Chapter XIV: The Signs of the Future



We arrived in Brightmoon in record time, but so much as changed, there are no more walking machines guarding its boarders or gunner towers pointing at any visitors, there are only Alliance troops protecting them.

We landed near the guard post, where after Luke identified ourselves we entered the kingdom and made our way to the palace.

Along the way, I would look around at the carnage, there were bodies everywhere soldiers and civilians, even children all were dead, but the most shocking site was yet to come.

Halfway to the palace there was the bodies of a family, the parents were protecting their children, who had a frightened expression on their faces.

The sight of it was too much for and I started to cry, how could this Empire be so cruel.

"You okay She-Ra," Luke asked as he placed a hand on my shoulder and we continued our journey to Castle Brightmoon.

"Yeah, Luke I'm fine, look up ahead there's Castle Brightmoon," I said pointing the majestic fortress that was coming up on the horizon.

"It's amazing," Luke said awestruck at the palace.

We landed by the palace gates, "believe me, it's even more beautiful inside," I told him as we dismounted Swifty and made our way into the palace.

All along the way, we could see Imperial troops lying on the floor along with alliance troops and Etherian troops, the battles were fierce from the looks of it.

As we continued on our way, I could see that Luke was amazed at the murals that hung on the walls of the castle.

"These are astounding, She-Ra," he told me once, mesmerized by a depiction of a battle that took place in a long forgotten era.

"Don't ask me to tell you about it, not even I know that, all I can say they've been here from when the palace is built," I told him as I joined him staring the image, "come on, Angella's probably wondering what happened to us," I said as we continued our journey.

Finally we made it to the Grand Doors, the doors that lead to the throne room, they were scarred with blaster fire and burnt, but still retained their majesty.

Since they were no guards present, I slowly opened the doors and walked into the room.

Angella was once again on her throne, she looked even more majestic than ever, she was flanked by Bow, Glimmer, Leia, and what remained of her personal guards.

"She-Ra and Luke, what a blessing it is to see you alive, we were beginning to fear the worst," Angella said as she smiled at us.

"Thank you, your majesty," I told her as I knelt before her and Luke did the same, "I bring good news, Darth Vader has been defeated at Mysticore and mostof that kingdom has been liberated," I reported to her.

"Well done you two, I also have good news Brightmoon is liberated and the Empire driven out of here, however was not without cost, Casta was badly injured, Bow found her in one of the castle's cells, she's aboard the Inspiration and is expected to recover," she told us hopeful that Casta would recover and I was feeling the same thing.

After of the second of silence, I asked, "What is the status of the other kingdoms?" curious as to how the battle was going on the other planets.

"Almost all have been liberated and what little remains under Imperial control are isolated to a few small towns and villages, but the Empire is on the run and are fleeing those towns," she told us.

I was going to see if the towns needed helped, but before I could speak Luke stepped forward, "your majesty, with your permission may speak to She-Ra alone for a minute," he asked Angella who agreed to his request.

I walked out into the halls with Luke; I could tell that he wanted to tell me something important.

"Is something wrong, Luke," I asked him worriedly.

"No, I just wanted to ask you something and don't laugh, do you feel that you seem to have superhuman reflexes?" he asked me seriously,

"Yes, but Luke I get my powers from an ancient power source, so my reflexes are beyond that of a normal person," I explained to him.

"But even that couldn't explain some of the things you can do, I mean during your fight with Vader, it sounded like you predicted what he was going to do," he told me.

"how did you that happened Luke," I asked him astonished that he knew just from me telling him what happened that he could deduce that.

"I have same ability, She-Ra, that comes from being a Force-Sensitive, it's why Vader was so intent on capturing you, he wanted to train you to use the Dark Side," he told me.

I was speechless, but somehow it made sense, even before I became She-Ra I had fast reflexes, in fact even Hordak couldn't believe it, I also had the ability to predict an enemy's moves, it was because of that skill that I became a Force Captain at such a young age.

"You've had that ability all your life haven't you She-Ra," he told me calmly.

