead, Caitlyn and Jonathan parted and went to their designated side of the alter. The Royal Priest stood atop the stone steps, smiling proudly as he looked between Gwen and Prince Maxwell.

When Gwen would fantasize about her wedding when she was younger, the groom was always blurred. Who could imagine the man they loved? But she remembered clearly the long moments she dreamed of as she walked toward her future husband. They would smile at one another, reassuring the other that there was love and happiness in their future. Maybe he would wink at her charmingly, trying to calm her nerves. She would sigh in relief that he had actually shown up; because no matter how much you love someone and know that they love you, there is still that one twinge of doubt until the last second.

All her dreams came crashing down as she looked into Maxwell's eyes. His eyes were stoic as ever. A cold chill ran down her back, his coldness piercing her. Tears stung her eyes. Needles pierced her heart. She was not walking toward the man she loved; she was walking toward her crepuscular future, her agonizing fate.

This is it. This is it.

She didn't realize they had reached the alter until her father gave her a gentle kiss on the kiss, a goodbye caress of his love for her. When he let go of her hand to sit with her family, emptiness like no other took hold of her heart, squeezing until her chest burst with such cold dissipation she felt as if her whole body had suddenly become empty. The feelings grew when Maxwell took her hands into his. In the balcony above the crowd, the king and queen smiled.

This is it. This is it. This is it.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the matrimony…" The Royal Priest had a voice that demanded authority.

Gwen couldn't look at Maxwell, and she couldn't turn to look at her family, Caitlyn, or Lydia; so she brought her chocolate colored eyes to gaze into Jonathans green sea eyes. His eyes gave her the reassurance that she craved. He winked at her and offered a small smile that Gwen couldn't help be return.

"Repeat after me," The Royal Priest said, turning slightly toward Gwen.

"I, Gwendolyn Isabella Reynolds, take thee, Prince Maxwell Lawrence Dashwood, as my lawfully wedded husband." This is it. "To have and to hold from this day foreword." This is it. "To help lead this nation side by side." This is it. "To rule fairly and justly as one." This is it.

The Royal Priest turned toward Maxwell.

"I, Prince Maxwell Lawrence Dashwood, take thee, Gwendolyn Isabella Reynolds, as my lawfully wedded wife." Not going back. "To have and to hold from this day foreword." No looking back. "To help lead this nation side by side." No more chances. "To rule fairly and justly as one." We're past the point of no return.

"You may now kiss the bride."

This. Is. It.

The moment Maxwell's lips pressed onto Gwen's, she closed her eyes to hide the tears. Maxwell looked anywhere but the crowd, anywhere but Gwen, anywhere but his parents, anywhere but Danielle. He settled for looking over Gwen's head before closing his own eyes; it would look so much better if they both closed their eyes, anyway.

This kiss was a lie. It felt like a lie. Both their lips were cold, unmoving. Every broken heart throughout the ages put some feelings into this joining. There were lies, there was deceit. It was an ugly thing; mutual unfeeling of both parties seemed to create an iceberg as big as the one that brought down the Titanic.

This kiss was as unfeeling as the marriage.

Moments later, they broke apart, taking a step away from each other. On lookers clapped, rejoicing for the kiss that they believed brought together to loving children that would someday rule their country with the same love and caring they felt for one another.

Music started to play once again as Maxwell led Gwen down the aisle, everyone smiling and throwing white rose petals their way. They burst through the Cathedral doors and a roar of excitement erupted in their ears. More petals came their way, more music was played; meshing together, creating a distorted song.

As Maxwell helped his new wife into the now opened carriage, neither one could stop the minds from drifting to the one head that had not been turn toward them as they made their dramatic exit.

The beautiful blond head of Danielle Walked had been turned away, dumping the basket of petals she had been given before the start of the wedding onto the floor.

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