Hi I'm Mizuki Hikari and this is my first hunter x hunter poem!

I hope you like it

Declaimer: I don't own hunter x hunter, if I did I would of continue it! Because I love killua's and Gon friendship


Killua's POV

I'm a child of darkness

Born to kill

A massager of death

That fells so cold

Can you count the lives?

Can you feel the blood?

Can you see my dark soul?

I'm a killer

A child made to be a doll of destruction

I feel darkness kissing my soul


Waiting ….

Like a love looking for his love

I want to be free

Free from my painful chains

That keeps cutting my soul

Am I really born to kill?

Why do I still feel pain?

Am I not a soulless doll?

Waiting for my master to command me

Why do I still feel loyal to them?

Aren't they my darkness?

The one that keeps trying to shape me

And slowly kills me

When I set myself free

I found a light

A light to free me from my never ending darkness

A darkness that wants to consume me and control me

The bright soul that I found

Comforts me

Loves me

And cares for me

To find such light

I feel so lucky

My founding light guides me

It keeps the dark shadows that fallows me away

Like an animal waiting for its prey

While my light protects me from my past

I protect him from his foes

I may walk in the light but my darkness is till there

Waiting to be used

Waiting for a prey

I will give my life

For my bright light

My sun

My new friend

My only friend

For him I can kill

For him I will protect

For him I will listen

For hum I will hurt

He could command me and I will obey

He is my soul

My light

He keeps my madness away

He can make me feel

He is more to me that my family could ever be

Because he is light

He is innocent

He is my rock

My sword

A sword that can beet my darkness

He is my protector

My friend

My most precious treasure

Some one I can believe

Some one I can follow