"Yes, I have," I replied, he went onto to explain to me that had I been born in his galaxy before the Empire came to be, I would have been trained as Jedi, as he was telling me this, the words of Senator Organa came back to me, how explained to me about the Jedi and how I had a high Midichlorian count.

"I remember hearing about the Jedi from Princess Adora, she told me that Leia's father told her about them when was his guest at his home on Alderaan," I told him.

"That reminds me, where is the Princess, Angella said that she was feeling sick but left before she could be treated," he asked me.

"Princess Adora, had to go back to her homeworld of Eternia to see her family but she should be coming back soon," I told him.

"Good, Leia was afraid something had happened to her," he said relieved that Adora was safe, "come on, we better get back to the throne room," he continued as we walked back the throne room.

When we came in, Angella said she had something for me, "Bow found it out by the whispering woods," she said as she handed me a parcel wrapped in Bow's red cape.

I opened it and found the fragments of the Sword of Protection inside, Leia looked at me concerned as if she wondered why it was given to me, when she had seen the sword in Adora's possession.

"I lost my own sword a few years back, your highness, and so when she's not around Adora let's me use hers," I explained to her, hoping she would believe it.

"I understand, I am sure Adora is proud to have such a fine warrior, wield her blade, " she replied, satisfied by my answer.

"She is your highness, and with your and Queen Angella's permission, I was wondering if I could go see Casta," I asked as I looked at Angella.

"Of course, and please call me Leia, my title means nothing now," she said somberly, "Luke will take you to a shuttle that will take you the Inspiration," she said as I bowed to Angella and left with Luke to the shuttle.

As we made our way out of the palace, once again, I could not to help but to think of Hordak and if the Empire is still giving him problems, the good thing is that the invasion has weakened the Horde and might make them easier to defeat, but only time will tell if that's true.



After much fighting, I have regained my throne, once more I control the Fright Zone, and I have received an added surprise.

My forces have captured Vader, according to them; he was fleeing Mysticore as the base where he was staying during the liberation of that kingdom was attacked, when a group of Horde Troopers saw him.

I cannot wait to see him again; he will pay for what he did to me.

I activated the comlink on my throne, "Weaver, is the prisoner ready for the interrogation," I asked her as I looked at my newly repaired prosthetic hand.

"Yes, my liege," the voice of Shadow Weaver replied, at last revenge will be mine.

"Good, I will be there shortly," I replied as I stood up and left for the prisons.

When I arrived there, I found Darth Vader sitting in a cell; I could sense that he was angry at me.

"If you wish to live, you will release me," Vader spat at me.

"You are in no position to demand such things, my friend," I told him, "you are lucky I do not ship you off to Horde World to stand before Horde Prime, I'm sure he would be interested to hear, how you interfered with a Horde mission," I told him.

"The Emperor will not be pleased, you will pay for this," he retorted.

"Enough of this, the tables have turned and you are the defeated one," I told him victoriously.

"You don't know my power," Vader replied as he looked at me, and I fell to my knees, he was destroying my life support systems.

"WEAV…ER!" I coughed out as I got up.

"Yes, my liege," she said as she floated into the room and helped me to stand.

"Show Darth Vader what happens to those who defy the Horde," I said as I ordered some troops to help out of the room, so I could get my armor repaired.

"Yes, my liege," Weaver said as she went to make Vader pay for this insult to the Horde.



We docked with the Inspiration and left the shuttle to find Casta.

We walked across until we came to a room 118, "here we are, She-Ra, your friend's in here," Luke said as he opened the door.

I saw Casta, she was unconscious and laying on a cot, her face was hidden by a bacta mask, like Glimmer's was.

"What's wrong with her," I asked worriedly.

"She was electrocuted, ma'am, she sustained severe burns, but she is alive and conscious, she is just sleeping," 2-1B explained as she went to check on her vitals.

"Don't worry She-Ra she'll be fine, come on, we really need to leave her get her rest," Luke said as we left the room.

We went back to the hangar and left the ship, as I looked out into space I could not help but feel as if someone was watching this battle far away from here and he was not pleased with how things went.



Lord Vader has failed in his mission to bring this woman to the Dark Side of the Force and has been captured and is injured he must be brought back to Coruscant at once.

I closed my eyes and contacted him, "Lord Vader you have failed, I am recalling your forces back to Coruscant, and you are to procure a transport to take you back here at once," I told him coldly.

'You promised me one last chance, master, I assure you that She-Ra will join us,' he insisted at the fact that I revoked my word.

'I did not promise you anything, I said I would give you one last chance and I can take back that offer if I see that it is not worth my efforts," I explained to him, "and I do see it is not worth it," I told him.

'I understand, I will leave this place and return to the palace at once, my master,' Vader replied disappointed.

"I await your return, my friend," I told him as opened my eyes broke the communiqué.

I should not have agreed to this scheme, it has already cost the Empire too much, but still I have gained something out of this, knowledge, I have learned the Force exists in other galaxies and that there are threats out there, but one also must remember what Darth Necrous said, 'there is no weapon greater than the Force, even the mightiest armies are no match for it,' so I am confident we can handle any threat.



I am weakened, that Shadow Weaver has damaged my life support systems with her energy bolts, but it takes more than that to stop a Sith.

I had received a message from the Emperor, he wants me to report back to Coruscant, it won't be easy as I am well guarded but I have a plan.

I limped over the door and said as weak as I could "Guards, please my life support systems need repaired, I won't be able to make the journey to Horde World unless they are repaired."

One of the guards walked over to the cell, "I didn't receive orders that you were to face trial," one of them said.

"Really, then I must have been mistaken," I said as I used the Force to destroy them and opened the door, making my way to find a ship.

While I was looking for one, I heard a voice say, "Going somewhere," I turned around and saw Hordak standing behind me.

"You haven't got a chance," he said as he changed his hand into a sword.

"I need not be at full health to destroy you," I told him as I summoned my lightsaber to me and attacked.

"You will pay for upstaging the Horde," Hordak warned me as he lunged his sword at me.

"It is you will see what happens to those who dare to attack the Sith," I said as I blocked his move and struck at him.

This battle would go on forever, I needed a way to end this now, before the Emperor gets impatient, then I noticed it, like me, Hordak relies on life support systems to live, if I could disable them, I could stop the duel.

I backed down and focused on Hordak.

"Ha! Givin…," he said before he fell to his knees in pain as I destroyed his life support systems and walked away.

Soon, I found a stolen ship from these Etherian Rebels.

I got in the ship, but one thing eluded me, how to get back to the Galaxy, it was cosmic storm that brought me here, but no storms were predicted to be in this area and I doubt the Emperor was not pleased with me as it sis, he would only use his power to bring his troops back, so I was on my own, then it hit me.

The Rebels came here via some sort of gateway, perhaps even a wormhole, I could use that to return back to the Empire, but I would need the coordinates.

Astrography tells us that a Wormhole will have the same coordinates on both sides, the only candidate for a Wormhole is Eta Kaleeta in the outer rim located at the coordinates 904 and this is probably what the Rebels used and I will use it too.

I started the engines, set the coordinates for 904 and took off, letting the Force guide me home leaving this galaxy behind, but I will not forget it and what I have learned.

I have learned that Young Skywalker is indeed Padmé's child, I will definitely keep my eye on him as he will be no doubt the key to overthrowing Palpatine, yes we will meet again, young Skywalker.



We made our back to Brightmoon and along the way we saw the most astounding thing, the Empire's forces were retreating.

From all over the planet, they were heading back towards the Whispering Woods where the battle begun and from there entered what seemed to be a portal.

"They're probably heading back to Coruscant, the Empire's capital," Luke explained to me as I watched the troops leave from the shuttles windshield.

Soon we arrived back at Castle Brightmoon, where Angella and Leia were waiting for us.

"Did you hear what happened," Angella said smiling at the fact that the battle was over.

"Yes, the Empire is leaving, Etheria is free," I reported to her happily, "but it couldn't have happened with out the help the Alliance," I admitted to her, looking at Luke and Leia.

"It was our pleasure, we don't wish any world ruled under Imperial control, the only thing is, I wish I could have seen Adora again and told all that happened," Leia told me with a hint of sadness.

"Don't worry Leia, Adora is coming back tonight, you can tell her all about it then," I told her smiling.

"Yes, you can tell Adora everything tonight, for tonight will be one of celebration in honor of our victory," Angella said happily as we walked to the throne room.

Even though it was victory it was not total victory, Etheria was in ruins and Hordak was still out there and we would return, but I did not know when.



Darth Vader has managed to break out of his cell and leave the Fright Zone, my encounter with him has left me injured, but I will recover.

The real damage is to the Horde, this war with the Empire has left our forces depleted and it will take some time to reach full power again, but at least it has damaged Etheria as well leaving it ripe for an attack.

Yes, the Horde will return and destroy its enemies, but in the meantime we will rebuild the Horde and regroup, then when the time is right, we will strike and bring Etheria to its knees.

While I was thinking, Shadow Weaver came, she seemed nervous, "My liege, the damage report is in and it will take some time to repair the Fright Zone," she said as she pointed a piece of paper.

"Good," I said with a smile, the scales are balanced and allow us time to plot an attack.

"Lord Hordak, why are you pleased by this, we are decimated and the Etherians would…," she replied before I cut her off.

"Yes Weaver we not at full power but neither are the Etherians, it's evened out, anyway even if we were at full power I would not order an attack, because now is not the time," I explained to her, "Have our forces start rebuilding at once," I told her as I dismissed her and began to plan my next move.

Enjoy your rest Etheria, because it will be the last you will have once I return and finally claim my destiny as ruler of the planet.



That night Queen Angella threw a party in celebration of our victory, and I needed to make an appearance as Adora.

About an hour before the party I changed back to Adora, went to the hangar, got into my ship and acted like I had just landed.

When it was time for the party, I walked into the dining hall, "I'm sorry I wasn't here earlier, your majesty, but I was feeling ill and my mother thought it best if I stayed home," I explained to Angella.

"I understand, Adora, I'm just glad you were all right," she said as Leia looked at her. "Of course, where are my manners, Leia, may I introduce, Princess Adora of Eternia," she said as she signaled me to step forward.

"We've met before, your majesty," I explained to her.

"It's true, in fact Adora helped the Alliance a few years back," Leia explained to Angella as she offered me a seat.

I sat down, me and Leia shared stories of what happened since our last meeting and enjoyed the evening.

Halfway through the party we received a welcomed visitor, Casta had been released and came to join the celebration.

"Casta, I'm so glad to see you, after what Leia told me what happened," I told her ecstatically as I went over to greet her.

She looked good for someone who had been electrocuted, the only hint of her injury was a faint scar on her face from the burns, but other than that she looked good as new.

"Thanks Adora, I'm just glad to be alive," she said as she came over to an empty seat and sat beside me and Leia.

After awhile, I decided to let She-Ra make another appearance; I asked to be excused and left the room.

A few minutes later, I returned as She-Ra, I explained to Leia and Angella that Adora was starting to feel sick and needed to rest.

"I hope she doesn't have anything serious," Leia said worriedly as she turned to Angella, hoping she had an answer.

"Don't worry, it's not, she just had something that to eat that didn't agree with her this morning that's all," I explained to her.

"That's a relief, I was worried for her," she said as she went back to talking to Casta.

I sat down in Adora's seat and celebrated with everyone else the fact that the Empire had been defeated on Etheria.

After the celebration, Leia promised that the Alliance would help rebuild Etheria and gave us supplies to help rebuild the planet, a task that would not be easy, but I am sure that we can do it.

Finally, it was time to say goodbye to our friends, we went to the hangar and watched as they left.

While I was watching preparing to leave, I noticed that I still had the lightsaber Luke had let me use, I wanted to return it to him before he left, but I couldn't see him.

After scanning the crowd for a bit, I saw him, he was just about leave when I raced up to him.

"Luke, wait I have to return this to you," I said as removed the Lightsaber from my belt and raised my hands in the air.

"Keep it She-Ra, think of it as a gift," he said as he climbed into a transport.

I watched as the last of the transports took off, I thought about what had happened today and what it could mean for the future and what awaits us there.



My calculations were correct; Eta Kaleeta was a wormhole that connected Etheria with our galaxy.

I arrived in the Outer Rim, I used the ships Space-Time distorter to arrive at Couruscant in record time.

Once I landed on the capital world, I went to the palace to meet with my master.

"Lord Vader, this little stunt has cost us dearly and possibly have given the advantage, however this might work out," the Emperor told me as I entered his throne room.

"It won't happen again, my master, however I am curious as to how you see this as working out for us," I asked him puzzled by his comment.

"The events that have occurred, might make the Rebels bold enough to show themselves, but until that time comes, I want you to scour the Galaxy for them, send out your fleet and do not return until you have the rebels destroyed, do you understand my apprentice," he told me coldly.

"Yes, my master," I told him as I stood up and left to fulfill his orders, as I was leaving the palace I could not help but to think of Skywalker, I knew that I had make him my apprentice if I am to overthrow the Emperor and take his place as the master Sith and I will do just that.



Once the transport had left the palace, I decided to pay a visit to Light Hope, I needed answers to some things and he was the only who could provide them.

I headed to the stables, Transformed Spirit into Swift Wind and took off for the Crystal Castle.

When I arrived there, I found the doors already opened.

"I hope nothing has happened to him," I said as nervously entered the castle not knowing what to expect.

I walked into the main room and up to the altar crystal and summoned Light Hope.

"I know why you have come," he said as appeared to me.

"I want to know what you meant by 'there is more than Etheria at stake?'" I asked him, ever since he said that, it had scared me and wondered what more could this battle cost then the planet.

"Before I summoned you here, Zodak came and told me that if you were to turn to the darkness, I was under orders to kill you," he told me uneasily.

"What!" I exclaimed, "Why would you be ordered to do kill me," I demanded to know.

"If you turned to the darkness, you would become aware of the potential of your powers, as it stands you do not understand fully the power of Castle Grayskull, but if you became like Vader you would see it as someone like Skeletor does and use it for evil. You would be a threat to the very existence of the universe, and for the sake of all that is in the universe, you would have to be destroyed," he informed me coldly.

"But I passed the test?" I asked him worriedly to which he answered that I did pass and marvelously at that.

After I got my answer I headed back to Castle Brightmoon, as I flew across the skies I could not help but to think the events that have transpired and how they would change Etheria's future if they do change them, but whatever the future holds, I know that will better than the present for it will be a future without Hordak.



Adora came back after Vader had been driven out and asked what I meant when I said that more than Etheria was at stake with this battle, I knew this wasn't going to be easy, but she had to know the truth.

She was shocked to find out, but I assured her that she did pass the test that Zodak ordained; she gave it some thought and left the castle.

Once she left, I decided to meditate but was interrupted when Zodak reappeared, "What is it now Zodak?" I asked annoyed by his returned.

"You do not know the reason for the test, do you Light Hope?" he asked me curiously.

"No, I don't know your reasons for this test," I replied.

"The time is coming when all things shall come to it's conclusion and good and evil meet to settle their ancient duel once and for all," he said cryptically, "and I needed to be sure that Adora was worthy to serve in this battle," he continued.

"You don't really think we have entered the last age, do you?" I asked as I thought back on what He-Ro told me long ago about the dawn of the final age and wondered if we were truly about to enter the last age.

"The signs are there it's not if we're are in the last days it's when the age will close and all history with it," he said as he disappeared and I was left alone to wonder if the last age had truly began and the trials that it will bring to Etheria, but there is a bright side when this age ends and history with it, the ills of the world will end and the Golden Age will begin, bringing with it hope and peace, a peace that Etheria will receive and I hope to see that day, hope for future, a better future!

The End